My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 323

Chapter 323: The Flame Seed.

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Chapter 323, Seed of Holy Fire.

The two-headed Yuanzun Realm cannot be fully contended with the present Lin Chen, and no matter how large the channel is, there is only a limited space. Once it is caught up, there is only one way to die!

"Slow rune!"

Lin Chen's palm suddenly pushed out from the bottom, and the rune energy was reduced by 15 million points!

The gray-white rune blasted from the palm of your hand, turned into a lightning, and blasted to the bottom of the channel!

The grey and white rungs spread apart, and the two sky red pythons slammed violently, and their actions became extremely slow!

This time, she couldn't escape Dan Qianqiu's eyes, her expression was dumbfounded!

"Hey, what is this combat skill?"

The heart of Dan Qianqiu was shocked by the tremendous waves. Lin Chen used the seven-fold cultivation of the Tiangang Realm as a way to calm down the two-headed Yuanzun Realm? how can that be?

What kind of combat skills can be used to suppress the two sixth-order beasts with the cultivation of the Tiangang Realm!

"Blue level top? Purple level? Impossible, Tiangang realm can't practice any kind of purple level power! Even if it is purple level, with the cultivation of Tiangang realm, even if it exhausts the whole body of fighting strength, it can't be blocked. Tier 6 beast!"

At the juncture of life and death, Dan Qianqiu's curiosity grew madly and could not stop!

Every time when he thinks that Lin Chen has come up with real strength, but every time he can always subvert his own cognition! How many cards does he have?

15 million points of rune energy can only hold the two sky red pythons in less than one breath. This is the time for one breath. Lin Chen's left arm was surging with a dark air, like the deep and abyss of the cold and abyss!

"Dark Dragon Palm! Five-fold Dark Dragon Power!"

The supercharged runes are superimposed, and the five-finger circulation of the extremely fast dark battle force and the pure power of smashing the mountain and river. Lin Chen's palm is like a star falling, and a palm is shot on the crack of the stone gate!

Boom~! boom!

The mighty dragon force rotates along with the dark line of fighting spirit, bursting out a dragon roar, turning into a dark shocking dragon shaking around the stone gate, the air is rushing to the Han, the dragon is condensing and not scattered!

The Tianjiao people outside clearly saw a dark dragon shadow rushing out of the stone gate; what everyone saw was that Lin Chen had a naked upper body, shouldered against Dan Qianqiu, and flew out in a hurry!

Lin Chen's Zijin pupil flashed and immediately found the location of Han Yizhi and others, flew past and drunk suddenly!

"Run! There are two Tier 6 beasts below!"

Everyone jumped in their hearts, their skills and skills were displayed, and they immediately withdrew.

The two Tier 6 beasts, if escaped, no one can subdue them!

Just a few hundred miles away, the screams tearing the clouds shook from behind!

Lin Chen glanced back and looked at the two days of red pythons who were exposed to hundreds of feet of Wei An's body, spitting snake letter and screaming and struggling constantly, it seemed unable to leave the world under the stone gate.

After a while, the two-headed red python seemed to be dragged back into the tomb, pulled back, and struggled from time to time, and finally disappeared on the sea.

The entire tomb also accelerated the rate of sinking to the bottom of the sea, gradually sinking into the sea.

Lin Chen suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. As soon as the two big guys came out, with his current strength, I'm afraid I really can only desperately.

At the same time, Lin Chen also had a plan in his heart. If he could get enough power in this torch, he even wanted to return to the tomb.

After all, the attribute value brought by the attribute light sphere inside is unimaginable!

"When do you want to hug."

The beautiful lady's cold and elegant voice sounded from Lin Chen's ear, making someone shudder, and Leng Yueqi's cold eyes glanced at him like a scrape.

She was worried outside for so long, Lin Chen even came out naked holding the woman?

Lin Chen immediately released Dan Qianqiu, coughing lightly.

"Cough, teacher, this is an emergency..."

Before the words were finished, Lin Chen's throat was sweet, and his nose and mouth were bleeding, and everyone was bewildered. Leng Yueqi's cold expression immediately disintegrated, and she was worried.

Without speaking, Lin Chen turned sharply down and found a reef on the sea, sitting cross-legged.

Lin Chen worked his mind, absorbed the energy of qi and blood surging all over the body!

The qi-blood attribute light ball previously picked up in the tomb house, 200 billion points of qi-blood energy, if by virtue of self-absorption, can't control the violent blood energy!

The ancient green dragon was entrenched in Lin Chen's side. At this time, the green dragon's source hidden in the Dantian was also sharing the stronger blood in Lin Chen's body for Lin Chen!

"The squad leader seems to be controlling the violent energy in the body. We should not disturb him easily and let the squad leader solve it himself!"

Han Yizhi's mental power far exceeds that of ordinary people, and he immediately noticed the abnormality.

Thousands of miles of blood-red energy flowed through Lin Chen's body and meridians and merged into his limbs and corpses, like rivers gathering in the sea, swallowing stars and moon.


The space is trembling, Lin Chen's pure power rising momentum will shock the sea surface!

In the end, Lin Chen's power stopped at the 3100 dragon power mark, and the ancient green dragon also climbed from 3900 dragon power to 4200 dragon power!

"It's a powerful body-building power, a strong mind, a body-building success, and a strong spiritual realm. It's impeccable and perfect."

Dan Qianqiu's eyes flashed radiantly, staring at Lin Chen's eyes increasingly intense and curious!

"It's awesome. An attribute light sphere has made me grow 1,000 dragon power. If I can return to harvest all the attribute light spheres I belong to, I'm afraid my pure power can directly chase Yuan Zun realm!"

Lin Chen was both happy and sorry, but the situation at that time did not allow him to stay for another second.

"Sorry, worry everyone."

Lin Chen smiled, everyone saw that he was alive again, and he was relieved.

Some Tianjiao, who had been helped by Lin Chen, gave him a fist in tribute, and then left away.

With the palm of his hand, a transparent jade box appeared in Lin Chen's hands, and a supremely holy fire was swaying and burning in the jade box.

Everyone's eyes became a little bit hotter, and the fire in the transparent jade box was the seed of the Holy Fire!

"Mr. Yueqi, I will give you this torch seed first."

Suddenly, Lin Chen smiled and handed the torch seed to Leng Yueqi.

Leng Yueqi was stunned, her heart warmed with emotion, and a soft smile appeared slowly on Lengyan's cheeks, and she shook her head immediately.

"No, unless you find more seeds of torch, otherwise I can't ask for this torch seed."


Lin Chen scratched his head and handed it to Han Yizhi and Han Ziyun. Everyone's answer was to shake his head.

Although the four people, Leng You and Leng Tong, have fiery eyes, they are still very clear about their own weight, and Leng You stands up and says.

"Brother Lin Chen, I think this torch seed should be absorbed by you first, because the ascension brought by the torch seed is immediate and beneficial for life."

"Yes, as long as the squad leader's strength improves, the higher our chance of winning the next torch seed!"

Han Yizhi looked at Lin Chen expectantly, and he scratched his head.

"Well, then. Since you are so humble, then I'm welcome."

Lin Chen is also very curious about himself. With his current strength, accepting the baptism of the seeds of the torch, what kind of transformation will happen!