My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 325

Chapter 325: Ten Beast Mountains

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Chapter 325

There is an absolute gap between the baptism of the torch seed and the arrogance of not receiving the torch seed!

Taking Lin Chen as an example, if all of his nine attribute combat energies previously used blue-level advanced combat skills, then each attribute combat can only use blue-level advanced combat skills no more than three times!

After three times, the fighting spirit will be exhausted by 90%. You can only enter the state of absorbing Aura to replenish the fighting spirit, or take the Elixir to recover quickly.

But after accepting the baptism of the Holy Flame Seed, Lin Chens nine kinds of fighting abilities can use the six-level high-level combat skills! And double the power!

Even more terrifying is that Lin Chen's fastest speed was to run the blue-level advanced combat skills twice in two seconds.

After the baptism of the torch seed, he can run blue-level advanced combat skills twice in one second!

Confrontation of the strong, life and death are only between a few centimetres. This seemingly insignificant improvement is actually a huge improvement for Lin Chen after breaking the limit!

This is a qualitative change that originates from life, and it can never be achieved by unusual cultivation!

"The same combat skills, used in the hands of the Son and other Tianjiao, can radiate the difference between the world and the world! No wonder the ancient family has always squeezed its head for the seed of the Holy Fire. This force really robbed the world. The realm that the human race can achieve through normal cultivation."

Lin Chen marveled at the heart, and then a sneer was drawn across the corner of his mouth!

Of course, the premise is that there is no premise of that ray of will invasion!

Lin Chen is almost certain that this torch seed is definitely not that simple. Those who had refined the torch seed in the beginning were probably planted with that strange and unpredictable will.

Even when Lin Chen used Zijin Tong to survey it, he didn't see that the torch seed was a threat to himself.

"This kind of decay into magical energy will naturally not be easily handed over to our human race. Perhaps one day when my strength is strong enough, I can solve the confusion."

Lin Chen did not drill the horns on this matter, but opened the system and listed his various attributes and panels.

[Tiandao Picking System 3.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen

Cultivated as: The seventh stage of Tiangang Realm.

Ultimate Strength: 3100 Dragon Power.

Primary qi and blood energy: 5911,551.2 million points.

The essence of elementary fighting spirit: 478.8869 million points.

Primary mental power: 11.74 million points (spiritual perfection)

The essence of elementary exercises: 100 million points.

Sky value: 50 points.

Mindset: "Nine Tribulation of Creation" (90%)

Practicing exercises: Taishi Bible (75%), Shura Jiuhuang Change (fragmentary), Sanqing Spirit Watermark, Lei Shunqianyin, Wanyue Xuanzhen Jia, Tiangeng Reverse Dragon Lance,

Blood Vessel Energy (up to 3 types): Blue Dragon Blood Vessel (50,000 points), Purple Golden Eye Blood Vessel (10000 points),

Characteristic Runes: Slow Rune Level 3, Corrupt Rune Level 3, Charged Rune Level 3, Phantom Rune Fragment (2/3),

Primary rune energy: 115.2 million points.

Primary elemental energy: 100 million points in the fire system, 100 million points in the soil system, 98.10 million points in the wood system, 100 million points in the gold system, and 100 million points in the water system. Thunder system has 100 million points, wind system has 100 million points, light system has 60.21 million points, and dark system has 100 million points.

Conditions for updating the version: Version 4.0 of the picking system (collect 10,000 points of Heavenly Dao and 3 billion points of merit.)

Treasures: 14 kinds of fifth-order medicinal herbs, 129 kinds of fifth-order medicinal herbs, and 7 kinds of sixth-order medicinal herbs.

This time the system is turned on, the information displayed by Lin Chen is completely different from the previous one, and there is a new attribute value, Tiandao value!

Lin Chen's primary elemental energy, except for the wood and light systems, all reached 100 million points.

He has a hunch in his imagination. If the attribute values of the nine primary elements all exceed 100 million points, his "Creation Nine Tribulation" mentality may step into a whole new level!

"What attribute is the value of Heavenly Dao, I neither felt that my fighting strength was increased, nor did my mental strength and energy of qi and blood be affected by it."

Lin Chen questioned the system suspiciously; the system popped up a light screen.

[System answer host: Tiandao value can be used for new functions of subsequent versions. The current version of Tiandao picking system can only be used to upgrade the system.

The system's answer once again made Lin Chen full of curiosity about the new system version, but when he thought of the 3 billion points of merit, he twitched at the corner of his mouth!

Since someone in Lin Lin had a system of collecting heavenly genres, the total amount of power and spirit used has been below 1 billion.

3 billion! Where did he pick it up! Does the sky fall?

"Don't think about the new version first. I'm still concerned about where to find my last Phantom Rune Fragment."

Lin Chen just returned his gaze; everyone gathered around him and looked at him curiously.

"Lin Chen, are you okay?"

Leng Yueqi said a little worried, Lin Chen shook his head and smiled.

"It's okay; it's just a moment of silence with some emotion in the transformation of the baptism of the flame seed."

"Now Brother Lin Chen, I am afraid that even the top three of the top ten geniuses can compete against each other?"

Leng You and others said excitedly; they are now convinced of Lin Chen's strength.

Even though his cultivation practice had just been revealed, the seventh stage of the Tiangang Realm was in the late stage.

"Oh? The top three of the top ten geniuses?"

Lin Chen was curious, Han Ziyun smiled brightly.

"The top three of the top ten geniuses are completely different from the bottom seven. It is said that they are all quasi-respected, and their fighting power is directly after the four kings. If they are not too dazzling, they are also famous for their ancient history. The presence."

Lin Chen thought deeply; at this time, four white rainbows and red skies went straight to the sky, a hundred thousand miles away, clearly visible!

That is the light of the birth of the torch seed! And four!

"It's the glow of the seed of the Holy Fire!"

"It's in the location of the Ten Beast Mountains!"

Everyone was very excited; four torch seeds were born at the same time. Such a thing is rare!

"It seems that this good show is indispensable to us, let's go!"

Lin Chen laughed and emptied a little bit of void.

The dragon body of the ancient Qinglong twisted and turned suddenly, and flew into the sky when it flew into the sky, and took everyone to the direction of the Mountain of Ten Beasts!


Nether sea area is one hundred thousand miles away; Thousand Beast Mountains.

The mountains are like Qionglongpan lying, extending in all directions, and the mountains run through the entire northern border, and I don't know how long they are.

Less than three quarters of a hour, Lin Chen and his party arrived in the southern area of the Wanshou Mountain Range.

Lin Chen shattered the Naling Ring that he had won from many Tianjiao, and many high-level elixir, heavenly treasures, exercises, and even treasures were suspended in a dozen Naling Rings. Now.

Lin Chen put the exercises and treasures into his Naling Ring, put all the celestial treasures and elixir into the mouth of the ancient Qinglong, let it chew and take it, and restore the previous consumption.

Incorporating the ancient Qinglong into the body, Lin Chen and his team were on their way, and almost everyone adjusted to full prosperity!

"Three torch seeds were born in the north and one in the east. We all acted separately. I went to the north and all of you went to the east!"

Lin Chen's words were amazing, everyone was taken aback by his proposal!