My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 332

Chapter 332: Han Yizhi Accept The Challenge

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Chapter 332, Han Yizhi, accept the challenge!

"Shameless, you are not handsome!"

The girl knew that she was justified, and made a grimace to Lin Chen.

When Dan Qianqiu and the Dan family talked, Lin Chen's fingertips turned his exclusive basketball, and his eyes turned to the abyss dragon platform, with great interest.

"This is the Dragon Terrace, even the space and the battlefield are reinforced."

Han Yizhi looked at the basketball spinning fast at his fingertips and couldn't help but ask curiously.

"Squad leader, what the **** are you? A new weapon?"

Lin Chen laughed and said; "This is one of the sports equipment in our hometown, called basketball, it is not exactly a weapon, I cast it to play."

When Lin Chen emerged, Ning's family and others looked dignified, and Ning Yunlan frowned.

"Unexpectedly, this kid is here too."

"What is the ball that he turns in his hand? Is it some kind of treasure? It feels that it is made of materials from the sixth-order odd mine."

A young man second only to Ning Yunlan and Ning Fantian frowned, "I vaguely heard what he said was basketball or sports equipment."

Ning Fantian's eyes gave Lin Chen a deep look. For the legend of this child, he also heard Ning Yunlan said that he has the strength of no less than ten geniuses.

Yan Qianyun took a deep look at Lin Chen and found that Lin Chen couldn't see through Lin Chen's details and his strength!

"This boy..."

At this time, the two Tianjiao on the Abyss Dragon Platform decided the victory and defeat, the Ye Family Ye Changqing won the Feng Family Feng Muyun!

"Ye Changqing wins, gains 1 point and accumulates 3 points."

Yan Qianyun stood on the top of the mountain and announced it indifferently.

At this time; a figure flew to Longtai, the blood **** of the blood family!

He turned his head abruptly, revealing a somber and cold killing intention, and grinning.

"I want to challenge the Han family, Han Ziyun!"

The remark made many people stunned.

The blood family actually picked the soft persimmon and challenged a Han family who was not even the ancient family?

However, this also reminded everyone that it seems that in the audience, the Han and Leng families are the weakest!

More than a dozen Tianjiao of the Leng family did not show up, but Leng Yueqi alone arrived at the Zhanlongtai.

Obviously, Leng's Tianjiao has self-knowledge, and even if he comes here, he will take his own shame.

Lin Chen glanced at Han Ziyun, but the lady was not afraid, but instead looked flat, jumped and flew into the abyss dragon platform!

"Han's Han Ziyun, take over!"

Han Ziyun said coldly, Xue Hao sneered; "Han Ziyun, I see who else can help you, Ben Shao will let you know, refuse to be Ben Shao's woman, how miserable it will be in the end!"

Many Tianjiao also shook their heads and smiled. Han Ziyun's cultivation practice was nothing but the seventh stage of the Tiangang Realm, which was not enough to watch in front of the blood **** of the eighth stage!

"Unfortunately such a beautiful woman."

"Hey, Xue Hao really picks this guy. I regret it. Maybe I want to kiss Fang Ze when I beat others."

While everyone was discussing, the words of Xuehao just fell; the roar rang through the sky!


The thunder monster tiger and the sky poisonous python, the two giant behemoths jumped into the dragon platform, entrenched in Han Ziyun's side, very loyally waiting for her, let the blood and other people look slightly changed!

The two top-fifth-level fierce beasts are fierce and violent, and they instantly suppressed the blood ho!

"Bring a fierce beast into the game? Is this illegal?"

Blood Hao was a little stunned.

Yan Qianyun, who is the host, smiled lightly; "It is not against the rules. These two beasts are under the control of Miss Han Ziyun. It should be her own power, not foreign aid. There are no violations of the rules."

"Now, the battle begins!"

Yan Qianyun's words had just dropped, Han Ziyun smiled, and Xianxianyu pointed away at Xuehao.

"Call me!"

The thunder monster tiger that was surging with wind and thunder screamed violently, and it turned into a hurricane and thunder to the blood ho!

The two top-fifth-tier top beasts besieged the blood ho, the scene was once extremely violent and bloody, and it was terrible!

Blood Hao didn't even have the chance to surrender the two words of surrender, so he was attacked by Thunder Demon Tiger who was good at speed attack!

"What a joke! Isn't the Han family a declining refining medicine family? How could it be possible to control the beasts!"

"Yes! If they had this ability, they wouldn't be so easily annihilated?"

When Xue Hao was beaten to death and nearly eaten by two big beasts, the blood family and others shouted the slogan of surrender!

"It's terrible. If this woman got the holy fire, wouldn't it be the second Tianqi Son?"

"It's hard to say, I have seen the beast legion of Tianqi Shengzi, which is slightly higher than this woman, and he can control the sixth-order beast!"

"In any case, the Han family has completely risen this time!"

In the past, everyone's evaluation of the Han family has changed dramatically at this moment!

Except for the more than twenty people who are second only to the top ten geniuses, most of the people present may not be her opponents against Han Ziyun!

Feeling the awe and fear of the audience, Han Ziyun's eyes were red.

In the past, those guys who trampled on the dignity of their Han family and thought highly of them would show such awe to the Han family!

"Our Han family finally fought back in the ancient family!"

Han Ziyun's powder fist clenched lightly, staring at Lin Chen's eyes, becoming more and more gentle.

"I don't believe that the Han family can make the second one, the Mo family Mo Hong, challenge the Han family Han Yizhi!"

At this time; another person stared at Han Yizhi who was born in the Han family!

He wore a gray-green robe and flew into the abyss dragon platform to challenge Han Yizhi!

After all, people with low enough strength are equivalent to the points in front of them, and nobody wants them.

"Squad leader, I'll go back as soon as I go~"

Han Yizhi smiled gently, and the seemingly delicate and slender figure jumped gently into the venue, Lin Chen did not worry about it.

Han Yizhi's current state of spiritual power still surpasses himself, and is closer to the state of law than himself.

Those present were more spiritual than Han Yizhi, and perhaps only Murong, the four kings, lived forever!

"Tiangang Realm Fivefold? My God, is there only one Han Ziyun in the Han family?"

"Into the torch fire territory actually sent a little five-repaired little guy to come, is this not looking for death?"

"It's a pity! The people of the Mo family came first!"

In the audience, only Murong Changsheng opened his eyes rare, the pupil containing the endless spiritual storm passed a trace of light, and the indifferent expression first appeared a strange color!

"It turned out to be a virtual spirit constitution, and the mental power is second only to me, interesting..."

The Mo family and the Dan family are two major refining medicine families, and ten or nine of them are all refining pharmacists.

Mo Hong, who challenged Han Yizhi, the spiritual realm was already the mid-term peak of the spiritual realm!

"Han's Han Yizhi, accept the challenge."

Han Yizhi's little hand clenched a fist, Yan Qianyun smiled softly.

"What a lovely kid."