My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 333

Chapter 333: I Lin Do Not Accept The Challenge.

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Chapter 333, I, Lin, do not accept the challenge.

"The challenge is established, start!"

Yan Qianyun waved his hand, and Mo Hong's whole body was full of fighting spirit, swept out like a wind blow!

"Broken Soul!"

The roaring wind of the tearing air flow carried a terrible mental shock; condensed into a big handprint of fighting spirit, and grabbed and swept away towards Han Yizhi's slender body!

The cultivation in the later period of Yazhong was the fusion of the spiritual power in the middle period of the spirit realm. This palm, even in the early stage of Tiangang Realm Jiuzhong, had to avoid the sharp edge!

"Is the spirit of fusion attack, just to test my combat strength."

Han Yizhi smiled happily, green and green jade fingers came out one by one, jade fingers of both hands suddenly waved like alternating blades, thousands of energy vortices emerged out of thin air!

The vortex attracted the fingerprints of fighting spirit, reducing the moment of most offensive offensive, Han Yizhi pointed out!

"Essence of Void Spirit!"

A vast amount of spiritual power suddenly coagulated from Han Yizhi's slender body, and turned into a mental energy finger that shattered the void, crushing Mo Hong's attack on the front!


Mo Hong was horrified, and his mental fingers were like a huge wave that suddenly set off, and he realized that he was just a lone sail in the huge wave!

Once he was hit by a spiritual finger, his mental consciousness would be shattered instantly, and he would become an idiot on the spot!

"No, no, I admit defeat..."

Mo Hong was terrified, trembling and crawling on the ground, thinking that his spiritual awareness of the sea would be shattered the next moment.


The spirit of the sky turned into nothingness, wandering in the void, and returned to Han Yizhi's spiritual consciousness.

After bowing slightly with fists, Han Yizhi left the scene happily, most of Tianjiao stunned on the spot!

Yan Qianyun glanced at Mo Hong and said indifferently; "The winner, Han Yizhi, the Han family."

That Mo Hong was panting, his face looked like the rest of his life after the catastrophe, his crotch had a warm liquid flowing out of it, and even the sharp-eyed Tian Jiao was even more stunned.

Mo Hong was scared to pee!

The people of the Dan and Mo families stared at the figure of Han Yizhi!

The arrogance of their two major refining medicine families, the powerful spiritual realm abounds, but none of them found Han Yizhi's spiritual realm so deep in advance!

Several disciples of the Mo family swallowed; their hearts trembled.

What a terrible mental attack, even the late Tiangang Realm Jiuzhong did not dare to look down on it!

An elegant lady dressed in a green dress, and an Mo house ranked tenth among the top ten geniuses, Mo Linglong is in the front line of the zenith, with a solemn expression.

"Unexpectedly, this person was actually a virtual spirit physique. In the previous battle, he had perfectly controlled the connection between his physical constitution and the spirit of the world, cut off Mo Hongs attack halfway, and finally controlled it with some strange spiritual power. The mental attack broke out instantly."

The arrogance of the Mo family has stared at each other in surprise. Unexpectedly, a declining Han family can even have such a shocking and brilliant genius!

"It's really an ancient family that once shared the world with my Mo family and Dan family. It can't be underestimated. However, judging from the nearly 10,000-year history of the Han family, they are definitely impossible to have two surprises in such a short period of time. A brilliant genius!"

Mo Linglong's eyes turned and coincided with many top arrogances, they all looked at Lin Chen at the same time!

"Is it him?"

"It can't be wrong! This child's performance at the Ningjia et al. Refining Ceremony is amazing. It is said that putting it on our Mohist School will definitely subvert the existence of the ages!

"Taking one of the Han family's backgrounds today to cultivate one, it can only be said that it was a matter of chance, but two such amazing geniuses suddenly appeared, which must be related to external forces!"

Zhongtian was very clever and extraordinary, and immediately realized that it is impossible for the Han family today to cultivate such outstanding geniuses as Han Ziyun and Han Yizhi!

The person behind this scene is probably Lin Chen who is playing with strange balls!

"The two people around Lin Chen are so strong that they really have inherited the heritage of the 100 Tombs!"

Ning Yunlan, who first entered the Tomb of the 100 Tombs, saw the clue.

Tianjiao, who had individually reached the Tomb of the 100 Tombs, had the same idea as him, and was amazed and surprised.

Dan Qianqiu smiled heartily; but she witnessed Lin Chen's discovery of the secrets in the Tomb of the 100 Tombs, and even her own inheritance, or Lin Chen's hint!

Seeing the smile in the mouth of Dan Qianqiu, after some inquiries from the Tianjiao and Dan Qianqiu of the Dan family, they learned that Lin Chen could see through the inheritance opportunities in Yuanzunjing Tomb House at a glance.

Luo Qing, the four kings' extraordinary son, lightly glanced at Leng Yueqi and said slowly.

"The beautiful woman in the cold house does not seem to be a fuel-efficient lamp."

At the other end, Ye Yanxia's eyes narrowed; her mouth smiled, and she was surprised inwardly.

"This one called Lin Chen seems to be deeply hidden! As soon as he came into contact with the Han family and the Leng family, the people of these two families seemed to have a new qualitative change!"

At this moment, with the help of Han Ziyun and Han Yizhi, some top Tianjiao's eyes and attention have been aimed at Lin Chen, and even the four heavenly kings are no exception!

"Huh! I don't believe this evil. At first he entered the holy fire realm, but he was sixfold in the Tiangang realm. Such a weak ant is a bit brute. Is it possible that he can turn the sky?"

A top prince of the Bai family stands proudly in the southern area of the first line of heaven.

"Lin Chen! Bai Baibai Xiao Xiao, challenge you, but dare to fight!"

Lin Chen glanced at him, shrugged, and chuckled lightly.

"Go away, someone from Lin I will not accept the challenge."

As soon as this remark came out, some Tianjiao was shocked in place!

what? Refuse to challenge?

Although Bai Lixiao has the strength of the early nineth layer, many people do not think that Lin Chen will lose to him, let alone refuse to fight.

Especially Ning Yunlan, he knows Lin Chen's strength very well, and even if Bai Lixiao is even stronger, he will not be his opponent!

But why did he refuse to fight?

"Hahaha! Seeing it, this product is just a coercion, and even dare not take the challenge, you are all blowing him up to heaven!"

Bai Li Xiao laughed ridiculously, and some Tianjiao who had just learned about Lin Chen couldn't help but shook his head with disappointment.

They glanced at him contemptuously, scolding sternly in their hearts, coward, and never paying attention to him again.

Lin Chen didn't seem to feel those eyes, playing his basketball on his own, as if this battle platform had nothing to do with him.

In the eyes of someone in his forest; the abyss dragon platform at this time is already an attribute light ball everywhere.

Red, blue, white, yellow, etc. all kinds of properties of light balls! There are even individual "balls of heaven" attribute lightballs with mysterious lines!

The ancient arrogance of the ancients on the scene, almost all of them have higher cultivation skills than Lin Chen. In their previous battles, there are also the attribute light **** left behind in the abyss dragon.

So Lin Chen did not hurry to play, he did not sing, it stunned the world, weeping ghosts!

He had to wait until all of these ancient ancestors of the ancient family had entered the war until seven, seven, eight, eight, and almost all of their attribute light **** dropped, when it was time for someone in Lin to harvest the results!