My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 313

Chapter 313: The Most Handsome Heritage.

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Chapter 313 The most handsome inheritance.

"What a weird speed!"

At the moment when my heart was crying badly, the young man slapped him in the air, the dark dark line of fighting emerged violently, and turned into a shadow dragon!

"Dark Dragon Palm!"

"Corruption and Charge Rune!"

Lin Chen's rune energy dropped by 5 million points, and when the energy of the water system was transformed, it was pointed out!

"Bing Tianzhi!"

The ice star's finger is like a meteor that cuts through the sky and bursts from Lin Chen's fingertips, violently colliding with the dark combat hand!

boom! boom!

The frosty aftertaste of the sky is entangled with a dark mist-like combat atmosphere, like snowflakes flying, all splashes of ice in all directions, and the cold temperature slowly freezes the ground!

"Damn, what kind of combat skill is this, and even my meridians can be frozen. Can it even corrode my Tiangang battle spirit?"

The boy in black robe and cloak said cursedly, that Lin Chen's corroded runes were very bad. When he saw something wrong, a flash of blood turned into blood and disappeared.

"What a powerful combat skill, at least it is also a blue-level advanced!"

Lin Chen fell to the ground and looked at his right palm with bleeding, dignified expression.

If it weren't for the use of Corrupt Runes at the critical moment, the palm just now was almost Lin Chen's defeat.

At this time, the crystal clear light blue light rose into the sky; the blue and gold shining treasure chest suspended in the void.

"This is! Attack the treasure chest that the guy just dropped!"

Lin Chen was very surprised, a flash rushed over and grabbed the treasure chest.

[The host opens the blue gold treasure chest and obtains the blue rank advanced combat skill "Dark Dragon Palm". It needs to be used by the warrior of the dark attribute. If the user has the blood of the dragon family or the powerful body-building power, the power is better. Cultivation conditions: Tiangang Realm with a weight of more than five, and a pure power of more than 300 Dragon Power.

It is also a blue advanced skill!

Lin Chen was ecstatic, but it was not time for cultivation. After being incorporated into the system, a group of new figures immediately appeared on the other side of the hall.

"Damn, I actually encountered a large wave of poison arrows and combat traps!"

"Thanks to the fact that we are fast enough, just now two people from the Xiao family died on the spot in the organ passage!"

"It really is a relic left over from the ancient times, it really is extraordinary."

Many Tianjiao arrived in the hall, some of them were bathed in blood, some had weak breath, and some even consumed vigorously even if they retreated.

This may be the purpose of the mysterious young man. The one that can harm one is one. Even if he does not die, he will at least consume a part of his strength.

Unfortunately, he miscalculated. The only fatal flaw is the unexpected existence of Lin Chen.

After hitting Lin Chen's Corrupt Rune, it will take some time even if he wants to recover the consumed fighting spirit. In this unknown secret territory, he has no spare power to deal with other people.

"Huh? What about the flame of the torch?"

"I remember it was in the tomb!"

Suddenly, Mo Feng, who was on the side of the hall, flashed the light and killing intention in his eyes, and grinned!

"It's this group of people! This group of people first appeared inside the hall, it may have been taken away by them!"

Many who had just arrived at the hall looked at Mo Feng and locked Lin Chen!

Lin Chen wiped the blood on his palms, running the True Water Guiyuan Juice, frowning slightly, and sneering at the corner of his mouth.

"Obviously it's the same college, but did you want to mess with me. Interestingly, is it true of Mo Feng, the top ten geniuses."

Han Yizhi and Leng Yueqi immediately stood behind Lin Chen, and Leng You and others quickly entered the fighting state!

There were still 41 people in the Tianjiao who arrived in the tomb. They were almost all the Tianjiao who had rushed out of the Black Devil Bee Wave before. No one knew that Lin Chen had the strength to fight back the Black Devil Bee Wave.

"I didn't take the flame of the torch, but if there is one who is not afraid of death, just come up!"

Lin Chen made it clear that he did not admit that he released the ancient Qinglong in one breath. The space here seems to be stronger than the outside world. The shape of the ancient Qinglong is less than a thousand feet long.

When the fierce and overbearing ancient green dragon occupies the void, those arrogant gods are suddenly shocked!

The strength of Lin Chen and his team, together with an ancient dragon, is not weak at all.

In addition, they did not enter the death road at all. They did not experience a violent battle like most people first, and their state was almost full.

In this situation, individuals can distinguish between good and bad.

Mortgage the possibility in this unknown situation, surrounded by competitors, and everyone is not a fool. At a glance, it can be seen that this battle is not of great value, and no one wants to give it up.

"Damn, a bunch of waste!"

Mo Feng, who did not provoke the battle as expected, jumped slightly in the corner of his eyes and could not help but curse.

"Senior Mo Feng, you seem to be a bit dirty in this psychological tactic!"

Mo Feng's failure to take action does not mean that Lin Chenshan is willing to give up!

The ancient green dragon occupies the left side of Mo Feng, Lin Chen stands in the middle, Leng Yueqi and others are on the right side, and surround everyone in Tiange Academy!

"Wait, wait! Brother Lin Chen, we can have no grievances with you!"

"Yeah, brother. Everyone is from the same academy. There is no need to be so arrogant. We might even be able to work together and gain more in this tomb!"

Some Lanxun seniors and sisters of Tiange Academy exclaimed and waved their hands.

With his eyes narrowed, Lin Chen saw that apart from Mo Feng, many people had no intention of fighting him.

With a glance at the head of Mo Feng, he withdrew the ancient Qinglong and said indifferently.

"Cooperation is not necessary, there will be no next time."

After talking, Lin Chen took everyone to the other side of the hall, leaving only the gloomy Mo Feng and others.

There are many weird buildings in this hall, some of them are like ancient totems, carved with dangling symbols. Some depict three stones with only one stone.

These buildings are all representative of the inheritance of the Yuanzong Powerhouse in the lifetime. As long as you can unlock the mystery of it, you can get the inheritance of the Powerhouse!

Lin Chen looked around, and suddenly found that there was a place in the hall that looked very new, completely unlike ancient things.

Lin Chen walked over and took a closer look.

This is an altar, rather than an altar, it is more like a stage.

Only five things were placed on it; the first one was an eggshell.

The second piece is a few strands of chicken feathers.

The third piece is the crown made of pure gold.

The fourth one is the wine jar of the thousand-year-old wine "Drunken Beauty".

The fifth piece is an ancient mirror.

Confused, Lin Chen stepped forward to pick up the ancient mirror, thinking with his chin in touch.

"What kind of riddle is this? This ancient mirror seems to have nothing but Brother Chen's handsome face?"

The crowd looked at each other, completely blind.

Eggshell, chicken feathers, crown, drunken face, ancient mirror?

Is this a wonderful combination left by a strong man, is this related to inheritance?