My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Four Treasures

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Chapter 32, Four Secrets!

The turbulent turbulence of blood and turbulence swept through the venue with a brutal atmosphere of famine, which shocked many people! I thought the brutal beast on the high platform was resurrected!

"The majestic blood and blood fluctuate, who can think of this dead beast that can still retain such terrible energy!"

"Previously, by our means, there was no sign at all. The Shangguan family is the signature treasure family of Wanling City!"

Many forces are astonished, and even some older generation treasurers have not discovered the clues of the remains of No. 3 beast. They are very surprised and praised by Shangguan Bihan's performance!

"It seems that the heritage of the Shangguan family has never been shaken. Earlier, it was reported that the Shangguan family seemed to have fallen into a bottleneck in cultivation. It turned out to be all rumors!"

"Miss Shangguan Bihan has such a standard at a young age, maybe it will surpass the modern homeowner!"

Many rumors from the outside world do not attack at this moment, and their disciples in the Shangguan family also feel extremely excited. Their generation has not been assisted by the ancestral altar, and the cultivation of the first realm is the limit.

"The control of the second level is already very fine. I'm afraid it will reach the third level in a short time."

Lin Chen commented secretly, but the situation in the venue suddenly changed suddenly!

"Is this the level of the Shangguan family and my age, I have given you the opportunity to judge first, but that's not it!"

The girl's cold and arrogant attitude attracted the attention of the audience. Two cold ice and blue lines were intertwined in the void. The girl left the VIP room and fell into the venue like a dragonfly.

She has long hair and a waist. If she is 20 years old, a pair of ice-blue eyes is amazing, cold and lonely, her eyebrows are like spring mountains painted with ink, and her skin is like a beautiful iceberg.

"Is this little Nizi the peculiar genius of the Nangong family who claims to be born once in a thousand years, Nangong Yuyan?"

The appearance of the beautiful lady caused countless curiosity and surprise.

She moved lightly, her slender jade finger touched the body of No. 1 murderous beast, and began to light up the body of the beast.

This is a python-shaped beast. The preservation and energy of a single round of beast remains not as good as the one selected by Shangguan Bihan.

Jade finger embellishment, dozens of spiritual powers like impenetrable spiritual thread, penetrated into the remains of fierce beasts, a magnificent vitality began to quietly spawn!


Some young treasurers in the venue showed shock. How could a dead beast exist such vitality?

"This is the body of Yin-Yang Xuan Mo Python, whose bloodline was extremely overbearing during its lifetime. If it is used to refine the Elixir, the effect after taking can get the amazing recovery effect of Xuan Mo Python, even if it is a broken leg and a wound. It can heal quickly and ensure the best treatment effect."

After the fingertips were pulled away, a small part of the blood veins of the black monster after the light was taken out, and the dark red blood cells that became the size of fists jumped on the fingertips of the beautiful woman.

Every beating before the blood is full of powerful life fluctuations. Although the energy fluctuations are almost the same as the remains of the beast identified by Shangguan Bihan, they fall in the eyes of the strong, and the vitality of the mysterious python is better than others. Sentencing!

A war spirit guard came to power, whispered something from the ear of the white-haired old man, and immediately retreated.

The white-haired old man immediately announced with a smile.

"After consultation with our trustees, we chose the remains of No. 1 beast unanimously!"

Wow~~! !

There was an uproar in the venue!

Shangguan family, defeated in the first battle! The first confrontation with the Nangong family was defeated!

"Bi Han, don't be discouraged, you have done a good job."

Shangguan Yunfan comforted his daughter, who was biting his teeth and was slightly unwilling. On talent, she is never under Nangong Yuyan.


Lin Chen stared at the high platform with some excitement. After many previous strange objects and strange treasures were received by the appraiser, these strange treasures also dropped a lot of attribute light balls!

If it wasnt for the conference to continue, Lin Chen couldnt help but want to rush up and pick up, and the attributes could soar again!

"Since the other party is out, we can't let others read the joke."

Shangguan Yunfan stood up and stood in the front row of the VIP room, the purple light in the pupil flickered and flickered!

Shangguan Yunfan, who shot in person, immediately pulled back one game in the second game!

But then, there were other forces at the Jianbao Conference.

Such as the Huangfu family, the veteran forces of the Landing Gate, the two top brand Jianbao families have more fierce confrontation, and each side has their own wins and losses!

Half a day later, the Jianbao Conference is nearing its end!

The Shangguan family and the Nangong family are extremely popular in the fight for land. In this field, reputation is extremely important.

The power of the treasurer at the top will attract more powerful people and bring unimaginable accumulation of power to the force, so any scene can be humble, but the card of the Jianbao Conference cannot be allowed!

"It's a terrible battle. I didn't even see what kind of treasure he was on stage. The two of them have already been identified!"

"The two sides are already seven to seven? It's a real fight!"

The young treasurer outside the platform swallowed and swallowed cold sweat secretly.

VIP room;

"They seem to know the weakness of our Zijin pupil?"

Several elders were exhausted and panted, and they over-run Zijin Hitomi, wasting huge amounts. All looked at each other in shock and surprise.

"The few of us were barely able to keep up with them. They certainly still have the power to spare, and they are very aware of the shortcomings of our Zijin pupil!"

"Are you targeted? There should be no traitors in my Shangguan family, is it...?"

Shangguan Yunfan just thought that Lin Chen next to him was biting the fruit and took the conversation.

"It should be the ghost of the former Huangfu Qingyu."

Shangguan Yunfan smiled helplessly, but instead he led the wolf into the room. He didn't expect this kid to sneak into their Shangguan family and have such a scheming.

At this time; the white-haired old man on the high platform said loudly.

"Today's last round of treasure appraisal meeting, please wait a moment."


A strong hurricane raged, and dozens of figures appeared strangely around the platform, closely guarding the four sides of the platform to prevent someone from doing bad things.

These are all masters of the Nine Heavy Battlefield!

Then; a crystal counter descended out of thin air, with four strange and mysterious treasures in it!

The first one is an incomplete ancient knife with a curved blade like the moon, a light purple handle, and nine purple orbs on the blade.

The second one is an ancient book that has been dusty for a long time. It is rusty and ruined.

The third piece is actually the forearm bone of a human arm, which is as clear as jade and does not stain a trace of dust, such as artwork placed on the counter.

The fourth one is a fist-sized cyan round ball, except that it emits a little blurred light, and there is no surprise.

The young treasurers in the front row of the venue saw these four strange treasures and could not see through their secrets!

Even if they fall on the side of the road, they dont think its a treasure!

However, the appearance of these four things calmed everyone in the VIP room!

Even Lin Chen, when he saw the four rare and precious treasures, saw a completely different scene from the others!