My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 326

Chapter 326: Sixth Order Beast Nine Headed Demon Dog

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Chapter 326, Sixth-Order Beast Nine-headed Demon Dog!


Han Ziyun and Leng Yueqi, and the three daughters of Dan Qianqiu said in unison.

"How do you go alone? There will definitely be a large number of Tianjiao **** battles in the north of the three torch seeds, and you cannot win everyone if you are strong!"

Han Ziyun blinked anxiously, she knew Lin Chen's character, how dangerous it would be to rush in.

"Yes, Brother Lin Chen, with a lot of people and strength, we all form a team and put it on the top of the entire torch territory. We should all go to the east together!"

Leng You was also anxious, Lin Chen couldn't help being speechless for a while.

Han Yizhi alone, the light in his eyes became brighter and brighter, and even Leng Yueqi seemed to realize Lin Chen's intention, and his expression returned to calm.

"Calm down, I'm the one with the highest success rate when I go alone to the east. Think about it. I'm alone. The goal is very small, I can fight and retreat, and I can fight lurking. It is best for me to fight alone. ."

"But if we twist into one, even if we have won the seeds of the torch, so many of us are also moving targets. At that time, we may not be able to kill the encirclement with strength, but there will be casualties."

Lin Chen awakened the person in his dream, everyone in the room was not stupid, and immediately realized!

"Brother Lin Chen, you mean, let us all gather the greatest strength to participate in one of the torch seeds with the smallest competition, and the highest success rate is here. You are responsible for diving into the three torch seeds and waiting for opportunities. Shot, is it?"

Leng You looked excited, Lin Chen wiped his sweat, "Finally, you are not stupid to get home."

As soon as this sentence came out, the beautiful women present at Lin Chen provoked scornful eyes, and Han Yizhi smirked.

Before leaving, Leng Yueqi's beautiful eyes stared at Lin Chen. Someone nodded and smiled at her, indicating that she didn't need to worry.

Suddenly, Lin Chen secretly conveyed to Han Ziyun, Han Yizhi, and Leng Yueqi.

"Everyone remember, if you get the seeds of the torch, don't absorb them in the first place; the seeds of the torch have problems."

The three looked at Lin Chen in amazement, feeling Lin Chen's solemn gaze, and nodding in succession.

Regarding the issue of the seeds of the torch, Lin Chen did not dare to speak out.

Although he did not think that the people of the Leng family and Dan Qianqiu would know about this problem, if the news was passed from them to let the senior officials of the ancient family know about it, there might not be any accidents.

If it is a scourge of murder, Lin Chen can't compete with any ancient family.

"Then, when things are done, everyone will come back here to gather!"


Time is running out, Lin Chen told him to part ways with everyone after finishing everything!

Lin Chen spread the wings of the purple phoenix and turned into a stream of purple flames across the mountains.

In the non-emergency case of Wind Prison Hades, Lin Chen did not intend to use it as a hurdle. The blue-level intermediate body combat skills require a huge amount of wind-based combat energy.

The speed of True Flame Purple Phoenix Wing is also not slow, Lin Chen flashes like a purple lightening.

Now Lin Chen's 3100 Dragon Force can control the purple phoenix wings with great speed!

If you cooperate with the wind prison Hades step, Lin Chen does not know how far his body speed will skyrocket!

At least, if Lin Chen meets the four great kings again, he will never rely on characteristic runes to fight them as he first saw!

"A lot of fierce beasts, the fierce beasts in the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range, are almost as densely distributed as the original Abyss Island! If I were not going to take the three Holy Flame Seeds, I would like to take this mountain with the ancient Qinglong The beasts are all cleared!"

Lin Chen traveled all the way, and saw many Tianjiao encountering waves of high-level beasts attacking near the seed of the Holy Fire along the way!

Lin Chen, who has Zijin Tong, and the speed of the True Flame Purple Phoenix Wing, avoided all the battles all the way and rushed to the end of the three Holy Fire Seeds!

After a quarter of an hour, Lin Chen flew 80,000 miles; bypassed many battle circles and reached the core area of the Wanshou Mountain Range.

Tiantianyuan, a ray of heaven.

A giant crack that appeared to be splitting the heavens and the earth was revealed, surrounded by towering ancient trees, as tall as a thousand feet, and the foliage was as dense as a mountain.

Below the crack is the location of the three flame seeds!

But at this time, outside of Tiantianyuan, 20 super strong arrogances gathered!

All of them are all in the ninth state of heaven and earth. A few people have reached the middle of the ninth layer. They are the dragons and phoenixes behind the top ten geniuses, and the leading figures of various ancient families in the contemporary era!

Among the 20 people, there are four top ten geniuses among them, Ning Yunning ranked No. 8 and Xie Xiaochuan ranked No. 6!

There is also the No. 3 blood family Xue Hao, the quasi-respected early cultivation, and the No. 2 contemporary Ning family's first genius, Ning Fantian. It is also the early cultivation of quasi-respect!

Under Litianyuan, a devil dog with nine heads is entrenched!

It is cast with fur like iron water, dark and deep, indestructible, its four-legged palms are like mountains, nine heads are standing, and the beast pupils are purple!

The whole behemoth bursts out with the fierce breath of sweeping the eight wildernesses, the body is as long as several thousand feet, as high as one hundred feet; as if a mountain crosses under the abyss!

Sixth-order beast; nine-headed demon dog!

Roar ~~! Bang Bang Bang!

The heads of the nine magic dogs roared up in the sky; the roar burst into horrible sound waves and smashed the mountains and rivers!

The roar spread through thousands of miles, and the sound wave turned into a vigorous force, forming countless tornadoes, rising into the sky!

The mountain peaks within a thousand miles were broken and shattered alive, the ground was ripped out of seven large and seven cracks, smoke and dust, flying sand and stones, many towering ancient trees were blown up!

The entire Tiantian Abyss was shaken violently, the earth landslides and the space broke!

Twenty Tianjiao who had just approached immediately retreated in shock, and the eardrums hurt!

The unprecedented fierce power of the sixth-order beast, personally let Zhongtianjiao appreciate what is comparable to the strength of Yuan Zunjing!

Lin Chen was lying on the branches and leaves of a thousand-year-old black tree eight thousand miles away.

"Just one sonic wave has the power to destroy the world; fortunately, Lao Tzu was not caught up by those two sky-red pythons, or even nine lives are not enough!"

After being amazed, Lin Chen possessed the Green Dragon and transformed himself into an ancient Green Dragon. Then he used the "Blue Dragon to Shadow" to completely dive into the void.

Someone in Lin did not intend to participate in this battle, he would sneak in and touch the three torch seeds under the sky!


"Everyone, you can see the strength of the nine-headed Demon Dogs. We can only join forces; if not, no one wants to get the seeds of the Holy Fire."

Ning Yunlan said in a deep voice, that the blood family's blood Hao glanced at him with a cold smile.

"Then how can you guarantee that no one will withdraw from the battle to grab three seeds of the torch in the case of a joint battle?"

In the face of a sixth-order beast, except for the third place among the top ten geniuses, Xue Hao and the second Ning Fantian, who are able to contend a little bit, the other people fighting against it is a dead word!