My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 311

Chapter 311: Baizun Tomb Mansion

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Chapter 311: Hundred Tombs!

Leng You took the three people around her and flew to Lin Chen in the air. She rubbed her hands excitedly and looked at him expectantly.

"Lord Lin Chen, then we..."

"Oh, you are free if you want to follow me. If there is a common crisis, I will do it. But I can't do anything to help you grab the flame."

Lin Chen shrugged, and the four immediately nodded like chickens peck rice.

As long as they can follow Lin Chen, there is still a chance!

In this regard, Lin Chen does not matter, the number of people around him can be considered a few thugs.

After all, he took the Lengjia quota, as long as the other party's attitude is correct, he will not refuse to help.

"Lin Chen, I want to join your camp."

Suddenly; Dan Qianqiu turned into a streamer, flew to Lin Chen, said seriously.

Leng You and others immediately appeared ecstatic!

One of the ten geniuses of the Dan family, plus a Lin Chen!

This lineup, as long as you don't encounter the four kings, almost no one can be enemies in the flame!

"Brother Lin Chen, your charm is really great."

Leng Yueqi seemed to be smiling, but patted Han Ziyun's shoulder.

At the moment, the two beautiful women seemed to have a heart, and Han Ziyun smiled brightly.

Han Ziyun smiled and said nothing, Lian Bu moved slightly, and a touch of fragrant wind blew in. She was close to someone Lin, and her eyebrows bent.

"That is, I am the most handsome man in Kyushu... mother! It hurts, it hurts!"

Lin's waist was twisted by the beautiful woman and he was breathing air!

Seeing Leng Yue's Leng Yan's face like a non-smiling smile, he forcibly endured the pain, and he looked like a gentleman and a serious man.

"Sorry, Miss Dan Qianqiu, I am a very principled and disciplined person, as long as it is a beautiful girl, I will not accept walking with me."

"Why? Are you sexist?"

Dan Qianqiu frowned a little, and her curiosity about Lin Chen was too strong!

This teenager is almost a mystery. This is an addictive poison to her who is extremely curious!

Even if he was watching him for a while, Dan Qianqiu would rather stay with him first.

"No, I'm afraid you'll fall in love with me. Of course, love can, but it won't work."

Lin Chen said seriously.

Han Yizhi snickered his lips; after cleaning the battlefield, Lin Chen rejected Dan Qianqiu and went with Leng You and others.

The ten remaining survivors of the Leng family stared at the direction of Lin Chen's departure, and there was endless regret and annoyance in his heart!

Maybe; they made the most stupid decision by themselves!

The ancient city is a hundred thousand miles away; Lin Chen and a group of people flew into the air at speed, while Dan Qianqiu stubbornly followed behind Lin Chen, and the two parties kept a distance of less than a hundred miles.

Seeing this look, Leng Yueqi couldn't help but shake her head. This little guy, in the end, how many outstanding girls are to blame.

Lin Chen flew while reading the map carried by Leng You and others, with a fingertip at the center of the map.

"Then we will rush to the area near this Longtai at full speed."

Lin Chen's decision puzzled the four of the Leng family, and Leng You puzzled.

"Sir Lin Chen, shouldn't you search around first? The four great kings and other geniuses have left the ancient city for four days. Now this should be the strongest of our team."

Lin Chen shook his head and laughed casually: "You are only half right. The genius who left the ancient city did leave for four days, but you think that during these four days, they will not search for the treasures and holy flames in the nearby area. Kind of situation."

Lin Chen awakened his dream, and everyone suddenly realized!

If you follow this line of thought, the area around the ancient city would have been turned upside down by the celestials who had been stepped away from by the ancestors. There are no treasures for those who lost their opportunities.

Reminiscent of this, the four people admired Lin Chen even more. When they entered the torch, they only thought about how to protect themselves, and had never considered this aspect at all.

Closing the map, Lin Chen's eyes narrowed into the distance, and said indifferently.

"In the next two days, we just need to be in charge of getting on the road."

In order to avoid passing by opportunities, Lin Chen used Zijin pupil throughout the journey, so as not to miss the remaining fish in the net.

But the result is as predicted by myself. During this continuous flight, Lin Chen didn't even find a high-end celestial treasure!

This shows that the arrogance of the Arriving Holy Flame Realm may also have similar abilities to his Zijin pupil.

Two days later; Lin Chen and others adjusted to the heyday state!

The flame zone, the sea of underworld.

Lin Chen and others who had just arrived in the sea area of the Nether Sea were suddenly stopped by the surging waves!

Hundreds and thousands of rainbows are falling like small flowers, rising from the sea and blooming above the sky!

The violent wind and the storm, the sea is rough, and the huge waves of thousands of feet are rolling from the sides and coming!

Everyone in Lin Chen immediately launched a combat defense to protect himself.

"A vision was born!"

Lin Chen urged the realm of Zijin Tong's "out of nothing" and found that in the central area of the sea, there were countless "wonderful luck" and "extreme luck" turned into silk threads wandering in the void.

However, more of it is'killing luck' and'doom', and opportunities are always present in direct proportion to danger.

Lin Chen also found out that there were more than 30 heavenly arrogances gathering above the sea, and a behemoth slowly rose from the bottom of the sea!

This is a suspected'coffin' building. If you peep with Zijin pupil, the range is as long as tens of thousands of miles!

An orange lantern hangs from the front and back of the coffin. Because it has just risen from the bottom of the sea, the lantern is still flickering and flickering, which seems very strange.

It was at this moment; the two pillars of holy fire shine directly down from the top of the sky and into the strange and huge building!

Not only Lin Chen saw this pillar of Holy Fire, but everyone around him could see clearly!

Flame Seed! This is the radiance of the genuine torch seeds!

Those who have won the seeds of the Holy Fire are eligible to become the Son!

"It seems that there is a big show waiting for us!"

Lin Chen smiled, and speeded up with everyone, riding the wind and waves, flying to the direction of the giant building.

In less than five breaths, the crowd arrived at the scene. At this time, because of the attraction of the torch seeds, including Lin Chen and others, fifty-two people have gathered around the huge building!

"Oh? I didn't expect him to come, huh! Exactly, if he dares to enter the tomb, I will take the opportunity to destroy him!"

Suddenly, a group of people in the crowd noticed Lin Chen, it was the arrogance of Mo Feng and other Tiange Academy!

Lan Xun-level behind Mo Feng sighed in his heart, that this time he was led by the torch, everyone did not dare to resist him.

From an inner standpoint, half of Lan Xun didnt want to be an enemy with Lin Chen.

This new star rising like a meteor has already become a brand new legend in Tiange Academy! No one knows how many cards he still has!

"It turned out to be a hundred tombs!"

At this time; Leng You beside Lin Chen was shocked and silent!