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Chapter 328: Basketball? ?

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Chapter 328 ?

Outside the sky; Wansen Valley.

Many Tianjiao have just led the nine-headed earth demon dogs out of nine thousand miles; from the sky-separated abyss came a powerful collision!

"Not good! Someone has sneaked into Split Sky Abyss!"

"Cooperation is terminated, and then each depends on its ability!"

"Damn, which king **** ate the bear heart leopard gall and dared to move my blood!"

Many Tianjiao immediately cancelled their cooperation. The blood-ho and other people who were originally responsible for the nine-headed earth demon dogs moved quickly, and their figure was like a jumping space, and they jumped thousands of miles away in a few breaths!

The Nine-headed Demon Dog was like a mad beast, and immediately went back to kill. It was shocked that seven or eight heavenly gangs and nine heavy heavenly arrogant horses gave way to it!


Under the sky

The dark dragon of the spin strangling penetrates the opponent's defensive treasure, and when the opponent's ribs are shattered, the white youth drops seven attribute light **** and a blue-gold treasure chest!


The young man in white vomited blood and retreated, and a rare trace of fear appeared in his eyes!

Is this the eighth level of Tiangang Realm? He has never seen such a terrible Tiangang Realm!

The series of attacks just now may not be able to exert such power in the mid-term, and even his sixth-order treasure "Bagua Xuanlun" has a crack!

Where is this child sacred? Why have never heard of this character in the ancient family!

In a palm shot of the chest of the young man in white, Lin Chen's eyes were fast, and he stretched out his hand, breaking the naling ring on the little finger of the young man's left hand on the spot!


The youth in white burst out with a scream of hoarse hoarseness!

The Naling Ring was captured, his eyes were split, his murderous sky was full of fighting spirit, and he finally shattered the restraint of Lin Chen's slow rune on him!

With a shot of the Purple Phoenix Wing, Lin Chen flew past and retreated to dozens of miles away.

He held the Wulong Dynasty Emperor Gun, rolled in a silver robe, and stood in the void, with a hint of teasing sneer in the corner of his mouth, without any cowardice.

"Oops, the nine-headed monster dog withdrew, and his whereabouts were exposed!"

The expression of the youth in white changes slightly, and if he encounters a sixth-order beast, even he will fall into a bitter battle.

Not to mention the dark dragon palm of Lin Chen, his condition is not much better!

"This kid is still at ease. Judging from the methods he just showed, his strength is no less than me. And his strange speed, it is extremely difficult to grab the flame seeds!"

The young man in white gritted his teeth fiercely, turned into a blade of light, and escaped into the void.

"This man's heart is cruel enough, he slipped away the first time."

With the possession of the Green Dragon, Lin Chen cast the "Blue Dragon Shadow" again, diving into the void and turning it into transparency.

In a flash, Lin Chen picked up the attributed light sphere and blue-golden chest of the young man in white.

[The host obtains 47 million points of primary skills, 13 million points of primary light energy, 500,000 points of primary mental power, and 30 points of heavenly value.]

[The host opens the blue-gold box; gains 500 points of heaven.

The quality of the light ball dropped on this white-clothed youth was so high that even Lin Chen was staring at him, and even regretted it. Why didn't he hammer this kid a few times!

Beyond the Heavenly Abyss; the young man in white left the front foot, and several people rushed into the Heavenly Abyss on the hind foot and went straight to the three seeds of the Holy Flame.

But at this time; where there is no trace of the seeds of the torch, Xie Xiaochuan and Xue Hao, Ning Fantian, the first three people arrived, only three small red flowers and a string of words left on the stone wall.

"Thank you all the little handsome Goths for inviting the nine-headed Demon Dogs, and present three little red flowers for everyone, for your encouragement, please work harder~~"


The three of them broke the mouth in unison, and Xie Xiaochuan, who is highly literate, was no exception. They were even better than others!

Blood Hao squeezed the gravel wall with his palm, and his gloomy and cold eyes were as sharp as a knife!

Roar ~~!

The roar of the Nine-headed Demon Dog made the three realize that they had no time to be angry; the first-order sixth-order beast was only less than two thousand miles away from Litianyuan.


Lin, who won the white spirit's Ring of Ling, had already withdrawn thousands of miles away.

But instead of leaving, he urged Zijin Tong to discover other treasures in the Ten Thousand Beast Mountains.

Thousand Beast Mountains; Yinbo Lake.

Lin Chen jumped from the bottom of the lake, holding the huge essence of silver amber in his hand, crystal-like as jade and silver-like light.

"I can't think of a sixth-order odd mine here, the essence of silver amber. This thing is a good thing. It is rigid and soft, and the material is both soft and difficult to destroy."

Lin Chen squeezed the essence of the silver amber if she was flexible.

After accepting the inheritance and becoming a caster division, Lin Chen has not yet tried to personally build warships or treasures.

"I will use you to forge my first treasure today."

Lin Chen moved out of the Naling Ring a casting platform with a width of two, two feet long,

With the palm of the knife, the sharp Gengjin breath circulated, Lin Chen made a full cross-cutting, barely cutting a small piece of the essence of silver amber.

Holding the caster hammer in his hand, Lin Chen's expression became extremely focused, as if the body had already remembered the process of the caster, forging materials, quenchers, gathering spirits, and all in one go.

Half an hour after tinkering, Lin Chen forged a sterling silver sphere, and then carefully carved it with the prepared high-level animal skin to wrap the silver ball.

In the end, he painted the painting with a black ink brush to outline the natural black lines. A brand new basketball appeared in Lin Chen's hands!

Yes, for the first time, someone Lin casted a treasure, he cast a basketball?

Lin Chen was very interested and found an open flat.

On the flat ground, when Lin Chen racked the ball to the ground, the ground made a banging vibration and sound.

In order to adapt to his own strength, Lin Chen adjusted the weight of the ball on the ground.

"Well, it seems that the weight is just right for me, which is both easy and warm-up."

Lin Chen nodded with great satisfaction. Then, between the shots, the palms were shot continuously, the crotch dribble, the ball turned, and the afterimage became a film!

During the jump, Lin Chen shot at a mountain in the distance when he jumped!

Bang ~!

When the ball landed on the top of the mountain, it crashed to the ground and quakeed the entire mountain!

"Comfortable, it seems that I can play basketball in the mainland of Kyushu in the future, haha! I have time to play on a basketball court."

Lin Chen flew by and took away his special basketball. Once again, "Blue Dragon Shadow" was exhibited with the Blue Dragon Possession.

"Okay, then it's time to go back and get rid of the nine-headed Demon Dog!"

In Lin Chen's bright eyes, flashing bare feet is not afraid of the fierceness of wearing shoes!

The reason why he didn't leave here for the first time is that he kept thinking about the nine-headed magic dog!


Late at night;


The Nine-headed Demon Dog lay prone in Litianyuan and slept a lot, each time he exhaled, there was a gust of wind.

At this time; there are still a few injuries remaining on its body, all of which are wounded by Xuehao and Ning Fantian and other arrogances, or the scars left when being pinned.

After a day of fighting, the Nine-headed Demon Dog fell into a tired state and was sleeping soundly.

Lin Chen, who is transparent and transparent, carefully approached Li Tianyuan and slowly approached.