My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 314

Chapter 314: Zijin Broken Mystery

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Chapter 314

Dan Qianqiu followed Lin Chen and the others, and when the atmosphere of the crossbows in the hall had just been slightly delayed, she fell from the vortex of the rotating space in the void and reached the hall.

She entered the tomb house almost without loss, leaving many people on the scene stunned!

"This woman seems to have followed Lin Chen's kid at first, isn't it?"

Mo Feng's expression was particularly gloomy, sweeping Lin Chen's gaze across the deep murderous intention!

"Does this kid know in advance that there are other channels? Damn, the seed of the flame must have been taken by this kid!"

In addition to Mo Feng and Dan Qianqiu, as well as Ning Yunlan of the Ning family, ten geniuses have entered here this time!

If you count the mysterious boy who played against Lin Chen earlier, it would be four!

On the other side; looking at the unruly combination, Lin Chen fell into contemplation for the first time.

eggshell? The wind blows the eggs cool?

Feather? Chicken are you too beautiful?

crown? If you want to wear a crown, you must bear its weight?

Drunk face? A drunk party Hugh smiles?

Ancient mirror? Except for showing off my handsome brother Chen, there is nothing!

"It seems that I still don't get home."

Lin Chen put the ancient mirror back in place and shook his head with a wry smile.

"Squad leader, can't you even unravel this heritage?"

Han Yizhi said in surprise, before that everyone was looking forward to getting a different answer from Lin Chen's mouth.

"Heaven and earth have a chance, and someone who has won it, it seems that I am not this kind."

Lin Chen smiled and said with a sad expression: "Perhaps only some existence that looks more handsome than me can unravel the existence of this heritage secret, let's go, let's see the next one."

Bang ~~!

Just finished, Shimen promoted, and the ancient ancestors of the ancient family have begun to inherit the Yuanzun Realm around them, opening a unique secret passage of institutions and extending out the space passage.

Lin Chen looked at the Shimen with interest, and immediately, he urged the realm of Zijin Tong's "out of nothing" to look around the audience.

There is a trace of very pale green wonderful in the void of the void.

This ray of ``wonderful luck'' guides Lin Chen to the end of the hall!

"Huh! It's really useful!"

In addition to seeing his own "lucky luck", Lin Chen also saw that a few people's "lucky luck" was related to individual places of inheritance!

"Interesting! Teacher Yueqi, you go to that tombstone. Yi Zhi, you go here. Zi Yun, and you!"

Lin Chen first led Leng Yueqi into an ancient totem. When Leng Yueqi's slender hands touched the totem, another space channel was extended!

Subsequently, Han Qizhi's "Qi Yun" was three ancient catalogues, and the complicated patterns engraved on it were irregular.

However, when Han Yizhi's spiritual power was released, the three ancient catalogs showed amazing changes!

Countless complicated lines are like free walls, opening a thick stone door to absorb Han Yizhi!

Those massive spiritual information poured into Han Yizhi's mind!

Even Lin Chens ancient Qinglong haunted a line of wonder.

The ancient green dragon was lying in front of the ten orc totems. The totem's restrained light suddenly flourished. The ancient green dragon was absorbed into the unique space in the totem and disappeared in the hall!

Some Tianjiao present have noticed this anomaly!

Lin Chen's group will have a new inheritance every time they change direction!

"Just kidding, does he know the structure of the 100 Tombs?"

"But it's useless to know!"

"The Baizun Tomb Mansion is a powerful tomb of Yuanzun in the ancient times. The tomb was formed with the final will. They can get their inheritance, and their comprehensive qualifications must be recognized by their will to open the inheritance!"

"Lin Chen, what a terrible young man!"

A dozen Tianjiao's eyes stared at Lin Chen and his party; Lin Chen went to the next place of inheritance.

The towering jade pillar stood in the hall, with the dragon and phoenix engraved engraved on the painting, there was a figure in the recess, a scroll in hand, a holy light, and a thousand beasts!

"Zi Yun, you put your hand on top of the jade column and try your mind."

Lin Chen said with some excitement, Han Ziyun was in a state of uneasiness, palms pressed against the surface of the jade column, the light was shining, and in a flash, Han Ziyun had disappeared in place!

Another one inherited!

The dozen or so Tianjiao were stunned, and some began to show greed and fanaticism!

"Hey! Ladies, this Lin Chen can see through the mystery inside this tomb house and find every inheritance that fits his own!"

"Yes, I saw it just now, he has found three!"

Eight Tianjiao began to scream wildly; those who are still working hard to study the inheritance suddenly turned their attention to Lin Chen!

The previous desire to move violently started to be restless again, and everyone could not hold back any more!

The inheritance of the Hundred Tombs is second only to the seeds of the torch. If you can get one, it will be a life-long existence!

"Hahaha, there is a lot of wind! Lin Chen, I see what you are going to do. If there is a fight, I will take the opportunity to take down your head. Without that green dragon, you are a waste!"

Mo Feng was lurking in the dark, sneering in a low voice.

"Interestingly, this Lin Chen really concealed some cards."

Ning Yunlan of the Ning family also stopped searching at this moment and turned to Lin Chen instead.

Ning Yunlan knows; as long as he fights, then Mo Feng will definitely shoot Lin Chen.

If you add yourself and show your strength based on his mirror avatar, you will be more than 90% sure to win Lin Chen!

"Brother Yunlan, are you finally going to shoot this humble guy!"

The morale of Ning Lanfeng on the side was boosted, and the fighting spirit surged throughout the body, ready to attack.

"Lord Lin Chen, since you can see through the inheritance in the tomb, why don't you help us take a look? Maybe we can still be good friends."

"Yeah, it doesn't bother you too much to help us choose it. As the saying goes, don't you have multiple friends and multiple paths? You don't want to have fewer friends and more enemies!"

Three young men in white stand out first, they are wearing high-level swords, and there is a click sound in the scabbard.

At the beginning, the eight Tianjiao, who inspired everyone, also approached Lin Chen and others;

Although the strength of Lin Chen and his team is arrogant, the ancient Qinglong as the main fighting force has been sent to the inheritance space, and it will not be able to return at all for a while.

In addition, Leng Yueqi, Han Yizhi, and Han Ziyun all left the hall because of the inheritance. Lin Chen's side, only Leng You and four others left!

Lin Chen, who was coveted by everyone, outlined a smile of evil charm!

"The worst thing I am someone Lin is afraid of is that since you all show your teeth, then I'm welcome!"