My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 307

Chapter 307: Wait For The Queen Bee

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Chapter 307 Waiting for the Queen Bee!

Dan Qianqiu on the side could see clearly and felt his scalp numb!

Where is this wonderful flower!

It's almost half a foot into the ghost door. Is he still drooling?

Facing the black demon bee that most of Tianjiao is showing panic, in the eyes of someone in Lin, it is like an unprecedented treasure!

Lin Chen wiped the saliva at the corner of his mouth, his throat rolled, and some trembling to himself.

"If I pick up all of these black bee's attribute light balls, will my spiritual power break through to the fulfillment of the spiritual realm?"

The spiritual realm is one of the most difficult areas to practice.

Except for talents like Han Yizhi and other talents with special bloodlines and special constitutions, most people have almost no cultivation method.

Even Han Yizhi, who has a special physique, is very difficult to cultivate to the later stage of spiritual realm. If it is not taught by Lin Chen's "Tai Shi Bible", the difficulty of cultivation is not as easy.

The attribute value of spiritual power in the attribute light ball dropped by the enemy killed by Lin Chen is always one of the least. This can be said to be a lot of money for the spiritual power in the later period of the spiritual realm.

If the normal practice is based on the "Tai Chi Bible", it will take at least two years to break through to the next level. This is already a super fast speed for ordinary strong people.

But for someone in Lin, he can't wait for two years!

Just as someone Lin rubbed his hands in preparation for a big fight, the spiritual sound of the Black Devil Bee became more brutal and raged!

As if wanting to destroy all the spirits in one fell swoop, many Tianjiao prepared to brew a Jedi strike.


A touch of spiritual yellow light rose above the sky like a rainbow, and a yellow shroud of holy light was lifted from the ground of the entire ancient city!

The spiritual yellow light forms an inverted bowl-shaped spiritual shield, covering all the Tianjiao in the ancient city.

At this moment; all the mental sounds are blocked by the shield, and the surface of the shield is constantly rippling with light.

The mental pressure of Zhongtianjiao suddenly diminished, and that mental pressure was reduced by 90%.

"This is the Holy Spirit shield of the ancient city?"

"Saved...Fortunately, this ancient city still has the power of ancient times..."

Many Tianjiao showed expressions for the rest of their lives after the catastrophe, and the spiritual power that did not reach the spiritual realm was so painful that they were desperate to live in the previous spiritual sound!

"It doesn't seem that simple."

At this moment, Luo Qingqing slowly spoke while holding the white feather fan.

Someone Lin was interested in looking at this gorgeous little girl dressed as a man; Luo Qingyu said very seriously while looking up at the sky.

"Although the offensives of these black bees are not as violent as before, they have not completely stopped the attack. According to this trend, this holy spirit shield can only last up to four days."

Ye Yanxia, who stretched her waist with two blood axes, also agreed to nod. "Yes, the most important thing is that this black devil bee is a horde beast. Basically, there will always be a queen queen. Seeing this situation, the queen bee has not yet arrived."

Mo Feng glanced at the scene, indifferently said.

"If the queen bee arrives, I am afraid that the offensive will be fierce one or two more grades. At that time, we can survive the presence of people who are estimated to count both hands."

Hearing this sentence, many Tianjiao were trembling with fear, and there was deep fear in their eyes!

Only someone Lin, when he heard this news, the light in his eyes was even more impressive!

"If you want to break through, only now!"

Luo Qingyu of the four heavenly kings talks and laughs between the wind and the wind; the emptiness is a bit empty, the white feather fan closes, the whole person turns into a streamer, and flew away from the direction of the ancient city!

Luo Qingyu, who had left the spiritual shield of the ancient city, faced the spiritual impact of the Black Devil in the front. He smiled slightly, raised his hand, and the light of the fighting spirit vanished into the palm of his hand.

boom! The fragrant palm wind penetrated countless black devil bees, Luo Qingyu punctured the black wave with a palm, and escaped from the scene!

When Luo Qingyu left, he suddenly turned his head, unbiased, and happened to be in line with someone Lin.

Face to face, Luo Qingyu's eyes turned a bit bitter and murderous, and then moved away from the Dark Devil Swarm.

"This little beautiful girl dares to stare at me? The girl who did this last time has already been put on the spot by me."

Someone Lin laughed and laughed lightly; the visions in the ancient city were filled, the four kings showed their magical powers, and left the spiritual shield to kill the encirclement!

Ye Yanxia smiled with war, and flicked her **** axe around her waist at will!

Her pure power was born like a raptor, and her sharp and sharp axe split a sky-like gap from the "Black Wave", shocking!

The young man in white walked with the sword, a sword stabbed out, and the nihilistic sword intended to cut the space like a sword edge, but actually cut off part of the spiritual sound on the spot and left the scene dashingly!

The last feather crown youth walked in the court, slowly stepping towards the void, and every step he took would affect countless spiritual fluctuations!

Every step of his life not only shattered those spiritual sounds, but also bounced it back!

Between the bounce of the spirit wave, a part of the black demon bees died in large areas.

The dead black bee was like a maiden's scattered flowers, and fell all around him, and he left so calmly, even Lin Lin couldn't help but wonder!

"This is the first time someone in Lin has seen a character who is more prettier than me. The four heavenly kings are strong."

Looking through the leopard in the tube, Lin Chen can see that any one of the four heavenly kings has the strength to destroy all the black bees on the scene!

However, why should they waste this energy, everyone present is an opponent to them, and why should the four kings save them.

"Let's go too, if the queen bee arrives, it's a little tricky for me."

Mo Feng took the people from Tiange Academy. He glanced at Lin Chen before leaving, and then punched the void with a punch.

The fist is surging, and it seems that there is a mysterious strength and space fluctuations, and the part of the spiritual sound that flocks to him is shattered suddenly.

After the four kings, the ten geniuses also started to leave, leaving only the arrogants who were not high in spiritual realm and did not resist large-scale spiritual attacks.

In just two quarters of an hour, there is almost half of Tianjiao in the ancient city!

Some Tianjiao tried to break through, but were bounced back again and again by the terrible spiritual sound.

Through this action, all talents have initially recognized how far they are from the top ten geniuses and the four kings!

This torchlight is more severe than ever before!

The first time you entered, you encountered so many black devil bees that formed a bee tide to launch a wild attack. First of all, most people will be eliminated!

"Squad leader, we should go."

Han Yizhi turned his head to look at Lin Chen. Somehow Lin sat down and laughed.

"Where to go, the good show is yet to come, let's wait for the queen bee to come together!"

Lin Chen said amazingly, more than twenty Tianjiao next to him stared at him in horror, and frightened back again and again!

Why are you waiting for the queen bee? Suspected to die fast enough?