My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 308

Chapter 308: Queen Bee Is Coming

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Chapter 308: The Queen Bee Arrives!

If controlled by the queen bee, the Black Devil's offensive is at least twice as strong, and even the top ten geniuses may not be able to break through at that time!

"Yes, I thought this guy was a dark horse, turned out to be a lunatic!"

"Hurry up and study how to rush out. He wants to find out that it is his business!"

More than 20 Tianjiao immediately left Lin Chen and others, and Han Ziyun said anxiously.

"Lin Chen, what are you doing! Do you know what it means that the queen bee of the Black Devil Bee is coming? After any high-level fierce beast group has the leader's command, it is a very different kind of creatures!"

Lin Chen was too lazy to take care of this nizi, but sat down cross-legged in confusion, and his consciousness sneaked into the system.

Seeing this, Han Ziyun was so angry that Leng Yueqi held her catkin and smiled slightly.

"Silly Nizi, do you still know him the first day? Do you think his behavior can be inferred by common sense?"

Leng Yueqi's reminder makes Han Ziyun startle slightly!

When I first thought about seeing Lin Chen for the first time, he never had any common sense in every act he did!

"I also believe the squad leader, since he said wait, then wait until the queen bee comes."

Han Yizhi smiled shallowly and sat beside Lin Chen, waiting for him quietly.

Seeing this scene from the side of Dan Qianqiu, Fang Xin trembles!

Lin Chen didn't even plan to leave at all. With his strength, he was absolutely enough to protect the three people around him from leaving!

"Does he really want to wait until the queen bee? What idea does he want to play? If it is controlled by the queen bee, even I want to break through!"

Strong curiosity and suspicion surround Dan Qianqiu's heart. Her refining skills are at the level of the rare Dan family, but curiosity is also the number one existence!

Since she came into contact with alchemy, almost any questions have to be clarified. Except for some unanswered questions, she only wants to do anything. Any questions that make her curious, she really wants to know the answer!

The strong curiosity made her stop, there was no plan to break through!

"Sister Qian Qiu, are you really not going to leave?"

The young Tianjiao of the Dan family persuaded again and again; Dan Qianqiu seemed to be enchanted and always focused on Lin Chen and his colleagues!

"Hey, let's go. Once Sister Qian Qiu's curiosity has risen, no one can stop her. Wasn't it the same when she was in order to become a fifth-order pharmacist? We can only go outside and wait for her!"

A young man in blue shook his head and sighed; he replaced Dan Qianqiu and led the crowd out of the bee tide!

The young people of the Dan family are all pharmacists, and the spiritual state is the highest existence among all the people on the scene, so even if the combat strength is slightly insufficient, they will not hinder their lightning breakthrough.

"Your Excellency Lin Chen, we have offended many of us before, and we ask you to bear more."

At this time, a young man in blue stood upright with his sword, and apologized with a fist clenched. Behind him, there are three more silhouettes for Leng Jia!

There are four Tianjiaos in Lengyue's family who took the initiative to apologize to Lin Chen!

These four people are exactly the four Lengjia Tianjiao who were sent into the same mirror space together with Mo Feng and Ning Yunlan!

Lin Chen raised his brow lightly, with a playful smile on the corner of his mouth, and seemed to understand the intention of the four people in their actions.

"Leng You, is your brain amused? Did you actually trust this waste?"

"Hahaha! Lonely and quiet, can't think of you as a wall of grass! Actually believe in the sixfold of a Tiangang Realm?"

The arrogance of the ten Lengjia behind him couldn't help but sneer and ridicule; as if to see a big joke.

The four heavenly faces turned red with arrogance, and the cold and quiet headed shouted.

"What do you know! His Excellency Lin Chen is the strongest second only to the top ten geniuses, what do you guys who have a good sense of eyes understand?"

Hearing this explanation, the other ten Lengjia Tianjiao laughed!

"Just him? Second only to the top ten geniuses, ha ha ha! Are you trying to laugh at me?"

"These four guys are crazy, it doesn't matter. Let them be crazy, we'll go first."

Ten Lengjia Tianjiao became disdainful to Lengyou and others, and ten were ready to go; they immediately launched a war defense, and several others were responsible for attacking, rushing out of the ancient city!

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Suddenly, the bee tide burst into a soul roar that was twice as fierce as before, shattering the ten men's fighting defense on the spot!

Six people turned their eyes white, the seven tricks bleed, and their spirits were hit hard like never before, sending them back to the ancient city alive!

"This... how is this possible?"

Those people who still kept their wits looked at the bee tide outside in disbelief!

I saw that the bee tide was several tens of miles away from the ancient city from the beginning, and only the last ten miles were narrowed.

Their spiritual sound is more concentrated and sharp. Once any creature intends to break through, they seem to intend to concentrate their strength on the souls who want to break through!

In addition, only a small part of the power is used to continuously attack the spiritual hood!

"These black bees seem to intend to besiege us here. They want to wait for the queen bee! Now if I want to leave, I am afraid it will be even harder!"

Dan Qianqiu Dai frowned slightly, and when Qian Qian turned to stare at Lin Chen again, he was still in a state of calmness, eyes closed and eyes rested.

"Lin Chen...What means do you have to break this dilemma, and you have to wait for the queen bee to come..."

Uncontrollable curiosity flicked Dan Qianqiu's heart like a cat scratching, and she wished to question Lin Chen on the spot.

But think about it carefully, if Lin Chen really has any hole cards, how can he tell himself?

Time passed by one minute and one second, Lin Chen stood still, and the four Leng Jiatianjiao simply relied on Lin Chen's side.

In addition to Lengjia's Tianjiao, other ancient family's Tianjiao also tried to break through, but it had no effect at all!

Ever since the black magic bee changed the amplitude of the spiritual whistle, the firepower was specifically aimed at the people who broke through, they could not break out at all, but fell into terrible mental trauma!

At this time, there were less than two hundred people in Tianjiao in the ancient city!

Despair began to permeate the entire ancient city.

Unwilling shouts and horrified horrors surround the ancient city at all times, and they will be enveloped!

Because when everyone's emotions are desperate, the Dark Devil's tide seems to be stimulated, more excited and agitated, as if discovering food, the burst of spiritual noise is even more terrifying.

As fierce beasts of the spiritual system, they are better at sensing human emotions. The more desperate the mental fluctuations are, the more tempting they are!

Three days have passed, and in these three days, only seven people succeeded, and 11 people died on the spot!

The moment they broke down, they were swallowed and bitten by the bee tide on the spot, and there was no bone left!

Lin Chen has nothing to do, and picks up the attribute light **** that remain in the ancient city. Although the value is small, it is better than nothing.

In the end, on the fourth day, three spiritual screams broke through from the surrounding giant tree jungle!

This time, even the intentionally stranded Dan Qianqiu changed color!

There are more than one queen queen, but three!