My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 312

Chapter 312: Mysterious Boy

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Chapter 312

"What is Hundred Tombs?"

Someone in Lin's face was sullen, and he was usually cunning like an old fox. His cognition in this respect was totally inferior to the geniuses who had come from an ancient family.

"Hundred Zun Tomb Mansion is a battle that took place in the ancient times, causing countless Yuanzun Jingqiang to fall, their bodies turned into mountains and rivers, and there are a few Yuanzun Jingqiang who finally survived and finally their own background and those The declining Yuanzun realm was transformed into a tomb palace, and it became this hundred tomb palace!"

"In legend, there are countless inheritances of Yuanzun Realm in it. If you can get more than one kind of Yuanzun Realm in it, the benefits will be second only to the Holy Flame Seed!"

Leng You and other people are shining in front of their eyes. Although there are few seeds of the torch, there are many opportunities for the 100 Tombs. As long as they have a heritage, they may not be able to rise in strength!


Lin Chen touched his chin, showing strong confidence and curiosity in his eyes!


The stone gate of the Baizun Tomb Mansion slowly opened, and a vast dark passage extended out, lit by spooky flames on both sides, illuminating the entire passage.

"The passage of the Tomb Mansion is out! Come in!"

A figure in a black robe and cape shouted awe-inspiringly, listening to his voice, it should be a teenager.

The tip of the black robe teenager tipped into the passage first!

brush! brush! brush!

More than forty Tianjiao followed closely, and no one wanted to let go of the opportunity and plundered into the tomb.

Leng You and others could not wait, and were about to join the army that flew into the Tomb Mansion, Lin Chen stopped!

"Don't rush to death, there is another mystery in this tomb house."

Lin Chen's pupils with purple-gold shining light seemed to see a completely different scene.

In Lin Chen's eyes, the passageway unfolding in the tomb was lit with a faint light of death, and countless'death luck' was entangled. Even when Lin Chen himself entered, there was a certain possibility of falling.

But there is only a little light, not death but live!

Dan Qianqiu, who was behind Lin Chen, saw that Lin Chen had no reaction, and stayed quietly twenty feet behind him.

"Everyone follows me, don't lose it."

Lin Chen suddenly drank; everyone moved closer to him.

I saw; everyone led by Lin Chen began to fly into the dark tunnel.

What everyone didn't notice was that at the entrance of the dim tunnel, there was a white light looming all the way down!

Since everyone just now was attracted attention by the black robe boy and followed him in, so here

When Lin Chen was about to enter the tunnel, he suddenly turned down sharply and skimmed the dim white light at the sea surface!

Just after being exposed to the range of white light, everyone disappeared like ghosts!

Witnessing all this, Dan Qianqiu's pretty face changed slightly!

"What's going on? Did he see through the mystery of this tomb? How did he get in just now, as if..."

Dan Qianqiu somewhat hesitated to follow Lin Chen's previous movement, and circled the entrance of the tomb for several times to no avail.

Just before the entrance of the tomb was closed, Dan Qianqiu finally saw the faint white light that Lin Chen had previously captured.

"Huh? What is this..."

When she was puzzled, she just took two steps forward, and the whole person was suddenly sucked into the white light and disappeared.

Bang ~~!

The tomb palace sank and began to sink slowly to the bottom of the sea.


After Lin Chen and Leng Yueqi were absorbed by the white light, they began to enter a passage filled with white light.

This time the passage was unobstructed and there were no obstacles at all. Lin Chens Zijin pupil didnt spy on any danger, and allowed the space passage to send everyone to the end.

The light shook, and there was a real sense at the feet of everyone, and they landed one after another.

At this time, the light of the flame seed is constantly flashing, much stronger than before seen in the outside world!

"This seems to be a hall?"

"It's the flame seed!"

The people who had just arrived at the hall suddenly exclaimed; Han Yizhi took the lead in discovering two seeds of holy fire suspended in the void not far from everyone!

It is the size of a fist, burning a milky flame all over the body, releasing a sacred and pure breath.

In the center of the milky white flame, a small fire like a lotus seed is swaying and burning.

Lin Chen's eyes were fast, and he urged the "Wind Hell Pluto Step" with all his strength, and swept it in front of the two seeds of the Holy Flame, just about to take it away!

The light of the Naling Ring flickered slightly, and Lin Chen had just received the first seed of the torch. The dark sky suddenly found a pale and young palm, lingering around the darkness of the darkness, and heading towards Lin Chen!

This palm is not trivial, only Yu Wei can corrode the space, Lin Chen transported his own pure power, and urged the rune of recharging, a palm of "dark bite" shot out!

Sigh~! boom!

With two palms facing each other, the opponent dropped three dark attribute light balls, Lin Chen grabbed it.

[The host gains 150,000 points of dark energy, 300,000 points of dark energy, 4 billion points of essence of combat spirit,]

The majestic aftermath of the energy shook in all directions, and the nearby Baizhang space shattered!

Both sides retreated a dozen steps.

Standing still, Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and the other person showed his true body in the light of the flame seed.

It was the boy in black robe and cloak who took the lead to enter the tomb!

A sullen hoarse voice came from under the cloak; "Unexpectedly, there are still people who have not entered the road of death and can find the way of life. You seem to have a pair of good eyes, hand over another seed of the flame, Ben Shao Rao You are not dead!"

"You seem to know that the first road at the entrance is dangerous, and you deliberately brought those people in, hiding it deep."

Lin Chen shook his palm and smiled casually. He and each other took a torch seed, and Lin Chen was not a loss.

In the palm just now, Lin Chen knew roughly that the cultivation of this black-robed young man was the mid-nine of Tiangang Realm.

In terms of strength, he is probably no less than any of the top ten geniuses. Definitely one of the dark horses that was extremely hidden this time.

"The fewer people who enter the tomb, the better. There are a few guys who make Ben Shao feel tricky. Unfortunately, they just follow Ben Shao obediently, but you also have to die!"

The black-robed boy drank coldly, with a palm of his hand and a black scythe spinning around his palm!

During his uncanny and unpredictable madness, the edge of the sickle suddenly cut out, and the fine silky swords appeared continuously!

"He wanted to make a quick decision, and show his true skills as soon as he shot!"

Leng Yueqi sees through each other's intentions and is about to help Lin Chen, his toes stomped suddenly!

Between the violent shaking of the ground, the two hundred-foot-high rock and earth walls bloomed with dazzling Gengjin air, blocking the slashing of the black robe boy in the front and crashing!

Tear ~!

The blood of the wind system is transformed, and Lin Chen's "Wind Hell Hades Step" speed increases rapidly, and it appears like a ghost on the head of the cloak boy!