My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 327

Chapter 327: Seize The Flame Seed

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Chapter 327: Take the Seed of the Holy Fire!

No one dared to joke about his own life, and all the Tianjiao present fell silent.

When the atmosphere was slightly heavy, Xie Xiaochuan of the Xie family stood up and laughed.

"Its not as good as this. All of us joined forces to lead this nine-headed earth demon dog to a distance of tens of thousands of miles, and then began to retreat and return to the Heavens of the Heavens. At that time, it is up to you to decide who owns the seeds of the torch, if If anyone violates the regulations, everyone will immediately evacuate and leave the violation to the Nine-Headed Devil Dog. How?"

Xie Xiaochuan's suggestion made a lot of arrogance shine.

It is not realistic to defeat this nine-headed earth monster dog, but if it is to open the distance and reach a certain distance and then return, then there is still a chance!

"If you want to make a decision, hurry up. The big guy feels that he is brewing an offensive. He may rush out at any time!"

Xue Hao said in a deep voice; a sixth-order knife with a crooked moon was held in his hand, and he was always ready to shoot!

"What if someone from somewhere else mixed in while we were holding the nine-headed earth monster dog?"

At this time; Ning Fantian asked indifferently, Xie Xiaochuan continued.

"Then according to the original plan, if someone else breaks in halfway, everyone will return immediately, and they will be destined to do so at their own discretion. If there is someone who thinks it is wrong, they can quit now."

Xie Xiaochuan's suggestion made the Tianjiao present to look at each other and reach agreement.

"My Ning's family is fine."

Ning Fantian and Ning Yunlan took the lead in saying that among the ancient families present, their Ning family has the strongest comprehensive strength.

"My Ye Family agrees."

"Bloods agree!"


Everyone hit it off; when the agreement was just reached, the nine-headed demon dog shouted out, nine heads burst into the sky with nine magic lights, and each beam of light could seriously injure a quasi-respected powerhouse!


The celestial princes are not the rest of the world, have been wary of, a colorful figure dances from the sky, showing their magic!

"Our Excellency Xue Hao, Excellency Ning Fantian. The three attracted its attention together, and then you angered it and took it to the north!"

Xie Xiaochuan said to the two, the three shots, the world is changing!

The Nine-headed Earth Demon Dog seems to be extremely killing. It has been attacked by the celestial arrogance and has been led to the north continuously.

The fighting frequency of Zhongtianjiao and it is extremely high and extremely fast. It took a short time to check out three thousand miles away. Wherever it passed, rivers were cut off, landslides and landslides, like a large natural disaster passing by!

Someone Lin hidden in the dark saw this scene and smiled comfortably.

"The boys are so clever. After taking the three torch seeds, I have to leave a few small red flowers for them to encourage them and make persistent efforts."

Lin Chen, who smirked badly, wandered the void, and he was transparent and dissipated, and no one found him.

After the Nine-headed Earth Demon Dog and the Tianjiao are getting farther and farther away, Lin Chen rushed into the Heavens of the Heavens!

Chi Tianyuan is so deep that it goes straight to the ground; there is lava flowing hidden at the end.

Located under the very center of Litianyuan, the three torch seeds slowly rotate, arranged in a shape of Pin.

Lin Chen looked with joy, but did not expect that the process of obtaining the three torch seeds would be so smooth!

After lifting the ancient Qinglong's "Blue Dragon Shadow", Lin Chen stretched out his hand when he showed his true body.

Lin Chen's hand is less than five meters away from the three torch seeds, and the changes are steep!

An awe-inspiring sword light appeared like a ghost, as if jumping through space and appearing, slashing in front of Lin Chen!


Lin Chen was shocked, and the fighting in his body swept like a storm!

The space shows a slight crack, if this knife is tangible, Lin Chen may even cut his wrist!


The five dragon dynasty's emperor's guns flashed like stars, Lin Chen waved a gun into the sky, the guns and swords confronted each other, and the sky showed a white figure!

"Unexpectedly, there are people who have similar secrets to this deity, and they can escape the investigation of the sixth-order beasts."

Bai Yi's figure is holding the sword and stepping into the air, forming a chain of combat with his palm, and has bound the three flame seeds!

His face is handsome and fierce, a pair of swords and eyebrows are flying straight, and there are thousands of sharp edges in his pupils, as if the infinite sword is released all over his body. Ordinary Tianjiao may not even look directly at his eyes!

His cultivation behavior is a quasi-respect mid-term! Even better than Xue Hao and Ning Fantian outside!

"Brother Chen, what I hate the most is sneakiness, especially when I am sneaking, there are people who are in front of me."

Lin Chenling sneered, Xiuluo Jiuhuang became the first to circulate the whole body, and Xiu was rushed to the beginning of the Eighth Layer!

These three flame seeds, he is bound to get!

"What can you do in the early eighth?"

The young man in white sneered at the corner of his mouth, and the sixth-order knife in his hand,'Moon Moon Star', quickly turned into a residual image, and he even cut out hundreds of white sword lights!

Every blade of light surges the cutting edge of the Tianhe River, which is broad and wide, and contains endless killing opportunities, no less than the full blow of a peak of Tiangang Realm!

As soon as the sword light came out, the young man in white did not turn his head back, flew back, and put the three sacred fire seeds into the left-hand Naling ring.

He didnt even think that Lin Chens Tiangang Realm had the ability to resist his attack; that was even difficult for Jun Zunzun to face in the beginning.

The young man in white simply thinks that Lin Chen is a secret method with a hidden breath.

"Magic Thunder!"

Hundreds and thousands of thunder guns resemble a peacock, opening up at every level, and smashing the tide of white youths into nothingness on the spot!

"What?" The white-faced youth looked shocked; before it responded, a grey and white rung rose into the sky!

"Slow rune!"

The rune energy dropped by 10 million points, and the gray and white rung completely calmed the Baizhang space where the white youth is located, and even the flow of the aura became extremely slow!

Purple flame streamer embellishes the light blue wind whirlwind, one step of wind, nine steps of imprisonment, Lin Chen's figure is coming!

This terrifying speed once again made the pupil of the white man slightly shrink!

"You still want to run after loading?"

Someone Lin sneered; one-handed smashing the Wulong Dynasty Emperor Gun, 3100 Dragon Power was unreserved, the five-color dragon gas shot from the body of the gun, and the Moon Sword was blocked in front of him!


The storm of Xuntiandi broke out with the two as the center, and the bleeding in the mouth of the young man in white was caught off guard by Lin Chen's sudden and fierce offensive!

"Dark Dragon PalmFivefold Dark Dragon Power!"

Lin Chen bowed left and right, held the gun in his right hand, and turned the dark palm of his dark palm like a deep breath of war like a dragon's breath, a slap on the chest of the white man!

"Bagua Xuanlun!"

Electric light flint room; an insignificant gossip roulette suddenly turns around the waist of a white man, turning into a gossip transfer blocking his chest!

boom! Click!

Not only the youth's gossip roulette, but also his bones burst out!