My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 330

Chapter 330: Battle Dragon Platform The Pinnacle Of The Ancient Family

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Chapter 330: Battle Dragon Platform! The pinnacle of the ancient family!

Removal of the two changes of Xiuluo Jiuhuang's change, Lin Chen's Xiu is returning to the beginning, and the late seventh.

There was a feeling of weakness in the body, Lin Chen was a little dizzy, but after all did not affect the essence.

After the seeds of the Holy Fire, Lin Chen now exhibits two changes without too much sequelae. Compared to the first show of triple change and lying in bed for four days and four nights, this result is already very good.

During the operation of the mind, the heaven and earth aura within a thousand square meters changed into a white cyclone, such as the rivers gathered in the sea, the center of which was Lin Chen, and the moment he merged into his body, his sense of weakness was reduced again by a few points!

He held the fiendish beast core in his hand, his eyes narrowed and muttered to himself.

"If the ancient Qinglong absorbs it, the realm may be able to take it to a higher level. But it may take some time for refining in time, should it be absorbed..."

The sixth-order fierce beast core is almost as big as Lin Chen's basketball. It has a hexagonal diamond shape and colorful and complex energy. Even the Yuanzun Realm will be coveted, but it will also feel tricky.

Subsequently, the ancient Qinglong has been biting the whole nine-headed devil dog, swallowing its flesh and blood, refining the endless energy of qi and blood!

The ancient Qinglong, who had previously taken a lot of Tiancai Dibao and the Elixir, has been promoted from 4200 to 4300 Dragon Power, but at this time its promotion speed has been several grades faster than before!

4500, 4900, and 5200 Dragon Power are still soaring!

Lin Chen was not far behind, picking up a lot of attribute light **** dropped by the nine-headed demon dog.

[The host obtains 30 billion points, 28 billion points, 44 billion points of primary qi and blood energy]

[The host opens the blue-gold box and gains 200 Heavenly Dao.

[The host obtains 7 million points, 8.1 million points, 5 million points, 7.5 million points of primary dark line energy]

[The host obtains 30 billion points, 26 billion points, 48 billion points of the essence of primary fighting spirit,]

The attribute value brought by the attribute light ball dropped by the nine-headed demon dog is luxurious!

The sixth-order beast is well-deserved!

After picking up the attribute light sphere, Lin Chen found a hidden place in Litianyuan and sat cross-legged.

The Wulong Dynasty Emperor Gun is like a part of Lin Chen's body, if there is a spiritual whirl back, levitate to Lin Chen's side.

The faint five-colored dragon vigorously grows slowly, lingering on the golden gun body, very strange!

Lin Chen concentrates on controlling the energy of blood and blood in the body, and the vast and powerful energy of Tianhe is integrated into the body's flesh and bones!

Innumerable white spiritual auras are included in Lin Chen's nine-color battle spirit, agitating and condensing again and again, every rotation of the sun is like swallowing stars and moon.

One day and one night passed, Lin Chen's fighting spirit, physical training, has an amazing improvement!

Lin Chen picked up a total of 139 attribute light **** on the Nine-headed Demon Dog, and obtained 68 million primary dark energy.

And 310 billion points of primary qi blood, 185 billion points of the essence of junior combat qi essence and a special reward mechanism blue gold treasure chest, 200 points of heavenly value!

[Congratulations to the host's advancement into the Tiangang Realm.

The system light screen pops up, Lin Chen's nine-color battle spirit is more refined!

In addition, Lin Chen has reached 5000 Dragon Power!

Without using any means, only competing with pure power, Lin Chen can now compete with Zhunzun in the early days.

If you match him with many means, his strength is completely different from that before entering the torch realm!

The ancient green dragon screamed in the sky, and the dragon chants spread all around!

At this time, the blue dragon, covered with dragon scales and savage, and entrenched in the void, the dragon teeth were like the front, and the dragon pupil flashed the fierce **** of the eight wastelands.

Its figure climbed to five thousand feet in length, like a supreme demon dragon from the ancient times came to the world!

The moment Lin Chen looked back, one day and one night, the entire nine-headed earth demon dog was devoured by the ancient green dragon, leaving no bones left!

Lin Chendun felt scalp tingling!

The ancient green dragon seems to have obtained a unique cultivation method belonging to the evil dragon class from the last inheritance. It took only one day and one night to devour and absorb the flesh and blood of the sixth-order fierce beast!

"Great! 6000? No, it's almost 7000 Dragon Power!"

Lin Chen was slightly air-conditioned, and there were 699 dragon veins in the dragon body of the ancient Qinglong. Each dragon vein was filled with exuberance, exuding the spirit of subverting the dragon race!

Now the ancient Qinglong, heads-up quasi-respect mid-term is no problem at all!

This action of hunting the sixth-order beasts has far exceeded Lin Chen's expectations!

Just as Lin Chen felt ecstatic, blood-red posts swelled, like heavy snow, falling from the outside from the high-altitude Beast Mountains to every corner.

This is a battle post formed by fighting spirit, and it will disappear in an hour.

Lin Chen took a red post, opened his eyes, and let his eyes shine!

"Longtai Battle Post: The pinnacle of the contemporary family, everyone in the family can participate, and the last one can be the strongest ancient arrogance in contemporary Lingzhou! The first line of battle, the Dragon Platform. Waiting for the heroes to come!"

A few simple words have already indicated the meaning of this battle post!

The pinnacle of the ancient family has already begun, and the legendary battleless dragon platform has begun!

"How can this kind of good deed me some Lin!"

Lin Chen's eyes flashed a strong fighting intent!

"I'm very much looking forward to beating many top Tianjiao, how many attribute light **** will fall, ha ha ha!"

The five dragon dynasty emperor guns were included in the Naling ring. Lin Chen laughed in the sky and volleyed a little. As the blue dragon twisted the dragon's body and reduced its size, Yukong took off and disappeared into the Heaven of the Heavens with Lin Chen.

Thousand Beast Mountains; southern entrance area.

The ancient Qinglong flew at full speed, more than twice faster than before.

Because of the hunting of the sixth-order fierce beasts, Lin Chen can no longer look at the large number of fierce beasts in the Ten Beast Mountain Range, because even if it is hunted, there will be no improvement.

As for the sixth-order beast, there may be, but Lin Chen is eager to participate in the Battle Dragon Platform, and has no time to find it.

Even if a sixth-order beast is found, it is still difficult to kill it with its current strength.

To deal with the nine-headed ground demon dog, Lin Chen relied on sneak attacks and its original injuries, plus many cards to successfully kill.

The same is true for the seeds of torch. Lin Chen has three seeds of torch on hand.

But after absorbing the second torch seed, the more time it takes, the more dangerous it is.

Zi Jin pupil flashed, Lin Chen suddenly returned to the place that everyone had agreed upon, and suddenly found everyone hiding in the southern barren forest.

"Brother Lin Chen!"

"The monitor is back!"

Seeing Lin Chen's ancient green dragon, everyone hiding in the dark showed their faces one after another, laughing with joy.

In addition, there are two huge fifth-tier top beasts creeping under the dragon power of the ancient Qinglong.

They are Thunder Devil Tiger and Sky Poison Python.

These two fierce beasts, completely controlled by Han Ziyun, were captured in the Wanshou Mountain Range.

Previously, in the Tomb of the 100 Tombs, Han Ziyun obtained the inheritance of the "Heart of Ten Thousand Beasts", a volume of the Heart Sutra of Ten Beasts.

This exercise can use its own spiritual power to sign a contract with the fierce beast and control the fierce beast to fight. It is a bit similar to the bloodline ability of the daytime Qi Lin Chen played against before.

If Han Ziyun's spiritual realm is strong enough, she may become the second "Day Unicorn" and form her own beast army!

Lin Chen smiled when he saw the two big guys. "From your look, it should be a bad result."

Han Yizhi's cheeks were reddish, and some excited secret messages said: "Well! Squad leader, we not only won the original torch seed, but also encountered two torch seeds, and we were taken together!"

"You have won three torch seeds?"

Lin Chen was dumbfounded; stunned on the spot!

This opportunity is a bit against the sky!

Three torch seeds, that is to be able to create three sons and daughters?