My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 310

Chapter 310: The Peak Of Spiritual Realm

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Chapter 310

The light blue dragon's breath blade fluttered the sky, twisting like a tornado and strangling in all directions, all surrounded by a dragon's breath blade!

The remaining Black Devil Bees are all torn by the Blue Dragon's Soul Claw!

This wave of joint offensive was too sudden!

First of all, the spirit shock of all Black Devil Bees was rebounded, and then the moment the Black Demon King died, Lin Chen broke the strongest attack at the fastest speed!

Not to mention the Black Devil Bee, even Tianjiao in the ancient city can't react!

too fast! The devastating blow was only in an instant!

There are only more than 100,000 black devil bees, I am afraid that no one can escape!

The young man was standing under the tide of cracked black devil bees, with a confident smile controlling the situation from the beginning to the end of his mouth.

Everyone was stunned!

As soon as he hit the silver robe, he rolled in the wind and stood safely in the field, unspeakable chic and cold.

The dark limbs and wings of the dark demon bee fluttered in the sky, like the snow, flying around him, falling down, and the young man was bloodless.

The ancient green dragon was entrenched at his feet, and the stunning people were cleverly hand-held and stood behind him, like the king who came to the world and ruled the world!

Han Ziyunfang's heart trembles, and her hands gently cover her jade lips. She had imagined that Lin Chen might kill all the black demon bees, but she didn't expect it to be such a snappy kill!

Dan Qianqiu stared staringly at the teenager's back, and the confident smile in his mouth was exactly what he intended for this trip!

Whether it is the Dark Devil Queen or the Bee Wave is about to break the spiritual shield of the ancient city, from beginning to end, all this is under his control!

"In the world, there are so... magical teenagers..."

Dan Qianqiu's eyes flashed with blue waves, splendid flashes, looking at Lin Chen's back, he was a little fascinated.

The ten Tianjiao trembling teeth of the Leng family finally understood why Leng You and others would choose Lin Chen as a backer!

He does have this strength!

The inner shock of Leng You and others is no less than any one present!

Lin Chen just used the special manipulation of the spiritual power of the "Tai Chi Bible", they have never seen Lin Chen in the mirror space to do it!

In other words, he still has a hole card; the previous mirror space is far from his full strength!

"How strong is he?"

Leng You's heart trembled, more and more fortunate that he chose to follow Lin Chen's decision!

Falling in the eyes of outsiders, only the residual limbs of the black devil bee are broken in the eyes, but in someone's world, these are all attributes of the spiritual system!

The ancient green dragon twisted the dragon's body suddenly, and began to collect the surrounding attribute light spheres. As long as the attribute light spheres were ten feet away from the dragon body, they would be automatically absorbed.

Lin Chen and the ancient Qinglong soldiers are divided into two ways, crazy to pick up the attribute light ball!

[Host gains 23 points of mental power, 58 points of mental power, 44 points of mental power,]

Lin Chen's spiritual attributes are changing at an unprecedented rate!

Because Lin Chen's spiritual state is not the same as that of the past year, the value of each spiritual attribute light ball dropped by the exterminated Black Devil Bee is only a few dozen points or more than one hundred points.

The strength and cultivation of the creatures are too strong or weaker than Lin Chen, neither will have the attribute light ball drop, killing the enemy who is too weak, the attribute light ball value will not be too high.

But now the quality is poor, but there are huge quantities to fill back!

In less than a quarter of an hour, Lin Chen took away all the attribute light **** of nearly 130,000 Black Devil Bees!


The sound of a cracked eggshell echoed in my mind, Lin Chen's spiritual awareness of the sea expanded more than twice!

[The host enters the spiritual realm to complete the spiritual strength.

The moment the system popped up the light screen, Lin Chen's mental strength value began to enter the tens of millions mark, and ended at 11.74 million points!

Lin Chen not only entered the spiritual power of the perfect spiritual realm, but also hit a bottleneck state. It is only one step away from the legendary "Dharma Realm" spiritual power!

Last time, his spiritual attribute value was still in the category of 4.98 million points. This time, the killing of the Dark Devil Bee Tide allowed Lin Chen to obtain a spiritual attribute value of 6.76 million points!

On average, each Black Devil Bee gave Lin Chen 52 points of mental power attributes.

"His mental volatility has become stronger! Has his mental strength broken through?"

"The Spiritual Realm is complete? No, it needs to be strengthened! It is already the pinnacle of the spiritual power of the Spiritual Realm!"

Dan Qianqiu, the highest spiritual state present, couldn't help but sigh air-conditioning!

How long does it take? His spiritual realm broke through on the spot!

"His spiritual breakthrough is related to these black bees!"

"However, although the Black Devil Bee is a spiritual beast, but the spiritual power in the body is colorful and complex, no one in this world can directly absorb it. Forcibly absorbing it will make people on the spot become mentally mad. The fierce beast nuclear refining the spirit medicine, how did he do it..."

Dan Qianqiu thought hard and couldn't think of any possible answer!

"Are we alive?"

"My God! This Lin Chen wiped out all the black bees!"

"And he still deliberately waited for the three black devil queens to show up, is his strength still above the top ten geniuses?"

There are divergent opinions. At this moment, all Tianjiao's impressions of Lin Chen have changed. Some are in awe, some are grateful, some are jealous, and more are taboo!

Lin Chen's strong strength will undoubtedly become the dark horse equivalent to the top ten geniuses in this flame!

The crowd hadn't finished marveling, and even Lin Chen didn't think that a piece of lilac silk fluttered from Lin Chen's arms, like a dancing elf, turning around the ancient city!

It is the mysterious treasure Fantasy Mengro that Lin Chen obtained before! A magical treasure that can absorb spiritual power!

The dreamlike senluo danced like butterflies dancing around the ancient city in a circle.

All the spiritual power contained in the core of the remaining black demon bees and fierce beasts was stripped out by the illusion, and turned into a pure white smoke, slowly rising, and finally absorbed by it!

Even the last remaining spiritual energy of the ancient city has not escaped the absorption of the fantasy dream, and the last spiritual spirit cover of the ancient city has completely dissipated into nothingness.

After assimilation, the illusion of dream like a quiet butterfly flew back to Lin Chen's palm, and its light was more restrained and refined than before.

"How did I forget this baby."

Lin Chen shook his head and smiled, hiding it in his arms.

Everyone had a panoramic view of all this, but because of Lin Chen's strength, he dared not look at it more, fearing that he would be killed.

They knew very well that Lin Chen did not destroy the Dark Devil's Tide not to save them, but to have other plans. If he had any killing opportunities, he could also destroy the people present!

Before leaving Tianjiao, they stepped into the air and thanked Lin Chen with fists.

There are some lonely people who walk away directly; Lin Chen does not matter, he is not interested in these guys.