My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 320

Chapter 320: Moments Of Life And Death

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Chapter 320

Half a quarter of an hour later, Dan Qianqiu and others were waiting for Lin Chen at the exit at the end of the main hall. At this time, there was a constant arrogance of flying into the exit channel and flying in!

"Don't go in first, you must wait for Lin Chen!"

Leng Yueqi whispered coldly, rebuked her heart shaking Leng Tong and others.


"What the **** is this! It's alive here!"

Leng Yueqi's voice just fell; hysterical screams came through the passage, which was horrifying!

Less than a quarter of an hour later, Mo Feng, Ning Yunlan, and Lin Chen rushed to the exit almost simultaneously.

Lin Chen lifted the Xiuluo Jiuhuang change, but his aura fell to the early stage of the seventh layer, and killed the several corpses. His cultivation base has officially entered the seventh layer of the heavens!

Behind the other two, there are people from Tiange College and Ning Family!

Lin Chen held a golden warrior with a five-colored dragon air. The monstrous dragon breath and dragon power contained in the war gun attracted the eyes of the two!

Their expressions changed slightly, and in the breath of this five-colored dragon gun, they noticed a trace of destruction!

It is absolutely not the existence that Lin Chen can master in a seven-layered world!

"This kid has a new adventure!"

Lin Chen's heart crossed the same thoughts, Lin Chen took the lead in speaking to everyone.

"Let's go! Kill it!"

Lin Chen and Leng Yueqi and others rushed into the dim tunnel, and the whole hall began to falter.

The Ning family and Tiange Academy followed closely; the moment everyone entered the passage, the oncoming stench and smell were unbearable!

The entire tunnel is constantly creeping. Around the walls, things like sebum and corrosive viscous acid are slowly falling off!

"It's disgusting, this passage is like a living creature!"

When Leng You and other people stepped into the air and flew over, Lin Chen was shocked.

"Don't take it lightly, the battle is not over, as long as you haven't left here, you must make all preparations!"

As soon as the voice fell, a bifurcation was ushered in front of him, and a miserable sorrow came suddenly!

"No, no!"

Dozens of red tentacles like tentacles are covered with barbs, dancing in the tunnel quickly!

Let the shouting Tianjiao, who was bound to his feet, scream and attack continuously, but his tentacles are like a sickle of death, and he is constantly approaching him and recovering with an amazing energy.

Broken antennae will grow new antennae again!

Lin Chen waved away a Gengjin Qimang, cut off all its tentacles, and when they recovered, the Tianjiao was able to escape.

"Go left!"

When everyone arrived at the bifurcation, Ning Yunlan and others were also nearby. Lin Chenguo broke off, and everyone flew to the left!

The light reflected a little in from the passage here, and everyone looked with joy and rushed up!

Goo~! Goo~!

The channel slowly wriggled, and another burst of sour mucus rushed, and a large number of red long beard tentacles began to frantically appear in the channel underneath!

The red tentacles are extremely fast, and they are slamming like lightning! The number is complicated, at least there are hundreds of thousands!

A slightly slower Tianjiao frightened and patted several palms back, only shattering two antennae.

The hardness of these red tentacles is comparable to that of fifth-order ores, and it is not easy to crush!

Lin Chen deliberately slowed down and was at the end of the team; the five-colored dragon gun in his hand swept the void awe-inspiringly, smashing hundreds of tentacles in an instant!

Even the edge of the sixth-order gun was surprised again by Lin Chen!

"You go first, after I break, no one can go in this way!"

The spears fluttered one after another, and the sharp spears of the sky; all the red tentacles were broken up, and they had not begun to retreat, and thousands of tentacles immediately appeared!

"Endless yet!"

This channel is more than a hundred feet wide. Lin Chen simply turned the thunder system to transform the blood, and a magic devil thousand thunder was like a peacock to open the screen.

With the sharp edge of the'Five Dragon Dynasty Emperor Gun', Lin Chen's move wiped out thousands of tentacles!

All the Tianjiao who left Anran gave Lin Chen a grateful look and fled wildly!

However, the red tentacles seemed to be countless; beheaded wave after wave!

"Wu Ling Qing Yan Palm!"

Burning the smoke of the five-colored clouds and taking a smoky palm wind, I took a sharp picture, and there was a beautiful shadow around Lin Chen, turned out to be the return of Dan Qianqiu!

"Why did you come back, did you let you run away?"

Lin Chen frowned, said without looking back.

"But you haven't left yet!"

Dan Qianqiu did not know whether he was stubborn or unwilling to fight side by side with Lin Chen.

The exit of the passage is a stone gate that is slowly closing on both sides. The four people Han Ziyun and Leng Jia just rushed out.

Out of this exit, it is just above the 100 Tombs!

At this time, the Baizun Tomb Mansion is slowly sinking like the bottom of the sea. According to this trend, one more day, the entire tomb mansion will begin to sink into the sea!

All the Tianjiao that escaped showed a trace of fear and rejoicing for the rest of the robbery. Looking back at the exit of the passageway, there was still a little gratitude to Lin Chen.

If it were not for Lin Chen to reduce the speed and cut off for everyone, I am afraid that the number of people who can escape from the scene must be reduced by more than half!

Followed by Han Yizhi found that Leng Yueqi wanted to be like Dan Qianqiu, turned back to help Lin Chen, and was caught by Han Yizhi!

"Teacher, our return will only cause trouble to the monitor. Let's withdraw for the time being! The exit is now!"

Leng Yueqi bit her Hao teeth lightly and flicked with Qianying. After ten breaths, he and Han Yizhi arrived outside the exit.

The channel was shaking. At the end, a stone door was closing slowly. At this time, it had been closed for dozens of feet, and less than one third left!

"Squad leader! Come out soon, Shimen is closing, everyone is out!"

Han Yizhi's powerful mental wave transmitted his voice. After hearing this, Lin Chen in the passage turned around and evacuated as soon as possible.

Regardless of three, seven, twenty-one, he hugged Na Dan Qianqiu's slender waist, and the purple phoenix wings suddenly unfolded, and the'Wind Prison Hades Step' was pushed forward at full speed, just like a lightning flash of lightning, and it flashed to the end. exit!

At this time, Shimen had to close with less than five feet left. Lin Chen's Purple Phoenix wing snapped and accelerated again!

Lin Chen was only a kilometer away from the exit. This distance should have been instant for him, but the emergence of a residual image broke this situation!

"Go down, Lin Chen! Die inside, never return to Tiange Academy!"

When the cold drink sounded, a golden light swept the Quartet, breaking the billowing waves, and suddenly cut to Lin Chen and Dan Qianqiu!

The person who shot was Mo Feng!

Lin Chen was caught off guard, and Zi Jin Tong was too late to dodge even if he noticed the anomaly in advance!

He kept pushing forward at full speed throughout his body, and he used Wan Yuexuan Zhenjia to protect Dan Qianqiu and himself!

Jin Guang was hacked in front of Lin Chen's Wan Yuexuan Town Armor, Jin Guang's sharp edge almost hacked his armor on the spot, and a huge force slashed Lin Chen back into the channel!

Bang ~!

The moment Lin Chen was hacked back into the passage, the stone gate pushed forward and closed, and stopped abruptly!

The expressions of Leng Yueqi and Han Ziyun suddenly changed!