My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 316

Chapter 316: Accept The Heritage

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Chapter 316: Accept the Heritage!

Massive cultivation memories such as the initiation of Daigo poured into Lin Chen's mind. He transformed his earth and gold combat energies into special energy bloodlines, and was always ready to use defensive combat skills to prevent sneak attacks.

As time passed, the time of day and night passed by quickly. All the celestial beings only moved within the scope of the Baizun Tomb Mansion, and did not exceed any scope.

The scope of this hall is extremely wide, and the mysterious boy in black robe who fought with Lin Chen did not reappear.

During this time, six Tianjiao have obtained the new Yuanzun inheritance. Among these six, ten talents, Dan Qianqiu, Ning Yunlan and Mo Feng. All succeeded in getting a new heritage!

Their qualifications are extremely high, and they are the top arrogants of the ancient family, with endless luck. Amazing growth and transformation are happening every moment!

The rest of Tianjiao is still being tried. The Hundred Inheritance is not so easy to try. Some Tianjiao secretly start to search for the seeds of the Holy Fire whether they are left in other areas.

When Lin Chen opened his eyes again, his pupils flowed with a deep black breath.

As if in those eyes, there is a perpetual abyss hidden, and the abyss is faintly broken by a dragon shadow!

"Awesome combat skills, the guy I played against just learned a little bit of this "Dark Dragon Palm"! My trump card has another trick!"

Lin Chen's heart is full of marvels, and his face is a little excited and excited!

This dark dragon palm can perfectly combine its own pure strength and high-level combat skills of the dark attribute, and its power is far more than the same level of combat skills. It has the potential to become the destructive power of the blue rank and above!

When practicing to the peak, the Dark Dragon Palm can use the characteristics of the Dark Line's fighting spirit to fuse its pure power and play nine "Dark Dragon Power".

Every dark dragon power can make the enemy invincible, extremely penetrating, can pass through the opponent's defense, and is effective for Yuanzun Realm!

Lin Chen had dealt with the mysterious young man before, and the reason why he was wounded was because he did not notice this mysterious and strange'dark dragon spirit'.

While Lin Chen was quiet in the powerful grace of "Dark Dragon's Palm", there was a throbbing movement of the green dragon in Dantian, and a lot of memories that did not belong to Lin Chen appeared!

"Huh? The inheritance of the ancient Qinglong is over!"

A thought in Lin Chen's heart glowed, and ten orc totems were connected one after another, shining on the dragon's breath!

A green dragon with a length of only ten feet is alive, swinging the dragon's tail and coming back to this hall!

"Sky armor; dragon breath armor that can condense its own dragon breath all over the body!"

"Frightened Dragon Swim Method; Dragon's unique moving body method, which can control the body freely and move at high speed with the dragon's breathing space."

When Lin Chen's spiritual consciousness emerged with two dragons' supernatural powers, his mouth suddenly opened slightly!

"Good! Although the 3900 dragon power has not changed, the ancient Qinglong is now one or two grades stronger than before!"

The ancient green dragon, which has been mysteriously inherited, has continuously controlled the two dragons' supernatural powers.

When Lin Chen was shocked, looking at the charm of the ancient Qinglong, it was more agile and conscious than before.

The ancient Qinglong didn't possess the wisdom of independent thinking. Its battles were all motivated by Lin Chen's combat experience and consciousness, but now, the ancient Qinglong has inherited a brand-new battle memory and consciousness.

In addition, the shape of the ancient Qinglong can be freely controlled by it, no longer restricted as before.

This is like a fat man who only understands brute force, and suddenly becomes an elite soldier who masters a lot of combat skills. The combat power between the two is definitely not on a level!

Lin Chen didn't need to give any orders at all. Lin Chen just looked at him. The ancient Qinglong nodded him spiritually, as if he knew his duty was to stay in the temple.

"Good guy, this is much more convenient than before!"

After no worries, Lin Chen ran a little, and Lin Chen rushed to the back of the hall. What touched his own luck is a stone platform inscribed on the wall of the hall.

Lin Chen put his palms on it, running the nine attributes of "Genesis Nine Tribulation" in turn.

The moment when Lin Chen's gold fighting spirit began to touch Shitai, Shitai glowed with golden light!


Jinguang paved a space tunnel and extended down. When Lin Chen stepped into the space channel paved by the golden light, the figure of the whole person shuddered and disappeared with the space channel.

Space moved, Lin Chen was transported to a dim mansion.

Looking around, Lin Chen arrived more like a courtyard. Located in the pavilion of the courtyard, a turquoise green light radiated from the whole body of a dead bone, as if it were fine jasper.

Above the head of the remains is a blue-gold treasure chest suspended.

Next to the remains of the dead bones, there was also a golden gun circling.

The whole body of the war gun is entwined with dragon patterns, which is two meters long. It looks like five dragons hovering in the sky. The tip of the gun is two-bladed dragon teeth. The golden dragon head has spirituality. The dragon pupil flashes from time to time.

"This is the remains of Yuanzun Realm Powerhouse! And the tier 6 war gun!"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and only the remains of the strong man above the Yuanzun Realm could be immortalized for thousands of years and immortal for thousands of years!

Walking to the remains, Lin Chen reached out and grabbed the blue gold treasure chest, and the system immediately popped up a light screen display.

[The host opens the blue gold treasure chest and obtains: Five Dragon Spirit.

A light cluster floats in the blue gold treasure chest, which contains the energy of extinction!

Lin Chen can feel that there are five distinct dragon flavors hidden in this light group!

"What a powerful energy!"

With a sigh in his heart, Lin Chen temporarily included it in the system and immediately looked around.

Lin Chen clearly saw a stone monument over five feet tall in front of the remains!

On the stone stele, there are a lot of words carved like ancient runes.

At the beginning of the slate, Lin Chen only saw one sentence that could be distinguished with the naked eye.

"Youth junior, if you want to inherit the deity's heritage, please read the content of the stele with your energy."

Lin Chen released his spiritual power a little, and the stone monument in front of him suddenly changed the world!

A large amount of spiritual information wandered in the void and appeared in front of Lin Chen.

"The first caster in ancient times, Jin Xiahua. Because of participating in the Battle of the Heavenly Tomb, he fell down and sat down, leaving a caster technique on the stone tablet for future generations to inherit."

[The system detects that the host is inherited by the strong, because the inheritance contains the inheritance of skills and the inheritance of skills, the host can use the essence of the skills, and the speed of inheritance is doubled.

The system popped up a light screen, Lin Chen lit up, and immediately agreed to accept the inheritance with merit.

With this option, Lin Chen's practice skills have been sharply reduced by 50 million points, and almost 90% of the practice skills have been spent!

Massive memories began to infuse with the spirit of divinity, and continuously poured into Lin Chen's spiritual consciousness, automatically engraved into Lin Chen's mind, perfectly integrated, and the speed of normal inheritance was several times faster than normal!