My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 334

Chapter 334: 2. Fill In How Much You Want.

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Chapter 334

As for some clowns, Lin Chen did not take them seriously.

Which strong and pure men will care about the provocation of a weak chicken with no power?

Lin Chen's refusal to fight has disappointed many Tianjiao who intend to watch the drama, and many people did not pay attention to him.

Only Ning Yunlan and Yan Qianyun, the former is very sure that Lin Chen is thinking about what, the latter is always curious how can not be calculated, seeing Lin Chen's details, more curious about Lin Chen!

As time passed, the fierce battle of Longtai didn't stop. The grudges between ancient families have been aroused at this time.

The arrogance of watching battles has increased one after another, because everyone knows that the further you go, the higher the level of battle!

During this period; within five days, Han Ziyun and Han Yizhi both received two successive challenges and still defeated their opponents.

Leng Yueqi's combat skills are even more powerful. Only in the late eighth stage, she won four games in a row and was unanimously regarded as the figure after the top ten geniuses!

Leng Jia, who is called the last of the ancient family rankings, has also begun to receive a lot of attention.

Only someone in Lin! He has also been challenged by naming four times, all of which is the attitude of not picking up, not fighting, raining without me, and keeping my fart off.

Therefore, Lin Chen was ridiculed as the weakest chicken and the most coerced person in this torch.

After so many days of fighting, the Abyssal Dragon Terrace has almost no large-scale damage except for some traces of hair.

The material for casting this dragon platform is not trivial, and the space inside the dragon platform is also completely reinforced and cannot be easily broken.

On the seventh day, on the occasion of sunrise, Zhanlongtai came to an end.

There were 198 people present, and no one played again.

"If no one is playing, then the final quarter-finals will begin."

Yan Qianyun announced indifferently, looking around, and when no one was fighting, he was about to announce the next link.


Yun Danfeng's light voice slowly spread throughout the first-line sky and even the Abyss Dragon Platform!

The silver robe rolled, and a figure didn't know when to step into the abyss dragon platform.

Lin Chen's mouth smiled lightly, his hands fell behind him, his eyes looked around the crowd; a domineering side leaked a smile.

"And there is me; forgive someone Lin Lin bluntly, except for my lovely baby Yi Zhi and the two beauties. Just these Muggles you are present; not even qualified to help me warm up someone Lin."

After he finished speaking, he raised his hands and raised his thumbs, and then faced all the arrogance of Tianxiantian! Slowly turn your thumbs down!

"From now on, I am someone who accepts the challenge of anyone and is not afraid!"

Boom~! Bang~!

The trembling loud noise spread across the sky, Lin Chen erected a stone monument on the spot, with six clear characters engraved on it!

Special! rule! Do not! clothes! - Lin Chen

The group of heroes stayed stunned for a while, and all Tianjiao did not slow down!

Lin Chens sudden change in the drama was a decades-old beggar who suddenly declared that he was a billionaire, not just arrogant, but despised everything!

"His mother, I'd like to see what qualifications you have for coaxing here!"

"Lin Chen, I think you are looking for death!"

"Ye Family Ye Feiyun, challenge Lin Chen!"

"Bai Li Bai Xiao Xiao, challenge Lin Chen!"


The four Lin Chen who had previously challenged suddenly exploded in fighting, slammed their feet and jumped into the dragon platform together!

"Li Xiao, kill him! Grandma, dare not put us in the eyes and let him see the horror of our Bai family!"

"Grass! A coercion who actually dared to bark, Feiyun, cut him! Let him see your flying knife!"

Many Tianjiao were furious, all condemned Lin Chen, and screamed.

Some Tianjiao is already murderous, always ready to challenge Lin Chen!

Leng Yueqi and Han Yizhi glanced at each other, but they shook their heads helplessly.

A few days ago, I also rejected everyone's challenge, followed by another sentence to accept all the challenges.

No one can see through Lin Chens actions from beginning to end, no one can guess what he wants to do.

"Interesting; very interesting."

Yan Qianyun looked at Lin Chen with great interest. She once thought that she had taken a look at Lin Chen, but did not expect that he would endure until now.

"According to the regulations, dragon battles can only fight one to one."

Yan Qianyun announced the rules, Ye Feiyun of the Ye family immediately jumped out and said angrily; "Then Ye Feiyun will be the first one!"

Lin Chen shrugged; "It doesn't matter, no matter whether it's a heads-up or a group-pick, I'm someone Lin will take it all!"

"Okay, the challenge was established, Ye Feiyun played against the representatives of the cold family; Lin Chen."

Yan Qianyun's words just fell; the sharp wind breaking noise screamed and echoed throughout the Dragon Terrace!

Only a few people on the scene saw Ye Feiyun shot!

The silver flying knife in his waist flew out, and turned into a silver streamer! It's extremely fast!

Although his cultivation practice is only in the late eighth layer, but his killer flying knife crosses the Lingzhou and fights invincible opponents of the same level, which makes many Tianjiao feared!

As soon as the flying knife came out, I saw life and death!

This knife, condensed Ye Feiyun's essence, energy, spirit, skill, and all strength in one knife, to kill Lin Chen in one blow!

Everyone expected that the scene of Lin Chen's being killed by a knife did not appear. His figure was slightly tilted, and the light of the Naling Ring shimmered slightly.

Lin Chen's right hand stretched like lightning, with a click! Daoman flashed like a flash of light, flashing past.

Subsequently, the light quickly dimmed and the edge disappeared.

Dang Dang! The flying knife whirled and dropped, landing strangely!

Lin Chen didn't hurt, and the clouds were light and windy.

Jiu Zhongxiu's Tianjiao was stunned suddenly; they didn't see when Lin Chen shot just now?

"Impossible! My lore flying knife can kill even in the early stage of Jiuzhong, and the ordinary mid-nine times do not dare to be hard-wired. How could he avoid such an understatement?"

Ye Feiyun, slightly pale, stared incredulously at Lin Chen's direction.

This look completely became Ye Feiyun's lifelong shadow!

I saw; someone Lin held a neatly cut sapphire cane, opened his mouth to bite, his lips and teeth were fragrant, sweet and flowing, patting his chest with great satisfaction, said with admiration.

"Yeah, you called Ye Feiyun? This is a good knife. Tomorrow I will report to the kitchen of No. 666, Guangshuai City, and report my Lin Chen's name. How much do I want to pay for my salary?"


Weird silence!

For the first time, the Four Heavenly Kings, who have been afraid of catching cold for anything, showed surprise for the first time!

Lin Chen actually used Ye Feiyun enough to kill the sugar cane with the killer flying knife at the early stage of the ninth heavy layer of Tiangang Realm?

Some Tianjiao, who had been seriously injured by the "Blood Knife", could lay eggs with their mouth open!

God **** cut sugar cane!

If the strongman who had died under this flying knife was informed under Jiuquan, I am afraid that he would not be so angry that all the coffin plates would fly!