My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 306

Chapter 306: 1. Arriving In The Flame Zone

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Chapter 306: Arriving at the Holy Fire Realm!

Angry became angry, Lin Chen still saw a lot of clues from the battle of the avatars.

First, one's own avatar can't transform the attributes of the second half of "Creative Nine Tribulation" into a special bloodline.

Second, the realm of Zijin pupil has only reached the fourth level of "Pingsheng Zidian".

Third, it is impossible to use the "Sura Luo Jiuhuang Change", which is a crucial key. The use of Shura Jiuhuang's triple changes to the extreme can allow Lin Chen to step into the eighth realm of Tiangang Realm. The other party wants to take his own avatar, and he will pay a heavy price.

As for the rest, Lin Chen has not yet observed it, but on the whole there are so many, characteristic runes are unlikely to appear. This unique ace belongs only to Lin Chen and the system, and no strong can copy it. .

The strength of the ancient Qinglong was perfectly reproduced.

The ancient Qinglong's doppelganger was finally killed by Mo Feng and Ning Yunlan, plus seven Tianjiao with the power to fight again, and Mo Feng was slightly injured when he died.

This scene even made Tianjiao, who is in the same mirror space as Lin Chen, slightly air-cooled, and looked at Lin Chen's ancient Qinglong body again, his eyes full of panic and fear!

Even Dan Qianqiu, a top ten genius, was a little worried. If she changed her to the ancient green dragon, she would have to pay enough to destroy it, and she might be seriously injured.

If there is still a Lin Chen staring at him by the time, it is clear that this Lin Chen's strength and heritage are already equivalent to any of their ten geniuses!

"It turned out that it was such an uncomfortable thing to see my doppelganger being beaten! His uncle's, suffocated my stomach, and the feeling of just being a breakthrough broke all these guys!"

Lin Chen was in a bad mood, and Leng Yueqi and Han Yizhi comforted him a little before they improved.

When he scanned the light screen again, two-thirds of the people had already passed the mirror space.

But individual mirror spaces have been devastated! They either met the avatars of the four great kings or the avatars of the ten geniuses.

On cultivation, the four kings are quasi-respectable. Talking about combat power, it is a direct pursuit of the pinnacle of Zun Zun and even Yuan Zun.

Secondly, among the top ten geniuses, there must also be strength comparable to quasi-unity. If the fifteen Tianjiao lacking in lineup and background, encountering their avatars, they will only have a dead end or they will all die.

In the end, Tianjiao in two mirrored spaces was totally wiped out because of the encounter with the top ten geniuses and the four-day king Ye Yanxia.

The situation of the other three arrogances who were hit hard because of the encounter with the top ten geniuses is also very tragic. Less than half of the people who survived, even if they survived, whether they still have the power to make a profit in the flames or two.

"Mirror Space...Close...Holy Flame...Open..."

The mirror space began to collapse and disintegrate, and all the celestial beings in the mirror space were quickly drawn into the interior by the strange vortex of space, disappearing.



Hundreds of beams of light shone down from the sky, and all Tianjiao were sent to an ancient city!

Here is desolate and dilapidated. On both sides of the ancient city is a vast forest of giant trees. The towering ancient trees are as tall as a thousand feet. They are more majestic than the mountain peaks. Like ancient prehistoric times, everything is filled with the atmosphere of ancient times and ancient times.

These vegetations have been grown for hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands of years, or even more than a million years, and no one knows what strange creatures will be born.

In the ancient city, all the arrogance came together, making the desolate and desolate ancient city instantly have a breath of vitality.

This sudden breath of vitality touched some creatures in the surrounding giant tree forest...

The ancient city is at the center; Lin Chen and everyone descended into the ancient city, and everyone immediately distanced themselves and were alert to each other.

While alerting each other, they looked around the environment one after another.

"Where have we been, it looks different from our map records?"

"The transmission of the flame zone is completely random, and it is always necessary to prepare for battle."

"The flame territory is vast, and the ancestors of any generation of ancient families dare not say that they describe the area that records the entire flame territory."

Some Tianjiao took out maps prepared in advance by their families;

"The situation is wrong!"

Suddenly, Lin Chen and Han Yizhi, as well as the four heavenly kings and individual arrogances present, almost immediately reacted!

Leng Yueqi and Han Ziyun instantly stood together and entered the state of preparation for battle.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

The horrible sound waves began to surge from all directions, and the space rippled, as if it was affected by some large number of creatures!


At the next moment; the black waves surging from the mountain to the sea, rising thousands of feet, appearing from all directions!

The moment when the mysterious black wave is surging; the spiritual sound like waves ripples is coming!

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The mental whistle is extremely terrifying, like waves of mental shocks, which constantly flow into everyone's minds, and everyone present has been affected to varying degrees!

Some Tianjiao have a lower spiritual level, crouching with their heads on the spot, with a painful look on their faces!

What's more, ten breaths after the outbreak of mental whistle have already started turning white, and foaming in the mouth.

Lin Chen and Han Yizhi operated the "Tai Si Bible" for the first time, forming a two-layer spiritual spiritual cover to protect Han Ziyun and Leng Yueqi.

Fortunately, Lin Chen's side, three of the four are pharmacists, and their spiritual realm is high, and the impact is not great.

Even Leng Yueqi has the spiritual power of the early stage of spiritual realm, but it is not as embarrassing as most Tianjiao for the first time.

"What the **** is that?"

Han Ziyun's pretty face is a little dignified. What kind of creature can release such a terrifying spiritual sound wave?

"Is it a fierce beast? Why haven't I seen it before?"

Leng Yueqi showed the look of memory, and at this moment, Lin Chen said with great interest.

"This is a rare spiritual beast, the black devil bee! There are only creatures from the ancient times. I didn't expect so many to survive in the flame."

Only Lin Chen can see that every black demon front has a spiritual light ball!

This vast sea is like a "black wave", and the converging black devil bees are at least tens of thousands or even tens of thousands!

Maybe, there may be 100,000!

Dan Qianqiu of the Dan family is also an extremely powerful pharmacist, and he is very outstanding in spirit. He is one of the few people who can keep calm in this crisis.

Dan Qianqiu stared at Lin Chen's expression, but he was astonished and shocked like a ghost!

At this moment; someone Lin stared at the mysterious black wave with excitement and enthusiasm, his eyes shining brightly, like a bachelor who had been single for thirty years and saw a stunning beauty with naked clothes! Harazi is coming out!

"He, is he sick...? Did he drool at the black bees?"