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Chapter 317: The Secret Of The Tomb Mansion

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Chapter 317: The Secret of the Tomb Mansion!

Time has passed for four days and four nights, and a large amount of memory is completely fused in his mind; Lin Chen finally saw a weird sight.

Reflected in Lin Chen's memory is an unprecedented behemoth that seems to have spirituality and vitality.

Countless powerful men walked into the air and launched a fierce attack on it, which caused this behemoth to continuously burst into a roar that stirred the world.

Finally, the moment it seemed to be dying, it reduced its constant compression and began to become generally solid.

It used the last power, sucked all the strong ones into the body, and burned them with their jade!

Finally, in a blink of an eye, Lin Chen woke up from the heritage!

"What it is?"

Lin Chen was breathless and sweaty, and his eyes were a little bit vicissitudes. After a while, he restrained to the depths of his pupils and disappeared.

"Is that weird creature the culprit responsible for the hundred tombs?"

Lin Chen thought to no avail, and his palm turned an indestructible golden light.

"This inheritance, I can't think of the blue-level advanced "Tiangeng against Dragon" marksmanship, and the ancient caster technique "Jinyang Forging Technique"! Luck is coming, it can't be stopped, and I can even become Lin Chen A generation of founders!"

The high-level caster does not know how many days the arrogant spends endless efforts to achieve it. I never thought that he would become a high-level caster in this case.

Lin Chen had a feeling of laughter in his heart, he slowly got up, took out a cloak from the Naling Ring, draped over the remains of dead bones, muttered to himself.

"Senior Jin Xiahua, your caster technique, I will carry forward for you, rest in peace."

Lin Chen knocked his head sincerely on the remains. The dead bones seemed to dissipate the last will. When Lin Chen first met, the whole body still shimmered with light blue, but now the light was completely dimmed.

choke! choke!

The golden light gun beside the dead bone glowed with light, trying to follow Lin Chen, but the gun itself had serious flaws.

"The five dragons' royal guns, the guns of the ancient emperors. However, even if they were injured, they are still not comparable to ordinary treasures."

Lin Chen pulled up the golden light war rifle and had a familiar feeling, like the old partner who had been fighting for a long time and returned to his hands.

"This is caused by the loss of essence caused by the war."

Today Lin Chen is already a sixth-order caster, and the defects of this gun can be seen at a glance.

When he touched the gap of the gun body, he suddenly lit up and released the "Five Dragon Spirit" that he had just obtained in his system space!

The colorful spirit of life has just been suspended in the void, and if the five dragon dynasty lances are spiritually trembling, like a bottomless vortex, all the spirit of life will be included!

This change also affected the black abyss gun behind Lin Chen, and also incorporated the last part of himself into the Wulong Dynasty imperial gun!


In the end, the Black Abyss Gun became dim, like an iron.

The five dragon dynasty guns are all around the five-color dragon qi, crazy growth, and the light is trembling, the five dragon dynasty guns seem to glow a new glory! Five distinct dragon screams burst out!

When the vision stopped, the golden gun was like a plain gun, lying quietly in Lin Chen's palm.

"It's a great situation to accept inheritance this time! Although I didn't get the inheritance of the exercises, I got such an artifact."

Put two war guns back into the Na Ling ring, Lin Chen volleyed a little toes and took off!


In the main hall of the Tomb Mansion; when Lin Chen returned, he saw Han Ziyun, Han Yizhi and Leng Yueqi all returned to the main hall from the inheritance space and stood beside the ancient Qinglong.

There are still fierce battle traces remaining in the hall. It seems that some people have triggered a large number of strange treasures after triggering the organ, which caused fierce competition for Tianjiao, which has not been inherited in the hall.

Seeing Lin Chen returning to the hall, Han Yizhi was delighted and looked at Lin Chen, "Squad leader, have you found your own inheritance?"

"Well, I didn't come here in vain. But what is the situation now?"

Lin Chen looked around the room and found that Mo Feng and Ning Yunlan also returned from the inheritance space to the tomb palace.

Their expressions and breath have become more powerful and powerful than before, and they have obviously gained a lot of opportunities and growth in the inheritance space!

Especially that Mo Feng, from time to time cast a murderous awe-inspiring look at Lin Chen! Obviously, he gained a completely different force than before, and he is more confident in dealing with Lin Chen than before!

While Lin Chen is growing rapidly, any top genius also has constant opportunities and adventures, and their strength will never stop before entering the Holy Land.

Dan Qianqiu, who is not far away from Leng Yueqi and others, also has a lot of gains in the place of inheritance. She has made a breakthrough from the repair of the mid-nineth layer to the late period of the nineth layer!

"Everyone is trying to find an exit here. Although the Baizun Tomb Mansion is documented in the classics, it seems that there is no way to leave.

Leng Yueqi's expression was solemn, and Leng You and his party also returned to Lin Chen, pointing to the end of the hall, and said in horror.

"At present, there is only one exit in the whole hall, that is, there is a dark passageway under the end of the hall. After two Tianjiaos of the blood family entered the inside, there was no response. Now everyone dare not act rashly."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and various thoughts rushed in his mind, constantly thinking.

"Battle of Heaven Tomb, Baizun Tomb Mansion, is it...?"

When the memories in my mind began to overlap, Lin Chen's expression became more dignified!

As soon as he urged Zijin Tong, the whole hall was completely different!

Countless death luck pervades the void, and the end of death luck is the end of the hall!

At this time, Ning's Ning Yunlan stood up and announced everyone.

"Everyone, I believe that everyone has searched the neighborhood during this time. There is no second exit here, only the passageway at the end of the main hall. In view of the possibility that there will be a dangerous institution before, I personally propose that everyone join together to enter the exit of the main hall. "

Ning Yunlan was very calm, and there was a convincing leadership between the conversations, he said eloquently.

"No matter what happens, we must overcome it together. If not, any accident will happen, we may be wiped out by the whole army! But as long as we are in one heart, we may leave here alive!"

Many people present were lost in contemplation, then Ning Yunlan added another fire and said very seriously and sincerely.

"Of course, as the initiator of this proposal, our Ning family will take the lead when entering the exit channel, so you don't need to worry about encountering dangerous things. I will abandon everyone."

Some of the Tianjiao at the end of the crossbow gritted their teeth fiercely and began to stand in line with the Ning family and others, but Lin Chens eyes were more solemnly staring at the exit direction at the end of the hall!

Lin Chen, who had been silent, suddenly spoke.

"Something wrong! This tomb palace seems to be alive!"