My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 309

Chapter 309: Finally Waiting For You Fortunately I Did Not Give Up.

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Chapter 309, Finally Waiting For You, Fortunately I Did Not Give Up.

Three tens of thousands of giant black monster queens are completely dark, they tremble their wings, two fangs like knife-tips hang in front of their heads, exuding steel-like luster!

The moment the three black demon queens flew to the bee tide, more black demon bees began to flow into the bee tide, and the bee tide like a black wave was getting higher and higher!

When the black demon bees led by the three queen bees all came together into one piece, the number exceeded 100,000!

Buzz! Buzz!

The flexible impact, which was a few more horrible than before, instantly shook the whole ancient city!

"Oops! It wasn't one head, but three heads! Here is the black devil bee that gathered three honeycombs!"

Dan Qianqiu, who has always been relatively calm, is also a little panicked this time!

If it was just a queen bee, she was not afraid.

But if it is three queen bees, then the power is quite different!

"It's over, the queen bee is here!"

"The spiritual shield of the ancient city is about to collapse! We are all dead!"

"Ben is not reconciled! It is hard to get the quota of Leng's to enter the torch, and he will die here just after entering the torch!"

Unwillingness, hysteria, despair, countless wailings and roars undulate in the ancient city one after another!

"Lin Chen, can you break this dilemma?"

Dan Qianqiu lightly pursed her lips and looked at Lin Chen curiously, wanting to see what kind of expression he could show when facing the three-headed queen bee.

The next moment; the beautiful jade hands cover her red lips lightly, her eyes flutter, and she seems to see the most incredible scene in the world!

Lin Chen stood at the top of the highest loft, facing the sky, spread his arms and sang loudly!

Young hysterical, high-sounding singing, spread throughout the ancient city!

"Finally waiting for you! Fortunately, I didn't give up~"

"It's not easy for happiness to make people more cherished!"

At the moment when I heard someone sing excitedly, everyone was dumbfounded, and some almost passed out before the spot!

This Nima has three queen bees? Why are you finally waiting for you?

You **** talk about happiness?

Is it easy to be happy? Are you in a hurry to die or to be reborn?

The next moment; someone Lin seems as if he will never die!

"Finally waiting for you~~I almost missed you!"

"When I meet you at the best age, I don't live up to myself~~"

After hearing a few words from a Tianjiao, his eyes turned white on the spot, and he fainted with anger!


It must be crazy!

Meet you at the best age? Are you dying at the best age?

All Tianjiao here are also the best age!

At their best age, they do their utmost to fight for the opportunity to enter the torch, just to have the slightest chance of becoming a Son!

But just after entering the flame, he encountered a wave of black devil bees, so ambitious and ambitious. Before he could fly his wings, he would fall like a meteor!

After dying in this situation, Lin Chen, the bastard, even came to say, "When I met you at the best age, would I not betray myself"?

This is not the brain water, the **** thing is the brain!

But in fact; for someone Lin, he really endured for a long time, and it was very hard!

He had never tried this kind of thing. Tens of thousands of attribute light **** flew in front of his eyes, and he endured for three days!

Three days! It's time to get into the cave. Someone in Lin can't even touch it with a bite of soup. I'm afraid that the bee tide will run away. I'm afraid the black devil queen who has alarmed the bee tide!

But now, it is finally here! And it's still three heads, three joys come!

Lin Chen was more than ecstatic, burst into tears on the spot, couldn't help singing loudly!

Dan Qianqiu stared staringly at this loudly singing boy, and as a result, she couldn't even come up with her brain!

The space vibrates and the spiritual hood begins to falter!

When the queen bee joins, all spiritual shocks become extremely penetrating. I am afraid that another five waves of attacks will completely destroy the last remaining spiritual energy in the ancient city.

The next moment; Lin Chen wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes, and showed the same cynicalness as before!

"The show is only now! The ancient Qinglong!"


Long Xiao Zhentian, nearly three thousand feet of the ancient miracles of ancient dragons like the dragon descended on the ancient city, and was born!

Lin Chen and Han Yizhi stepped on their toes suddenly, the two and the ancient Qinglong, the Dragon Void, instantly killed the spiritual shield!

After feeling that the human race left the spiritual shield, the three-headed black bee king instantly targeted Lin Chen and Han Yizhi, as well as the ancient Qinglong!

Buzz~! laugh! laugh!

At the moment when the tidal surge of spiritual shock spread out, the space was constantly rippled and twisted, all aimed at the two people and one dragon!

"Yi Zhi, the eighth chapter of Taishi Bible!"


As Lin Chen drank coldly, the two of them snapped their fingers together and made the same fingerprint.

The spiritual power is like countless vortexes, condensing in the void in front of the two, all over the thousands of spaces!

When countless spiritual vortices emerged, the violent spiritual sound suddenly struck!

Just as everyone thought that Lin Chen and Han Yizhi would die under this wave of spiritual sound, the imposing spiritual shock was suddenly distorted by the spiritual vortex of the two!

"this is?"

Dan Qianqiu's eyes narrowed, his expression dignified.

As one of the top pharmacists of the younger generation in Lingzhou, she can perceive that Lin Chen and Han Yizhi used an unprecedented method of controlling mental power!

Forming a trace of every spiritual power, when condensed together, you can resist and melt away powerful spiritual attacks!

But in common sense, this cannot be achieved at all, because human will is limited, and it is impossible to manipulate so many scattered spiritual forces with high precision!

When Lin Chen and Han Yizhi joined forces to resist the spiritual shock, all the spiritual swings suddenly turned from the void!

Yes! The direction of the spiritual gyration was suddenly pointed at the position of the three black devil queens!

"Try your own spiritual shock!"

The two pushed their hands horizontally, and the mental shock that had previously flowed into the spiritual circle was suddenly violently burst out, just like a hurricane crossing, destroying the position of the three black devil queens!

At this moment; everyone's expression was shocked!

Transfer attack!

Lin Chen and Han Yizhi actually transferred the entire spiritual impact of the Dark Devil Bee Wave to the position of the three Black Devil Bee Queens!

No matter how high the wit of the Black Demon Queen is, he didnt expect Lin Chens hand!

They are under the protection of many black devil bees, and they didn't expect that they would be devastated immediately!

The three Black Demon Queens did not even have the opportunity to hide, and they greeted the spiritual sound of condensing all their own Black Demon Bees!


The spiritual shock blasted a huge hole in the bee tide, and the three black devil queens were shocked by the spiritual shock on the spot!

Instinctive fears originating from creatures quickly permeated the tide of dark demons!

However, Lin Chen did not give them a chance to retreat!

"It's now, the Blue Dragon Soul Claw!"