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Chapter 329: First Kill The Sixth Order Beast

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Chapter 329

Lin Chen's "Dragon Shadow" has not yet determined whether it can completely hide the sixth-order beast.

As he approached; he did not dare to carelessly, and was always ready to launch the slow rune.

This high-level beast seems to be in a dormant state. Once there is any wind and grass that may threaten it, it will wake up in a thousandth of breath!

The dormant state of Tier 6 monsters is not comparable to Tier 2 and Tier 3 monsters!

If the sneak attack cannot be completed, it is discovered in advance, and it is caught in a frontal battle, Lin Chen would rather give up killing the nine-headed demon dog.

Although his strength has soared, it does not mean that Lin Chen's state of mind is arrogant.

He knows very well how difficult it is to challenge the Yuanzun Realm beyond the Tiangang Realm!

"It has fought a lot with the geniuses of the ancient ancestors before. My Qinglong Piying should be able to completely escape its perception."

Suddenly, among the eighteen eyes of the Nine-headed Demon Dog, a purple beast pupil suddenly opened, and Lin Chen suddenly froze in the void!

After the purple beast pupil turned slightly, it closed again slowly, and Lin Chen's almost choking heartbeat slowly returned to normal.

"It should haven't been found yet. Get closer!"

Lin Chen was cautious, leaning in the direction of the Nine-headed Devil Dog with extreme caution.

His purple golden pupil urged to the extreme, scanning the whole body of the nine-headed demon dog, and finally locked a scar of a depth of more than ten meters among the nine heads, the fourth and fifth heads!

Among the many injuries, the number of injuries caused by this scar to the Nine-headed Demon Dog is the highest and deepest!

Fifty miles, thirty miles, twenty miles, and finally only a kilometer left, Lin Chen stopped suddenly!

The breath of the Nine-headed Demon Dog even blew in front of Lin Chen, and a stench of a roaring wind swept up.

Lin Chen held his breath and mobilized three runes at the same time!

Slow, corroded, and recharged runes, Lin Chen used three major runes for the first time!

The system light screen is listed, at this time Lin Chen's rune energy has dropped by 40 million points!

Of these, 30 million points are used for slow runes!

"Xiu Luo Jiuhuang becomes double, Tianshui change, and Thunder penalty change!"

Lin Chen's cultivation base suddenly jumped from the late seventh layer to the late eighth layer!

At this moment; he showed his shape, released the possession of the blue dragon, and the ancient blue dragon and one piece were born!

The five dragons' royal guns flowed with five-colored dragon breath, just like the colorful dragon shadows surrounding the gun body!

The beast pupil of the Nine-headed Demon Dog suddenly opened; the fierce and violent breath swept through the abyss, and the violent beast pupil locked Lin Chen!

But it is too late!

"Slow RuneCorrupt Rune! Give me town!"

Baizhang's huge gray and white traps contain the spirit of the town's ghost and demon, and they fall from the sky and merge into the body of the devil. Their 70% strength becomes particularly slow, and they can hardly be mobilized!

"Nine days of mad thunder!" "Blue Dragon Claw!"

Lin Chen launched the fourth form of "Nine Sky Mad Thunder" of the magical power of thunder, the whole body thundered, thundering around the endless lightning shadow, and concentrated on the tip of the golden war gun!

The green dragon waved its claws alternately, and the dragon's breath of light fluttered like a flying flower.

The Dragon Breath Light Crazy cuts at the junction of the fourth and fifth heads of the Demon Dog, and cuts the wound, the blood of the animal surges, and the injury continues to expand!

The five dragon dynasty emperor guns are like a world-thundering lightning gun, superimposed with 3100 dragon power, bursting out a force that runs through the galaxy, was thrown out by Lin Chen, and stabbed into the wound of the earth monster dog!

"Roar! Roar! Roar!"

When the Nine-headed Demon Dog awakened, he encountered such a fierce attack, and the slow rune blocked its movement, corroding the rune and gradually eroding its power.

The two major runes calmed it down first, so that it did not gain momentum in the first counterattack, but was caught off guard by a series of fierce attacks by Lin Chen!

Thousands of Thunder runs through the body of the nine-headed Demon Dog, as if to destroy it all over the body!

"Accept my gift! Dark Dragon PalmSixfold Dark Dragon Power!"

Lin Chen was bathed in blood, like a demon from hell, and the dark dark air was surging all over him, palms fell like stars, and a palm was shot on the tail of the five dragons.

laugh! laugh! laugh!

The Wulong Dynasty imperial gun was impacted by Lin Chens violent power, and the golden gun body blasted into the body of the nine-headed earth demon dog!

The fast-rotating war gun twisted the body of the nine-headed demon dog, the flesh was twisted out, the blood raged, and the sky's blood-red attribute light **** fluttered and fluttered!

"Roar! Roar! Roar!"

The nine heads of the Nine-headed Demon Dog roared wildly, their limbs rolled, and the nine heads continuously sprayed a beam of purple light.

Where the beam of light sweeps, tearing the mountain and cracking the mountain, the entire cracking Tianyuan shudders steadily, and the rock falls and shakes!

The shrinking shape of the ancient green dragon constantly twisted the dragon's body, wandering in the void, flexible and free, and endless changes, as if it were merged with space!

This is the Dragon Thriving Technique! It is a unique moving body magic power of the dragon race, and it is one of the inheritance techniques obtained by the ancient green dragon in the Baizun Tomb Mansion!

Nine-headed Demon Dog's counterattack didn't touch Lin Chen and the ancient Qinglong at all;

The purple phoenix wings superimposed the wind prison Pluto step, Lin Chenru thundered, and retreated a large distance.

Lin Chen's dark dragon palm not only bursts out of the six-fold dark dragon power, but also mainly hits the Wulong Dynasty imperial gun.

He is going to use the peerless edge of the five dragon dynasty guns to thoroughly pierce the whole devil dog!


The sound of tearing flesh and blood rang through the Heavens and Earth. The lower abdomen of the Nine-headed Demon Dog was torn by a war gun, tearing a wound of dozens of feet, and blood was flowing into the river.

In the end, struggling with less than twenty breaths, the nine-headed demon dog fell completely into the pool of blood.

The sixth-order primary beast comparable to Yuanzun Realm, died on the spot!

Although it is the case of sneak attacks and brutal beasts, but the sixth order of the terrible beasts is killed by the eighth level of Tiangang Realm. Even though this is the history of Lingzhou, it may be Lin Chen alone!

Lin Chen's left arm came with a huge pain like a tear in the muscle meridians. He used the six runes of the dark dragon palm with the energized rune and almost did not break his own arm!

The high-level Dark Dragon Power has higher requirements for its own strength and dark line of fighting strength. Although Lin Chen has inherited the "Dark Dragon Palm" in theory, it does not mean that his physical conditions allow him to show it.

"It's dangerous. If it weren't for the body tempered by the seeds of the flame, I might have broken my arm before I even shot the Dark Dragon out!"

Squeezing a handful of cold sweat secretly, Lin Chen quickly ran the "True Water Return to the Yuan Formula" to treat the injury and strongly resist the pain.

[Congratulations to the host for the first time to kill the sixth-order beast, trigger a special reward mechanism, get a blue gold treasure chest.

The body of the Nine-headed Demon Dog is empty above the body, and a brilliant blue-gold treasure chest is suspended.

The ancient green dragon revealed the body at the first time. The three-thousand-foot green dragon bit on the body of the nine-headed earth demon dog and first dug out its fierce beast core!