My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 318

Chapter 318: Five Heroes

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Chapter 318

Through the Zijin pupil, a red brilliance circulated in the void like a practice, Lin Chen felt a new life wave glowing deep inside the tomb!

His mind kept shaking the memory inherited from Jin Xiahua. On that day, when the hundred statues fell, it was to fight that mysterious creature!

That creature is likely to be directly related to the entire tomb!

"The situation has changed, ready to fight!"

Lin Chen's sudden words made all four of Leng You and Leng Yueqi in alert state!

boom! boom! boom!

The space shook, and the Tianjiao, who had just been united, suddenly turned their heads and their pupils shrank!

An embarrassed figure escaped from the exit at the end of the hall. He was bathed in blood, and the sixth-order treasure armor "Meteorite" worn on his chest was shattered in half!

It was the black robe boy who had attacked Lin Chen before!

Everyone urged the fighting spirit to cover their eyes, and when they were in space, they saw a terrifying scene across thousands of miles!

At the moment when the black-robed boy withdrew into the hall, five thin and emaciated figures emerged from the exit at a heavy pace.

At every step of them, the space shook violently, the whole body was disillusioned with steam-like war spirits, and each wisp of warfare shattered the crystal walls of space, like the most powerful creature from ancient times!

Seeing the five yellow and corpse-like figures, everyone at the scene gasped!

"Yuan Zun Jingqiang?"

These five skinny corpses turned out to be all powerful in Yuanzun Realm!

Five Yuanzun Realm! Such a terrifying lineup, unless the four kings and ten geniuses gather, there is simply no chance to escape!

Yuanzun Realm has an absolute gap with Tiangang Realm. If the two are at war, Yuanzun Realm is as simple as pinching a worm!

"It's over, how could there be a strong man of Yuanzun Realm here, didn't they really fall?"

The remaining people couldn't help but keep retreating, and their pupils were trembling.

"No! There is no breath of living in their eyes, they are living dead!"

"Don't panic! This is not the real Yuanzun Realm, but the living and dead people who have cultivated part of their lives!"

Mo Feng of Tiange Academy and Ning Yunlan of Ning Family immediately indulged. The strength of the two ranked first in the audience and the most prestigious among the crowd.

"What should I do, Lin Chen."

At a critical moment, Dan Qianqiu couldn't care too much, leaned over to Lin Chen and asked nervously.

"Work together to solve these five heads, and there is a possibility that there are still spirits in that passage. You follow me, don't run around!"

Lin Chen and the ancient Qinglong stood directly in front of them, and everyone behind them nodded.

Suddenly, both ends of the five corpses revealed the killing intent, raising the hand was a punch, and the strong sense of oppression could be felt from a thousand miles away!

"Yuan Zunjing launched an attack, withdraw!"

During Ning Yunlan's cold drink, everyone immediately retreated to the side, showing their unique skills and life-saving cards!

The ancient green dragon turned into a huge body of hundreds of feet to protect the crowd and retreat to the corner. The terrifying fist style penetrated the whole hall, howling and the space was constantly distorted!

Lin Chen glanced at the awkward black robe boy not far away, suddenly chuckling lightly.

"Hey! If you want to live, you have to kill these five things with us, otherwise everyone can't leave!"

The cloak blows away, and the black-robed boy reveals a cold, pale face with a corner of his mouth.

"Cut, only once!"

Leng You and other people trembled in their hearts, and all the men and women behind him showed unprecedented tremors. The Leng family woman Leng Tong said in horror: "Lord Lin Chen. Let's find a chance to escape; this is Yuan Zunjing , If you approach without permission, the opponent will wipe us out with just a wave!"

"No, this is not Yuanzun Realm. If it is five Yuanzun Realm, the pressure will not be so simple. These corpses will only have a small part of their fighting strength and incomplete combat consciousness during their lifetime. Yu Junzun, as long as we create sneak attacks, we are not without opportunities!"

Lin Chen's voice did not return, and the more than thirty Tianjiao on the other side also reached an agreement instantly. It seemed that Ning Yunlan and Mo Feng also saw the clues and led the crowd to rush up!

The four of the Leng family are slightly stagnate; they are all so far. This person is still so calm to analyze the countermeasures. Is this really the same generation of young people?

On the actual situation, Lin Chen not only did not panic, the fighting intention was extremely high and excited!

In these five corpses, he saw a lot of attribute light balls!

As long as the corpse is killed, the property light ball is someone else's Lin!

Maybe it will be possible to step into Tiangang Realm Sevenfold!

The toes suddenly stepped on; the eyes of the three Yuanzun Jinggan corpses shone with the desire to kill, and they swept across the crowd first. The speed was so fast that they were able to see the handful of their movements!

Two corpses came towards Lin Chen's side!

"It's coming! Guys in black clothes, I and you are responsible for one! Teacher Yue Qi, Dan Qianqiu, you are responsible for another one, I will let Qinglong create opportunities for you, and then you cover Qinglong!"

Lin Chen drank suddenly; Leng Yueqi and Dan Qianqiu nodded immediately.

"Tianshui changes!"

The first change of Shura Jiuhuang's change was only launched in one thought, and Lin Chen's breath soared to the mid-seventh level!

The afterimage flashed, and the people immediately separated, the ancient green dragon twisted the dragon's body, his claws waved down, and the blue dragon shone to the whole hall with breath!

brush! brush! brush!

One shot is the Blue Dragon Soul Claw! Lin Chen knows that ordinary people can't use ordinary methods to deal with strong men above the quasi-respect!

The sky-dancing dragon-breath blade danced violently and forced the corpses of Yuanzun Realm lurking in the air!

The Dragon's Breath Light Blade crashed on the body of the corpse, and the gold and iron collision sound of "Dang Dang" burst out continuously!

At the moment when the blue dragon flicked its tail and bombarded the corpse, the ancient blue dragon turned into transparency and escaped into the void, a trick "Blue Dragon Shadow" made it completely lurking!

At the moment when the corpse appeared, Lengyou four gritted their teeth to urge their strongest fighting skills, and the surrounding coldness came suddenly!

Dan Qianqiu, Leng Yueqi, Han Yizhi and Han Ziyun, everyone made a strange move, whether it is a mental attack or a combat attack, all aiming at the exposed corpse!

On the other side; Lin Chen's "Nine Prison Hades Step" even stepped on the void and moved several tens of miles in one step, with the superimposed speed of the purple phoenix wings, almost as fast as the speed of the corpse raid!

"Get out for Lao Tzu!"

When Tian Gang's fighting spirit and Wanyue Xuanzhen's armor were all over his calf, Lin Chen volleyed out with a kick and suddenly hit a vague shadow in the void!

It's a Tsing Yi zombie!

Extreme ice radiates above the fingertips, Lin Chen punctuates the void!

"Charged RuneBingtian Finger!"

One finger icy world, cold three thousand miles!