My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 322

Chapter 322: Life And Death

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Chapter 322

In addition to the black meat ball, each of the other eight blood ball meat pieces has an attribute light ball.

The attributes inside the meat ball are blood red, turning the amazing power of qi and blood, like a new wild beast is gestating a new life form.

"No wonder there will be a hundred tombs. At that time, the 100 statues fell, and they were forced to open up a secret space in their bodies to leave their inheritance. I am afraid it is because of this creature."

Dan Qianqiu heard Lin Chen's words surprisingly and asked in surprise.

"Lin Chen, do you mean that this creature caused the fall of a hundred statues in ancient times?"

Lin Chen nodded and said seriously.

"According to the inheritance memory I accepted, it should not be wrong. The vitality of this creature is extremely tenacious. I don't know how many years later, the body still has vitality. However, the vitality left by it should be only a small part of that year. "

The inheritance memory should be different according to the state of the strongman before the fall. Looking at this, Dan Qianqiu does not seem to know the true situation of this tomb.

"It's terrible, only a little vitality is so powerful. If it has one percent of the heyday, no, one thousandth of the power, it may be able to destroy us."

Dan Qianqiu's hand trembles, and Qian eyes stare at Lin Chen. "Let's get around here, don't disturb it, and find if there are any other exits."

Lin Chen smiled; "No, I am here for this. As long as it is destroyed here, I dont believe that the stone door above will not open! The guy who dares to pit someone in Lin, let it die alive, never No good ending."

After finishing the speech, Lin Chen flew, and the five dragon dynasty guns swept angrily, slamming the first blood cell flesh!


The flesh is cracked, and a lot of blood flows in the blood ball. Lin Chen grabbed the light ball of the blood and blood attribute in the meat ball with one hand.

[The host obtains the best-quality qi-blood attribute sphere, increasing 200 billion qi-blood energy.

When the attribute light ball was integrated into Lin Chen's body, the moment the system light screen popped up, Lin Chen stayed on the spot!

200 billion!

The value of 200 billion points of an attribute light ball?

What kind of super creatures must have this kind of horrible energy before this life!


The majestic energy of qi and blood exploded like a wave of energy, flowing from Lin Chen's body like a horse galloping!

Lin Chen's pure power began to climb from 2100 Dragon Power!

At the same time, the moment Lin Chen cut off the first meat ball, the whole fiery underground world began to shake violently!

Roar ~! Roar ~~!

The horrible screams resounded from every corner of the 100 Tombs Palace!

Outside the Tomb of the 100 Statues;

Zhong Tianjiao had just stopped a wave of offensive, and was distressed that he was unable to forcibly open the stone gate of the tomb, the roar of the torn sky came from the tomb one after another!

"What happened?"

"Is our offensive effective?"

"It's unlikely, we haven't even broken the corner of the stone gate, it's impossible to cause such a big momentum!"

The people, dizzy and stunned by this roar, quickly evacuated to a distance of a hundred miles away from the stone gate, looking at each other in horror.

"It's the squad leader! It must be the squad leader. He's not the kind of person who does not need to be caught. He also attacked inside to cause this!"

Han Yizhi's small face appeared an ecstatic look, the voice had just dropped, and the change appeared suddenly!


Shimen burst out a few **** vapors and slowly opened a crack!

Inside the tomb

A broken and ruined will revived like the devil, echoed in all the spaces of the tomb!

"Alien, soul, death..."

The vast black tentacles grew rapidly around, quickly blocking the remaining **** meat balls, covering up and protecting them.

Lin Chen couldn't take care of the fast-growing dragon force in his body, his eyes suddenly turned to the depths of the hot underground world.

In the endless sea of blood, some real extinction began to awaken, and the breath of two fierce spirits began to awaken!

"There is a breath of sixth-order beast creatures! It looks like more than one end!"

Seeing the massive amount of black tentacles, he would drown himself. Lin Chen ignored everything, and the five dragons swayed the imperial guns in a flurry.

The purple phoenix wing flashed, the wind prison Pluto stepped, Lin Chen flashed to the position of the black meat ball, and a palm was shot on the surface of the meat ball!

Dang~~! !

The black meat ball burst into a sound like a collision of gold and iron. Lin Chen's brutal hand which was enough to smash a dozen mountains did not play any role!

However, because the distance is too close, the attribute light sphere in the black meat ball was pulled by Lin Chen and was absorbed by Lin Chen's palm!

The system light screen pops up immediately!

[The system opens a new attribute value option: Tiandao value.

[The host gains 90 million points of merit and 50 points of heavenly value.

[The update conditions of the 4.0 version of the Tiandao picking system: 10,000 Tiandao values and 3 billion merits. Version 4.0 is expected to open functions: talent system, fusion function.

Lin Chen glanced in a hurry, and was too late to watch carefully, immediately flew back!

"We should go!"

Dan Qianqiu wiped out dozens of black tentacles and shouted Lin Chen's words.

Brush ~~!

Lin Chen's figure flew by and took away Dan Qianqiu, holding her slender, soft body on her shoulders.

"Wind bloodline!"

The legs flashed in blue, Lin Chen's wind prison Hades stepped to the extreme, and the original road of the familiar road turned back!

This time in the passage, there is no longer any tentacles blocking Lin Chen, his speed unfolds to the highest speed!

At this time, Lin Chen's clothes began to burn!

"Lin Chen, you are so hot!"

Dan Qianqiu Xianghan was dripping with sweat, and he could not completely resist the burning flame of Lin Chen's body at this time with his fighting spirit!

"Hot is still a trivial matter, I'm still afraid of Shi Geng."

Lin Chen smiled excitedly, Dan Qianqiu stunned slightly, and then his face flushed, and a small pink fist hammered his waist, sullenly said: "When is it, you still play rogue!"

"Hey, dont disturb you. There are two peerless guns on someone in Lin, one for men and one for women. Im going to use a gun now. Dont force me to use the wrong gun. what."

Lin Chen laughed, turning the Wulong Dynasty imperial gun with one hand to make a throw.

He took a deep breath, and at this time, Lin Chen's body, the pure power has exceeded 2700 dragon power, still growing like a broken bamboo!

The mind is running, the blood lines of the thunder system and the fire system are transformed, the green bars of Lin Chens right arm are exposed, thunder and fire are added, and the flames of the five dragons are ignited at the tail of the imperial gun!

"Break me!"

When the stone gate is less than a thousand feet away from Lin Chen, the dragon force exploded like a mountain torrent, Lin Chen threw a golden war gun, and the thunder fire energy exploded into a stronger propulsion!

Sigh~~! Bang~~!

The point of the gun pierced the entire stone gate and turned into a golden awn, and everyone in the outside world clearly saw this golden awn breaking through the sky!

"No, not enough!"

Seeing that the stone gate only cracked less than half a meter away, Lin Chen's heart sank!

The constantly creeping passage behind him began to expand continuously, and at the bottom, two red-black six-tier beasts, Tianchi Python!

Two heads of sixth-order beasts are equivalent to two real Yuanzun realms!