My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 331

Chapter 331: Battle Dragon Platform Brilliant Heroes

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Chapter 331, Battle Dragon Platform, the brilliant heroes!

The torch seed can not only transform the life level, but also play a vital role in impacting the bottleneck.

Almost all the ancient ancestors of the ancient family are left to be taken when they are at the peak of the quasi-zun, which can help them step into the Yuanzun realm in one fell swoop!

"Well, after deliberation, Dan Qianqiu contributed the most. She took away a torch seed, the Han family took one, and the other was left to all of us in the cold family."

Leng Yueqi smiled calmly; Lin Chen nodded in satisfaction.

He and Han Ziyun, Han Yizhi, and Leng Yueqi all met with each other's eyes. Everyone nodded slightly, keeping Lin Chen's original advice in mind. When he obtained the seeds of the Holy Fire, he could not easily refine it.

"Now that the seeds of the torch have been initially distributed, then we should go; go to the first line of heaven, Battle Dragon Platform!"

Lin Chen's fighting spirit was high, and everyone was shocked!

"Brother Linchen, are you going to participate in the Battle Dragon Platform?"

Leng You and others were somewhat shocked; in fact, for some Tianjiao, Zhanlongtai was a very small opportunity.

Because on the battle dragon platform where the group of heroes gather, the battle of the flame to **** the flame seeds will be relatively reduced.

The most important thing is that most of the ancient ancestors of the ancient family will participate. This is one of the few opportunities for those who are not strong enough!

During the time the Battle Dragon is going on, their chances of winning the seeds of the flame will increase a little.

"Yes, I have to participate in Battle Dragon Platform."

Lin Chen nodded, his tone firm.

Lin Chen can reap a lot of attribute light **** against the extremely talented martial arts pride.

This will have a crucial role for Lin Chen, who needs to upgrade the system and collect a great amount of merit.

"It seems that we can't witness the history with Brother Lin Chen. This will be the day when we part ways."

The four of the Leng family bowed their hands slightly, regretting very much.

When Lin Chen was puzzled, Leng Yueqi explained to him a little, and then he suddenly realized that he smiled.

"It's a good thing. It's a good thing for you to take more chances to find the seeds of the torch. The cold family has four of you, and it's a chance to rush out of the last ancient family."

The two sides clenched their fists and moved away.

Lin Chen, Han Ziyun, Han Yizhi, as well as Leng Yueqi and Dan Qianqiu, started to rush to the battlefront of the dragon!


Half a day later; first-line days.

The valley is beautiful and quiet, and the smooth mountain walls on both sides form a narrow gap. Through the sky, the sky becomes a line.

At this time, the arrogance of more than one hundred ancient families gathered on the cliffs of the first line of heaven, and more people flew by one after another.

Out of the sky, there is a bottomless deep abyss.

At the center of the abyss is a sapphire dragon platform that is vast and vast, like a small plain!

Around the dragon platform, all the ancient chains of hundreds of feet are intertwined, and the dragon platform is firmly fixed in the center of the abyss, and even the crystal walls of the space have become solidified several times!

A line of heaven, the abyss dragon platform!

Above the dragon platform, a figure of **** clothing stood proudly, and the opposite blue hairpin girl slowly fell into the pool of blood.

"Xiao family Xiao Yu'er, challenge blood family blood Hao failed."

The cold and elegant voice spread all over the sky, the cliff outside the Longtai of the abyss, the beautiful ladies are slim, and the purple and black dress is like a blurred star blooming under the night, and the empty valley is quiet.

Her blue silk is like snow, peach blossoms are blue, her eyebrows are like the distant mountains of March Feixia, her teeth are beautiful, her delicate hills are like a unique landscape. The purple and black dress dotted with stars is Her quiet and elegant beauty adds a bit of mystery.

This female name is called Yan Qianyun and is the only descendant of the contemporary Yan family.

Of all the ancient aristocratic families in Lingzhou, only the Yan family is the most special and ancient, and the most mysterious.

They are the only family of operators in the ancient family! Taking up all the luck, no force in Lingzhou dared to provoke Yan Family!

The Yan family masters a few truths and heavens, and it is the only family in Lingzhou who is proficient in ancient arithmetic.

In terms of status and majesty, although Yan Qianyun is not the four heavenly kings, he is better than the four heavenly kings! In a way, she is more mysterious than the four kings and more dangerous!

This ancient family battle dragon platform, it is her personally presided over!

Slender hand holds a heavy ancient book, Yan Qianyun's beautiful eyes turn slightly, blue waves flow, and his eyes look far into the stars.

"This time, there seems to be a tyrannosaur swallowing dragons in the Dragon Tower. What is even more strange to me is why there is a black star that I have never seen before.

She looked around, Ye Yanxia, Luo Qingyu, Murong Changsheng, Ling Tian of the four heavenly kings. According to one side, stand in the four directions of the sky.

Yan Qianyun surveyed everyone present, and it seemed that she had not found the person she was looking for.

"Ye Family Ye Changqing, challenge Feng Family, Feng Muyun!"

The figure flashed, and someone entered the abyss dragon platform. The young man in white shirt stood by the sword, and the sword pointed straight to the southwest of the sky!

"Fengjiafeng Muyun takes over!"

Another blue-marked man with a sword around his waist fell from the sky and fell into the dragon platform.

The rules of Zhanlongtai are very simple, you can get a point for every opponent you defeat.

Each ancient family has only 10 chances to challenge their opponents, no matter who is sent to play, and the outcome of the victory will consume one chance.

If you earn enough 5 points, you can challenge the top ten geniuses. If you defeat any one of the top ten geniuses, you can get 5 points at a time. If you lose, the points will belong to the top ten geniuses that were challenged.

Finally, the four points with the highest points will join the battle between the four kings to hold the quarterfinals!

Choose one of the eight middle schools and stick to the finals to win the finals. It will be the strongest arrogance under the contemporary Son of Lingzhou, representing a new peak!

Nowadays, the four great kings gather, the ten geniuses are present and seven people are present, and they gather more than one hundred ancient ancestors with eighth and ninth heavens.

In addition, it cannot be ruled out that there will be the mysterious boy who had fought with Lin Chen before, and that black horse, every time the holy fire realm will exist.

I just don't know if this dark horse will participate in this battle dragon platform. Once it participates, it will definitely shine!

With Yan Qianyun's gaze hidden on the scene, there are currently two Tianjiao, no less than ten geniuses!

Lin Chen, Leng Yueqi and others appeared together in the whistle of the sky slashing through the clouds in the east.

Behind the crowd, there were also two top-fifth order beasts, the Tiandu Python and the Thunder Devil Tiger controlled by Han Ziyun.

A group of people landed on the cliff on the east side of the sky.

"Sister Qian Qiu is back!"

"She even followed Lin Chen?"

The ancestors of the Dan family are extremely perceptive. After Lin Chen and his entourage entered the venue, the Tian arrogance of the Dan family flew in the direction of Lin Chen for the first time.

"Sister Qianqiu, are you okay? We are here for you for several days!"

A talented girl from the Dan family trot up anxiously, Xing eyes stared at Lin Chen slightly.

Someone Lin raised an eyebrow at the girl and laughed jokingly; "Little girl, why are you staring at me? It's not that I abducted Qianqiu's cousin from your family. Its my Lins fault not to grow handsome?"