My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Nangong Family

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Chapter 31, Nangong Family!

Lin Chen sat on the top VIP seat. He watched with great interest the old man on the stage launched a crystal counter with a height of more than ten meters, in which there were more than a dozen uneven crystal blue crystal mines in turn.

"This is the treasure of the first round of treasure appraisal, Xuanshui Concentrate. Its sustenance school hopes to get the highest quality parts of this batch of Xuanshui Concentrate to build ten-handed third-order weapons, which only need seven feet in size, The remaining Xuanshui concentrate is owned by Jian Baoshi. Please identify them."

Some of the treasures are entrusted to the treasure master. This is a hidden rule in the field. Of course, other generous rewards can also be used instead.

Each treasurer may involve a force and each other. In order to get the depositor's reward, the best part of the treasure is usually identified.

Because no one treasurer can be 100% sure that only he has identified the highest quality.

This is analogous; one of the forces of treasurers on both sides saw through the best quality of the treasure, but did not point it to the depositor, but gave an answer that was not the best.

Then in this case; the competitor may also see the best quality of the treasure and give a better answer than the former, then the reward belongs to the latter!

This is the real meaning of the Jianbao Conference! In order to avoid unilaterally the one who is a treasurer's power seeing through the quality of the treasure and "make a fortune", there will be several factions or forces in the treasure appraisal!

As soon as the old man's voice fell, two young men raised their hands.

"No. 13 Xuanshui Concentrate has the highest quality."

"No. 15 Xuanshui Concentrate has the best quality!"

The two young treasurers gave different answers; the old man smiled slightly.

"Then ask the two treasurers to come on stage to light up the two crystals. Please turn on the light without damaging the identification crystal."

Every treasurer has an opportunity to'open the light' and unveil its mysterious veil for the appraised treasure!

I saw two treasure masters show their magical powers, one is running the water system mind, the other is showing the treasure tactics, using the spiritual power to draw the energy of Xuanshui concentrate!


The two beams of light rise, the intense water energy pervades the entire platform, and the two pieces of Xuanshui Concentrate are glowing with potential essence!

But obviously the water energy from the Xuanshui Concentrate on the 13th is even better!

Opening means is also a hard work for the treasurer.

Because of the peculiarity of the treasure appraisal conference, no one can prove to a treasure appraiser whether his vision is accurate, as well as distinguish and identify the hidden qualities and opportunities of all kinds of strange objects and treasures, he must also have the power to conceal it The means that can be triggered is the opening of Jianbao!

In this scene, Lin Chen's eyes were widened, because after the Xuanshui Concentrate was opened, a series of blue light spheres dropped, all of which were attribute light spheres containing pure water energy!

"Unfortunately, I can't directly rush to pick up these attribute light **** now, otherwise my true water return to the original tactics can go further."

Lin Chen regretted secretly and continued to watch the Jianbao Conference.

Afterwards, several treasurers came to the stage to light up other Xuanshui concentrates. Although the glowing energy exceeded that of the 15th Xuanshui concentrate, it was slightly inferior to the 13th.

In the end, the young treasurer of Xuanshui Concentrate who identified No. 13 won!

In response to this, many of the great treasure-mongers on stage did not move at all, and some even talked and laughed, and did not take this scene seriously!

This is just a hot foreplay for young people to try the sabre. The real highlight of the treasures conference is still behind!

"This is the five major incomplete weapons found in the ruins of the newly born. It is suspected that some weapons have fourth-order qualities. Please ask all treasurers to identify the weapons that are most likely to be repaired. The reward: three Third-tier top medicine."

Many younger generations have begun to participate in the fierce competition for treasures; let the seniors on the scene see the potential of new forces.


"These are the seven fragments of unearthed minds unearthed in the ancient times. It is said that there is only one book that can be practiced. Please have a taste of the secrets of cultivation in Kaiguangs fragmented minds. Remuneration: two pieces can restore spiritual power The third-level top medicine and a green-level top combat skill."

The Jianbao Conference gradually progressed to the back, Lin Chen looked at it with relish, just when he couldnt help itching to try the latest practice of Zijin Tong; the girls cold voice was all over the audience!

"No. 2 Fragmentary Mind Practitioner records the practiceable Mind Practitioner."

Everyone stayed for a while and looked down on the sound, the position of the VIP seat was actually the Nangong family?

Legend has it that the family of Jianbao, which is between Bozhong and Shangguan, has been ranked 50 years ago. Today, the Shangguan family has only restored its ancestral world.

As soon as the words fell, the VIP room ejected a ray of spiritual light, caught in the second of the seven incomplete ancient books placed on the crystal counter, and instantly released a list of domineering characters!

Fighting dragon tactics; low-level low-level mental skills, refining the fighting spirit to breed the dragon momentum, one stroke out, like the dragon flying in the sky!


The whole audience suddenly had the sound of breathing up and down, and this shot identified a low-level blue mind, Nangong family, really terrible!

"This mentality is incomplete, and it is worse than the real Qingji mentality, but this move is enough to show that the Nangong family has begun to provoke us."

Shangguan Yunfan's eyes narrowed, and since the other party had already made a move, they had to take the move!

Everyone is looking forward to it, and the next is the confrontation between the two families after decades!

"This is a few days ago, the depositor desperately found the three dead beasts found in the wildest wild beast mountain range in the wilderness. Elixir of the kind. If you can get a perfect identification result, the depositor will present a dead beast to the treasurer!"

On the high platform, there were three giant beasts with a size of more than ten feet. The old man decisively turned his attention to the highest-level VIP layer. These three beasts' remains, but the breakthrough of the fourth-order existence, is comparable to the powerful of the real!

At this level of competition, only the top Jianbao family is eligible to participate in Jianbao!

"Bihan, it's your turn."

Shangguan Yunfan cast a beckoning look on his daughter, Shangguan Bihan nodded and stood up, the pupil of Chan Ruo gem covered a purple gold!

"It's the second realm, Tongruo watch the fire!"

Lin Chen recognized the realm of Shangguan Bihan and secretly wondered. Shangguan Bihan was only 20 Fang Ling. When she was born, the ancestral home in her family was close to closure. She was able to cultivate to the realm of'Tu Ruo Guan Huo', basically relying on her own hard work and talent!

"The remains of No. 3 beast have the effect of preserving their own qi and blood, and have more refining value. When refining, the essence of their blood veins can reach more than 80% of their lifetime. It is best to refining the bones and bones. Meta-medicine, can play a vital role in life and death!"

Shangguan Bihan's elegant and refined voice, like the sound of natural sound, spread throughout the venue.

With the voice falling, the hazy purple light haunted and infiltrated into the body of No. 3 murderous beast, the body of the beast immediately radiated bursts of tidal waves, and the majestic energy of blood and energy swept the audience like a storm.