My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 304

Chapter 304: It Turned Out To Be A Chick

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Chapter 304

The smoke spread; Lin Chen's avatar slowly emerged, his left arm missing, leaving only a right arm holding the black gun in his hand.

Obviously, Lin Chens avatar was not unscathed by the previous wave of siege.

But in fact, it is not difficult to find that the strong man who has seen Lin Chen fight, this clone of the mirror space projection is not Lin Chens full strength!

Because when Lin Chen fights, he will transform his own attributes into a special energy bloodline, but this avatar will not at all.

Even so, with Gu Qinglong outside of his avatar, he is still a complete mess!

"Your Excellency Mo Feng, if we hide again, I am afraid that there will be more casualties in each other's camp."

Ning Yunlan glanced at Mo Feng, who was silent and nodded, then left a word.

"The boy gave it to me, you go to get the ancient dragon, I will go to assist you after I get this guy!"

Finished; a touch of golden light appeared in Mo Feng's palm, his body speed increased more than three times than before!

This speed is almost the same as the speed displayed by Lin Chen's avatar superimposed under the wing of the Nine Prison Wings!

The two are like meteors in the sky, they meet in an instant, and they are fighting together!

"In this case, this troublesome Qinglong can only be given to me temporarily!"

Ning Yunlan's fist is like a dragon, and he beats out, and his body is enveloped in bursts of light. Like the ancient undefeated Wu Buddha, he confronts the ancient green dragon in front!

These two ten geniuses, second only to the four kings, finally showed their true strength!

The people of Lengjia and Baijia, as well as the people of Tiange Academy, were dazzled, and when they were yearning for the strength of the two, they were replaced by more and more deeply afraid and shocked Lin Chen!

Thinking about an hour ago, when entering the torch realm, who could think that Lin Chen's strength would be so strong that the two ten geniuses would encircle and suppress him!

Looking at Lin Chen and the ancient Qinglong who had been playing with the two geniuses in the distance; several people in the Bai family shook their voices, and even shook their hearts.

"If it were not Mo Feng and Ning Yunlan, I am afraid that the people here today might be beaten by this Lin Chen's avatar to the whole army!"


the other side;

Above the desert, dozens of figures are crisscrossed, fighting against an elegant figure in a pale t-shirt!

Lin Chen took the lead, and the purple phoenix wing fluttered and swept the purple flame, fighting with the people in the green shirt at close range!

His fists, knees, elbows, fingertips, palms, legs, all turned into murderous weapons! The strokes hit Luo Qingyu, the stunning young man, with no meaning of pity and cherish the jade.

boom! boom! boom!

The fist wind hit the lower abdomen, then the left shoulder, waist, Lin Chen's attack continued to hit Zhongluo whisper, each hit position continued to roll down the attribute light ball, when Lin Chen picked it away, the attribute hurricane !

[The host obtains 7 billion points of essence of war, obtains 7.9 million points of water energy, obtains 12 billion points of essence of war, 11 billion points of essence of war,]

This Luo Qingyu seems to be extremely bad at melee, facing Lin Chen's onslaught, he can only resist to resist, and can't see the level of contemporary'four kings'!

The attributed light **** dropped on him are all the essence of the fighting spirit, which made Lin Chen's Xiuwei jump a bit higher!

Click~ Click~

The sound of breaking through the bottleneck came from inside the body, Lin Chen's cultivation was the sixth stage of the Jincheng Tiangang Realm!

While taking advantage of the gap created by the opponent's defense of his kick, Lin Chen raised his hand again, and suddenly slammed into the opponent's chest!

While the palm was banging on the chest, although he was defended by the fighting force for most of the power, Lin Chen still slapped on Luo Qingyu's split breast.

In this palm, Lin seems to be hitting cotton, and the soft and soft touch makes Lin experience what it means to enjoy silky softness!

Lin Chen's heart suddenly appeared a little bit of enlightenment, and he laughed badly!

It turns out that Luo Qingyu of these four kings is a chick!

No wonder why this girl looks so handsome, even my brother Lin can't stand it when I see it, it turns out to be a beautiful girl!

Fortunately, this projection avatar does not have the master's wisdom and thinking ability, only pure fighting consciousness, otherwise Lin Chen's palm must make the other party anxious.

"I didn't expect that she actually has the habit of posing as a man. She has time to find a place where no one has to. It's enough to change her habit! Um~ I'm Lin, as a three-good man, I must help this. No way, Brother Chen's character is good!"

While Lin Lin had crossed all kinds of thoughts in his heart, it was this time; Luo Qingyu seemed to have gained momentum for a long time, his hands folded on his chest.

The vast energy of the water system rushed out like a huge wave in an instant, and emerged from the surroundings. The lightning merged into a thousands of feet of water system cage, trying to confine all the arrogance in the surrounding!

As if they had received the message in advance, they all started to learn their skills and quit the school one after another, leaving Lin Chen alone in it!

"Xiu Luo Jiuhuang Change Tianshui Change!"

Lin Chen's cultivation base suddenly climbed from the mid-sixth to the early seven-layer!

"Charged RuneBingtian Finger!"

Under super close range, Lin Chen fully urged an ice sky finger to freeze all the energy of the water system in the water cage into frost, and freeze his and Luo Qingyu's doppelganger frozen!

Immediately before being frozen, Lin Chen's whole body was transformed into a special blood line of the gold and earth systems, and the golden light and the earth-red armor were all around him!

"Tiangang fighting spirit Wanyue Xuanzhen Jia!"

Lin Chen's two defensive combat skills, Tian Gang's fighting qi and Wanyue Xuanzhen's armor, are displayed at the same time, one outside the defense, and one close to the inside of the defense, perfectly superimposed!

"Frozen him, let's go together!"

When Leng Yueqi pulled the bow, she suddenly froze! The ancient Tianjiao around him immediately shot, aiming all the combat skills at the other end of Luo Qingyu avatar!

"Huo Luo Gai Tian Palm!"

"The World Destruction!"

"Baijun pointed!"

"Tianyao extremely ice!"

Fourteen people shot together, and at the moment when various types of fighting attacks blasted through the ice cell, Luo Qingyu's avatar had no chance to evade, and they all faced everyone's attack head-on!

Lin Chen used everyone's strength to break the ice prison, attached to two defensive combat skills, retreat quickly, and swept away from the ice prison.

"Come back!"

Han Yizhi said anxiously; everyone realized that the ancient Qinglong at the other end was already in full swing, and one by one immediately saw the ghostly crazy and retreated!

"Blue Dragon Soul Claw!"

As the two dragon dragon claws swing down alternately, the Dragon Breath Light Blade ravages the audience and rages towards the handsome lady in the ice prison!

The strongest blow in the audience cut Luo Qingyu's figure into pieces!

From the perspective of Lin Chen, the moment her avatar shattered, a dozen attribute light **** were dropped, and most importantly, there was a turquoise chest suspended in the void!

[Congratulations to the host for triggering a special reward mechanism.

When the system light screen popped up, Lin Chen's eyes became extremely hot!