My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Longevity True Fire Seal

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Chapter 33, Longevity's True Seal!

"Please identify which of the four treasures is the most precious, and open the four treasures! As for the remuneration, it is not easy to make it public. Please ask the treasurers who wish to come up one by one. Tell below."

The white-haired old man on the high platform smiled and smiled; his eyes glanced at the VIP rooms.

This time was not the same as usual, and many Jianbao forces fell into silence.

"Since no one comes, then the old man will come first."

Less than ten breaths; an old man in a blue shirt from the ground spirit gate left the VIP room and stepped onto the high platform, Yun Danfeng lightly smiled.

As soon as the old man appeared, he immediately raised up and down a series of startling sounds!

"Oh? The chief treasurer of Earthling Gate, Senior Zhao. I didn't expect you to do it."

The old man with white hair gestured for a gesture; then Mr. Zhao said with a smile in his mouth, "The old man just came here to try his luck. I laughed."

Zhao Laobu reached the platform and stepped forward. His eyes fell on the third of the four treasures!

"The most precious treasure should be this one."

Lao Zhao pointed to the bone of the human arm and read the tactics in his mouth.

"Participate in Zhou Tian Ling Yin Sifang. Eight Wastes and Four Elephants False and Psychic! Give the old man!"

With his hands folded, Zhao Lao's head immediately popped up a huge constellation of stars, absorbing the starlight and containing the Baichuan!

"Is this the view of the stars in the Earth Gate, awesome!"

Many treasurers are looking forward, staring at the human arm!

I saw the crystal-like jade forearm suspended in the air; after a slight tremor, the starlight under the constellation map scattered the restrained power!

An unprecedented fighting spirit was released from the bones of the forearm, and the high platform was trembling. This fighting spirit far surpassed the spirit of battle, and even reached a new level!

"The arm bones of a strong Tiangang realm?"

Many powerful players of the treasure appraisal have been horrified. The strength of the war revealed by this logistics has already had the prestige of the heavens!

"This thing is left by the powerful Tiangang Realm, the bone energy is still there, and the bone marrow retains the essence. If you can successfully integrate into your body, the fighting strength can be rapidly increased! Perhaps the secret of understanding the Tiangang Realm maybe."

Zhao Lao's rare emergence of excitement and fanaticism explained to everyone that as a treasurer, he was able to illuminate these strange treasures, which was a great achievement in his life!

In Lin Chen's eyes, after the arm of the Gang Realm was opened on that day, the void suspended its brilliant brass treasure chest!

"These treasurers can enlighten these treasures to inspire their attributes or hidden treasures! I earn a lot of money!"

Lin Chen was ecstatic in his heart, and he stayed still, watching the changes.

Because next, there will be a good show!

"Oh, although the arm bones of the powerful Tiangang realm are precious, they are not as good as this one."

The old voice attracted all the eyes again, and an old-time treasurer appeared, the chief treasurer of Qingyue City!

He leaned on a cane and walked up to the stage like a weak old man.

I saw his dry palm swim around the mysterious lines of war, holding Moyu cane in his hand, and then picked up the cane and knocked on the blue ball, the light blue mist began to permeate the entire platform!

Roar ~!

The fierce and violent Long Xiao roared from the inside of the cyan ball. Some of the treasurers who were lowered in the venue were roared with spirit and were horrified! Seems like an ancient monster!

Lin Chen's eyes were shining, and the moment the cyan bead was turned on, it rolled out three bright blue spheres of attribute light! Moreover, this feeling and feeling of oppression, he is very familiar with Lin Chen!

"Heaven and earth breed all things, the dragon family is supreme, and overrides everything. This bead dragon breath is hidden and the dragon spirit is restrained. It is a dragon ball derived from the real ancient dragon family. It has the power of a real dragon! Use it to assist in the cultivation of the peculiar battle related to the dragon family. Skills will do more with less, a thousand miles a day!"

The smile of the treasure master of the Qingyue City, Xianfeng Daogu, said that the audience was trembling with a cold voice!

It turned out to be a genuine ancient Dragon Ball!

"Coincidentally, the old man had the luck to walk with the real power in the early years and have seen the real real dragon, otherwise he might not be able to excite the energy in this dragon ball and open up the light for it. Fortune, fortune. Hahaha!"

The old man smiled, and many strong men cast their fiery eyes on the cyan dragon ball.

Ancient Dragon Ball, this thing is an invaluable treasure, perhaps better than the arm of the Gang of that day!

The arm bone is only effective under the Tian Gang realm, and it also has to pay a huge risk to integrate its value, while the ancient Dragon Ball is still effective for the strong power of the Tian Gang realm. This precious grade is highly judged!

"Oh, it seems that our Shangguan family can't fall behind."

At this time; Shangguan Yunfan walked in a leisurely court, with a confident smile on his lips stepping onto the high platform.

Everyone's breath suddenly tightened, and today the confrontation between these two families will usher in the final collision!

Was the Shangguan family better than the other, or the Nangong family later came to the top, or the two sides continued to maintain their dual status.

"I feel that this book is the most precious treasure."

Shangguan Yunfan smiled, his pupils turned purple and gold!

I saw that he picked up the dilapidated ancient book, and urged his fighting spirit to condense out the flames, and burned the ancient book up!

"What? What is Shangguan Yunfan doing!"

"He is going to destroy the trustee's things?"

Many treasurers are horrified. If it is not that the old man hosted on the high stage is calm and experienced many storms, the scene is already in chaos!

I saw that the burning ancient books fluttered out a little starlight from the firelight. These starlights fell like dust, and Shangguan Yunfan took them all with a jade plate.

These gleaming, dust-like dusts became the size of two thumbs after the ancient books were burned into nothingness.

Shangguan Yunfan blew his breath indifferently, blowing up the dust, condensing into a fist-sized spiritual light group, exuding bursts of spiritual fluctuations, and the void quickly listed a row of starlight characters!

"Wanshou True Fire Seal; Green Rank Top Alchemy Handprint."

Just two lines of words, but everyone in the audience is in a state of brain stagnation!

"It turned out to be the top-ranking alchemy handprint of the Green Order, but I didn't expect that I could witness the birth of this kind of treasure in my lifetime!"

A group of treasurers are amazed, while a few people are eager to move. Few people can remain absolutely calm in front of the green alchemy handprint!

Looking at the many martial forces with more than 10 billion people in the entire desert area, the power to hold this level of alchemy handprints can be counted with one slap!

All the nine players in the Battlefield Realm immediately take a step forward to deter everyone!

"The top of the green scale, the precious value of this grade alchemy handprint will not need me to say more, everyone, open the school and create the necessary foundation for the great cause."