My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 321

Chapter 321: New Attribute Light Ball

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Chapter 321, New Attribute Light Ball!

"Mo Feng, are you crazy?"

"What are you doing! His Excellency Lin Chen saved us all!"

Leng Yueqi's pretty face is slightly pale, her cool and beautiful cheeks are covered with an unprecedented killing intention, and Bi Eye locks Mo Feng and Tiange Academy and others!

In today's world, for Leng Yueqi, who has long lost her loved one, Lin Chen is the only person she cares about, so even if it is her life, it is not worth mentioning!

"Hahaha, if you are not convinced, come and kill me! But if you leave, he may not even have the chance to come out in the end!"

Mo Feng laughed arrogantly, his body flashed very quickly, and in a blink of an eye he left the group of Tiange Academy.

Half of the students in Tiange Academy dare not to be angry, no matter how Lin Chen is also a part of Tiange Academy, they really did not expect Mo Feng to die!

But if you leave the team without permission, I am afraid that you will be retaliated by Mo Feng's crazy attack, so no one dares to leave easily.

Leng Yueqi is about to catch up, Han Yizhi stopped!

"Mr. Yue Qi, now is not the time to hunt him down, we must first try to rescue the squad leader is the first key!"

Han Yizhi stared at Leng Yueqi and then looked at the stone gate.

Lengyue Qihao's teeth were bitten and her expression was a bit scary. "Then what shall we do!"

"Everyone, let's join together to try to attack the stone gate again to see if we can blast it openly!"

"I will come too."

"Counting me alone, after all, Your Excellency Lin Chen can only come out after helping us cut off, and he is also my life-saving benefactor."

Everyone looked at each other, and most of the Tianjiao who had been helped by Lin Chen took the initiative to stand up.

Everyone immediately stood side by side, ready to go, the fighting was surging, and the situation was changing.

the other side;

Lin Chen and Dan Qianqiu, who were beaten back into the passage, were shocked and innocent, only slightly injured, but the dark passage began to grow crazy with massive tentacles!

Lin Chen and Dan Qianqiu slammed the stone door, and nothing happened, and they didn't move at all.

Dan Qianqiu's expression could not help changing!

"Oops, how could this happen, there are people attacking us at this juncture!"

But only Lin Chen, urging Zijin Tong, chewed two immortals at the same time, and did not shake at all.

"You just had a chance to leave, why did you look back."

Lin Chen asked with a frown after the war gun shot a few lances and smashed those red tentacles.

"Because I'm afraid you're in trouble, no one will answer my curiosity if you die!"

Dan Qianqiu's answer made Lin Chen unexpected, he turned his head to look at Dan Qianqiu, and saw in the eyes of the beautiful woman, an inexplicable light flashed!

"You can satisfy your curiosity, are you not afraid of death?"

"Sorry, but I still want to know the true face behind my curious things!" Dan Qianqiu stared at Lin Chen seriously, making Lin Chen shake his head and smile.

"Hold me tight, don't let go."

Lin Chen pushed Dan Qianqiu behind him, and the ancient Qinglong is still outside the stone gate. Lin Chen doesn't worry about everyone's safety outside.

"I was very curious just now, there will be something underneath, since the exit cannot be opened temporarily, then go down and find out!"

When evacuated from the previous time, Lin Chen was very curious about the light of the attribute light ball flashing underneath!

Lin Chen didn't have too much fear in his heart, but his inner fighting intention was unprecedentedly high!

The power of the five dragon dynasty imperial guns, he has already seen its prestige.

In the last battle against Yuan Zunjing's dead body, he defeated the opponent in only one quarter of an hour!

Among them, 80% are the credit of the Five Dragons Royal Gun!

"How strong are you, let me know this new owner!"

Lin Chen looked at the golden war rifle in his hand with excitement and faced with the infinite red tentacles emerging in the passageway. In a moment, he urged the first heavy sky to change!

The whole body released azure light, Lin Chen's fighting strength was climbed to the late seventh layer!

"Hold me tight!"

Lin Chen suddenly drank coldly, Dan Qianqiu grabbed Lin Chen's waist shirt, and saw his purple phoenix wings swept violently, the speed was very fast, and Dan Qianqiu hugged him quickly!

"Magic Thunder!"


Thunder struck vertically, and the five dragon dynasty lances punctured like lightning at a rapid speed, like a thunderstorm that strangled spirally, advancing layer by layer!

The flamboyant spearpoints of the five-colored dragon burst into countless thunderbolt gunshots, each gun annihilating hundreds of red tentacles!

Lin Chen danced with both hands and continued to show his marksmanship while extinguishing massive red tentacles while advancing at speed!

Dan Qianqiu holding his waist was completely dumbfounded!

This kind of lethality, at least five times faster than the red tentacles!

A lot of red tentacles dropped, and the growth rate could not keep up with the speed of Lin Chen's extermination!

Lin Chen moved forward at a speed of more than a quarter of an hour, and began to gradually reach the end of the channel!

When entering a distance of hundreds of miles, the passage seemed to be enlarged again, and the tentacles that emerged changed from red to black!

Black tentacles, at least three times the hardness of red tentacles!


A shot pierced through, the thunder light pierced through the void, condensed into a thunder dragon sweeping through the eight wastelands, the whole body of the thunder dragon and the five-colored dragon gas were shattered, the **** was extraordinary, and the world was destroyed with one shot!


Thunder Dragon penetrated the entire passage and penetrated a wall, revealing creeping blood vessels, shocking!

"Good! His strength may not even be the top three of the top ten geniuses!"

Slender hands holding Lin Chen's waist, Dan Qianqiu's beautiful eyes flashed with shocking splendor!

Lin's rare old blush.

This way, he discovered that the beauty had been swaying behind him, making him seem to deliberately take advantage of it.

"Cough, that, we are at the end; you can let go."

Seeing Lin Chen's slightly embarrassed expression, Dan Qianqiu, who is a woman, no matter how self-knowledge she reacted, what happened.

After releasing his hand, the shy and angry Dan Qianqiu gave Lin Chen a glance, charming and charming.

Lin Chen walked to the end of the passage, a strange and quiet world came into their eyes!

This is a lava-like world with lava-like blood flowing around it.

Around there are more than a dozen thick and sturdy jade pillars, and the suspected flesh condenses into a piece, binding a mass like blood cells.

The blood corpuscles full of veins are constantly beating, as if they still have life!

Similar to this blood block, there are about eight in this area, and the center is a black block!

"What the **** is this, it's so weird, like the internal organs of a huge creature!"

Dan Qianqiu was scared and leaned on Lin Chen's side, no matter how powerful a woman was, she was still very resistant to such a place.

Lin Chen's eyes were fixed on the black ball of meat, and his expression became more doubtful!

"What the **** is this lightball?"

In Lin Chen's eyes, an apple-sized black attribute light sphere is suspended inside the creeping black meat ball!

The light emitted by this characteristic rune is completely different from the attribute light sphere Lin Chen has seen before.

Its light is a bit blurred and dim, unlike the dark energy of the dark energy sphere.

The surface of the attribute light sphere has a very pale mysterious texture.