My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 305

Chapter 305: Spring Water Commander Lin Mou.

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Chapter 305: Spring Water Commander Lin Mou.

The green treasure chest turned the exciting treasure light, if you take a closer look, you can even find a blur of blue gold mixed in the blurred green light!

Lin Chen jumped forward, first jumped in front of the treasure chest, stretched his hand to catch it, the treasure chest opened, and a piece of jade flickering with a faint golden brilliance fell into Lin Chen's palm, and immediately fused into his body.

[The host opens the Green Treasure Chest and obtains Phantom Rune Fragment + 1, Phantom Rune (2/3).

"It's actually a fragment of Phantom Rune!"

Lin Chen's expression was suddenly ecstatic!

There is another piece! As long as you pick up another phantom fragment or trigger the next surprise mechanism, you can use this ace rune!

Suppressing the ecstasy in his heart, Lin Chen was thinking about it.

"This time it's really a lot of gains. Phantom rune fragments and more than 30 million energies in the water system, plus more than 80 billion points of fighting spirit essence, have made my fighting strength cultivation breakthrough a small cultivation behavior."

Lin Chen was very satisfied with the 120 million points of water energy in the system, and he couldn't help grinning.

With a move of his heart, he relieved Shuras Jiuhuang change. Now, he has only fully adapted to the first stage of the Jiuhuang Transformation, and will not have any sequelae except for the intense consumption of fighting energy.

"Xintai Linchen, in the Xia Dan family, Dan Qianqiu. Not only did Lin Chen have great achievements in refining medicine, but also his strength, he really admired it."

A long-haired lady with silver clothes like Xueying Hanshuang clenched fists at Lin Chen and smiled.

In her tone, in addition to being polite, there was an arrogance!

She just referred to Lin Chen as a little accomplished in refining medicine. As a top ten genius, she was also very curious about Lin Chen.

Lin Chen waved at random without interest, and did not even look at the other party.

"It's okay, everyone has a common enemy. After arriving in the torch, I will fight you if necessary."

After he finished speaking, Lin Chen turned and looked at Han Yizhi and others with a smile.

"Yi Zhi, Teacher Yue Qi, Zi Yun, are you all right?"

Everyone nodded, Han Ziyun's cultivation practice was in the late seventh layer. Although his strength was moderate, he was not behind.

Although Han Yizhi's cultivation base is only in the early fourfold, its special physical and mental strength have reached the end of the late spiritual realm. If it is engaged in battle, the strongmen in the late eighthfold can not get much benefit.

Leng Yueqi is a real step forward to the sky; after receiving the ancestors' inheritance, she went to Leng Yue's family to get focused training. She is already in the late eighth stage of Tian Gang Realm, and now she has completely walked in front of Lin Chen.

"Huh, what gesture do we have, our cousin Qian Qiu talked to him, that is to give him a face, think he is a little powerful, it's something."

The other three Dan family's Tianjiao lipped; Dan Qianqiu stared at them slightly before the former shut up.

"This person is unfathomable. It can be regarded as one of the dark horses in the torchland. It is second only to the four heavenly kings and ten geniuses. Maybe the strength and I are already at the same level. You better not provoke him."

Dan Qianqiu warned his cousins and cousins around him, and immediately showed a pensive look.

Not only Dan Qianqiu, but many of the Tianjiao present were lost in contemplation and contemplation.

At this time, Lin Chen and others came to the topic of interest, and Dan Qianqiu and others immediately raised their ears and listened carefully.

"Squad leader, are the strengths of these four kings the only ones? Or is it the squad leader that you are too strong?"

Lin Chen smiled.

"Hey, you're half right. I'm really strong as your class leader, but Luo Qingyu of the four kings is far less simple than a mirror avatar. On the contrary, it's because her mirror avatar is so weak that she appears to be extremely dangerous. ."

With that, Lin Chen's tone gradually became solemn.

"Although the mysterious flame is mysterious and ancient, it can project the avatars of others and perfectly reproduce the strength of the other party, but I don't think it is so simple."

"Because there are some backgrounds and exercises, it may already be above the torch flame, which cannot be projected here, so the strength of the avatar is far less powerful than the name carried by the body."

Talking about here, some Tianjiao's heart has already emerged a bit of enlightenment!

"Yes, the avatars that appear in this specular projection space, on the contrary, the more powerful they are, the closer they are to the body. The weaker they are, the more dangerous they are. Because they cause something to be impossible to project, these missing Things and heritage are precisely the reason why those people can stand on top!"

Talking about here, Lin Chen is also very curious about how much power he is projected. He does not think that the mirror space here can project his characteristic runes.

Buzz~! Buzz~!

Ripples in space popped up, and a series of space light screens quickly appeared, showing the situation of each mirror space!

In some mirrored spaces, Zhongtianjiao has long beheaded the projection's avatar. Some of the avatars of the ten geniuses are still in a bitter battle.

"Enterer, please wait for the end of all the mirror space... before you can...enter the flame zone..."

The obscure voice turned into a wave of spirit and passed into the mind of everyone in the desert. Lin Chen simply sat on the sand and watched the drama.

Lin Chen used his mind to restore the fighting spirit, while curiously looking at the reality in many mirror spaces.

Suddenly, Lin Chen's eyes suddenly focused!

"Huh? Really have my avatar! Damn! Not even one-tenth of Chen's handsomeness is projected, bad review!"

Someone stared at the edge of the light screen scoldingly, and everyone could not help looking at it curiously.

"This mirror space, even my ancient Qinglong clone can also be projected. The mystery of the Holy Fire Realm is really a heaven and earth creation, but I don't know how much it projects me into strength."

Just when Lin Chen was thinking, he saw his avatar got a punch and suddenly couldn't sit still!

When Tian Tianjiao looked carefully, eleven Tianjiao could not help but slightly air-conditioning!

"Ning Yunlan and Mo Feng, the top ten geniuses?"

"My mother! Two geniuses fighting alone?"

When they saw Mo Feng and Ning Yunlan fighting around Lin Chen's and Qinglong's avatars fiercely, everyone looked at each other, and there was an unshakable shock in their eyes!

"Fight him! Left uppercut, knee kick and elbow strike! You kick him in the crotch and poke him in the eye! Grass, you hide a fart! His grandmother, freeze his chicken with Bingtian fingers!"

"Commander" Lin shouted excitedly, and threw his fist vigorously, looking like that, it was even more exciting than the battle scene!

Seeing that his avatar was gradually suppressed by Mo Feng, the move was beaten and eliminated by someone, Lin Mou was flushed with rage.

"My day! What did you counsel just now, pretend to be attacked with warfare, and pure force will not be able to attack his mother's way!"

In the end, Lin Chens avatar was beaten by Mo Feng for more than 100 rounds, and then he was hit on the spot. Lin was so angry that his head was about to smoke, cursing!

"Grass! This avatar has really lost all of Lao Tzu's face! You go home and sing and play basketball!"

Hearing Lin's indignation at hating iron and not making steel, everyone in the room couldn't help but have a black line.

Brother! That's Mo Feng at Tiange Academy!

Standing on the level of the ancient family, the strongest under the four contemporary kings, placed in the ancient family is also the most promising level to become a son!

You can play hundreds of rounds with each other in a doppelganger, but you are not satisfied. Can you still count on the doppelganger to beat the other?