My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 324

Chapter 324: What Is The Will Of The Flame Seed?

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Chapter 324

The seed of holy fire; it is a ray of fire split from the eternal flame, which is higher than that of the same kind of fire controlled by the Sun Temple.

The seeds of holy fire can refine the spirit of war, refine the spirit of war, and transform the level of life. It has a tremendous impact on the promotion of warriors!

And those who can accept the sacred flame of the holy fire will possess the sacred mark and have more than one sacred mark before they are eligible to become the sons and saints of the ancient family!

A warrior who absorbs multiple seeds of the torch can open multiple sacred marks, but the premise is that those who have sufficient self-confidence and knowledge of their roots and qualifications dare to try.

Because of absorbing the second torch seed, if the qualification is not enough to support the torch's refining, the jade and jade will be burned on the spot, and the life will return to Huang Quan!

Opening the jade box, the ancient Qinglong and the others protected Lin Chen, and Lin Chen put the Holy Fire seeds into his body.


The milky white firelight forms a streamer, revolving around Lin Chen at a rapid speed, wrapping Lin Chen's whole body.

Everyone is nervous and curious, and is as strong as the evil spirits such as Lin Chen. If you accept the refining of the flame seed, what level will it grow to?

Lin Ruo's milky white flame slowly penetrated Lin Chen's skin and enveloped all his limbs!

Lin Chen seemed to be in an unprecedented warm ocean, without the pain of imagination, only endless relaxation and comfort.

As each ray of milky white flame circulated inside Lin Chen's body, his meridians became more tenacious, and the nine-colored battle spirit in Dantian began to expand wildly!

Just when Lin Chen was relaxed, a thunderous consciousness broke into Lin Chen's spiritual consciousness and his Dantian!

However, this ray of consciousness is very weak, even Lin Chen himself did not notice it!

I thought that like all heavenly arrogance, the moment that this consciousness lurked in Lin Chen's body safely, the terrible power and momentum broke out in the nine-colored battle spirit in Lin Tian and Lin Chen's spiritual knowledge!

boom! !

The spiritual storm with Lin Chen as the center point and the nine-color vortex erupted almost at the same time, and all the people present, including the ancient green dragon, will be overturned!

The expansive nine-color vortex spins from the top of Lin Chen's head like a funnel, and in the center is a spiritual storm like a tornado storm, which begins to surround Lin Chen's whole body.

"What happened?"

"Something wrong, why did Brother Lin Chen suddenly release his mental strength?"

Leng You and the four others were slightly injured for this. The people were both horrified and puzzled. According to the truth, Lin Chen had no reason to hurt them.

And the first time you accept the scorching of the flame seed, it will generally be very calm, and there will be no such terrible momentum and reaction!

"Lin Chen's appearance is a bit wrong, we are far away!"

This time, he failed to escape the eyes of Dan Qianqiu. At this time, Lin Chen's face was awkward and painful, and he seemed to be fighting something.

As soon as her words fell, Lin Chen's spiritual power began to run away again. The spiritual power was like hundreds of blades, passing through the void!


The spiritual whistle oscillated, and Dan Qianqiu blocked all the spirit blades. On the spiritual realm, she was no less than Lin Chen, and even more so!

"Hurry away!"

Dan Qianqiu waved his hand again, and everyone backed away a hundred miles away again, everyone was a little shocked!

"How can this be, according to ancient records, shouldn't the first baptism of the seeds of the torch be very comfortable and plain, how could it cause such a terrible momentum."

Han Ziyun stared at the nine-color battle whirlpool above Lin Chen's head, and Qian Yan shuddered slightly.

"It is not possible to speculate with common sense, it seems that this is not the mental method urged by Lin Chen himself. We can not be close to him, this kind of thing outsiders can not help without authorization.

Dan Qianqiu's words made everyone nod.

the other side;

At this time, why did Lin Chen have such a terrible upheaval?

The reason is that the faint will to lurking in Lin Chen's Dan Tian and spiritual knowledge.

This ray of will was so small that Lin Chen didn't even find it, but Lin Chen's two methods of "Genesis Nine Tribulation" and "Tai Shi Bible" were running, and they reacted almost simultaneously!

"These two great exercises themselves are rejecting this will that has come in from the seeds of the flame!"

Lin Chen found the clue, and was a little shocked in his heart!

What exactly is the flame seed? Why will the will of other creatures enter into one's body, but oneself does not know?

A bit of chilling coldness filled Lin Chen's heart!

Almost in the electro-optical flint, Lin Chen's heart flooded with an idea!

"There is a problem with the seeds of the Holy Fire! The two major exercises of the "Genesis Nine Tribulation" and "The Beginning Bible" that I practiced are both systems that have failed to identify specific grades. Their natural trajectory makes me feel natural. To this strange will!"

An external force and the two major exercises identified by the system, Lin Chen naturally chose to believe the latter. He cooperated with the two exercises for the first time, and worked for several weeks again and again!

"Get out of me!"

Lin Chen, ready to go, suddenly pressed his hands! The Nine Tribulation of Genesis and the Taishi Bible work together to shatter that will!


Before the will dissipated, Lin Chen heard a harsh shriek.

Bang ~~!

The nine-color vortex and the spiritual storm of the sky began to dissipate and returned to Lin Chen's body, everything returned to silence.

The glow of the flame seed seemed to become more pure, and when he was burning again in Lin Chen's body, his Tiangang battle spirit broke through the bounds of a realm!

Seventh medium-term!

Three hours later; Lin Chen's fighting strength was the last step in the seventh realm of Tiangang Realm.

His whole body seems to have transformed the level of life!

The bones of the whole body, each with a glazed light, the battle spirit in Dantian has more than doubled compared to four hours ago!

Each meridian seems to be hiding a dragon, and the appearance of the meridian itself has not changed, but if the mental method is operated, the speed of the fighting energy flowing through the body is three to four times faster than before!

Lin Chen's forehead loomed with a fine wrinkle like a needlepoint.

"Is this the baptism of the flame seed?"

Lin Chen opened her arms a little and used her mind to absorb the spirit of the world, and the spirit within a few thousand feet of the circle rushed to Lin Chen like a tide and was incorporated into her body!

With a little mental exercise, you can transform the heaven and earth aura just absorbed into your own fighting spirit in almost half a breath!

"What a terrible refining efficiency! Whether it is the ingestion of heaven and earth aura or refining, or the speed of using combat energy to promote combat skills, all are three or four times faster than me before!"

Lin Chen's expression gradually appeared shocked!

After experiencing it for himself, he could really understand why the genius of the ancient family was so eager for this torch seed.

Even at the high risk of death, countless days of arrogance have to seize the seeds of the flame!