My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 335

Chapter 335: How Far Can He Go?

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Chapter 335

Taking advantage of everyone's stagnation at this moment, Lin Chen gave a flick of his finger, and his pale blue finger-mand energy burst out, and Feiyun was in the middle!


Ye Feiyun vomited blood and retreated, dropping a dozen attribute light balls!

Lin Chen bit the sapphire and sugar cane, and waved his hand again, and Ye Feiyun appeared more than a dozen Gengjin masculine out of thin air.

The twisting and twisting Gengjin Qimang volley turned upside down, slamming Ye Feiyun into the volley for a few revolutions, and then fell to the ground, fainting to death.

The breeze blew and the silver robe swayed and rolled. Everyone stared at Lin Chen leaning on the "Dedicated Disobedience" stele. He bit the sapphire and sugar cane, his expression was plain, and he didn't take Ye Feiyun seriously!

Such a unique scenery, even countless Yan Qianyun was stunned!

I saw; he waved his head lightly.

"Take away, next."

Yan Qianyun, who stagnate for a moment, quickly recovered, and waved her hands lightly.

"Winner; Representative Leng Jia, Lin Chen!"

Many people are in shock, unable to calm down for a long time!

At this moment, Xiao Zhanfeng of the Xiao family jumped forward, stepped into the dragon platform from the edge of the abyss dragon platform, and squeezed his fists and grinned.

"Beat a Ye Feiyun, are you really invincible? Lao Tzu let you open a few blood holes today to let you know what a genius is!"

Xiao Zhanfeng's hand held a red snake gun, and a sharp and dangerous breath like a viper gradually appeared in his expression!

"Xiao Family, Xiao Zhanfeng. Challenge the representative of Leng Family, Lin Chen. The challenge begins!"

Without saying anything, Yan Qianyun started the second battle immediately!

"It's time to exercise after eating. It happened to be accompanied by an accompaniment."

Someone Lin smiled cheaply; after the last bite of sapphire cane.

The palm ring on his palm flashes, a self-made jazz hat rotates and flips, and the palm is thrown. The jazz hat is flexible to the top of the head.

"Go to death, waste from the barren land!"

Xiao Zhanfeng's face highlighted with a sneer, a gun sneered in both hands, the gun shadow was like a rain pear, and when he rotated slightly, he swooped and spurted away!

"Chilian 100 Snake Gun!"

The crimson gun shadow is like the red refining king snake rushing out, and every shot is as fast as the bite of the red refining king snake.

Hiss ~ hiss ~ hiss ~!

In the shadow of the gun; there is the scream of the red refining king snake faintly; in the range of hundreds of feet, the red gun shadow is everywhere!

"Awesome shooting skills, are you going to make it out? This kid's strange and unpredictable style!"

Ning Yunlan's eyes condensed for the next moment; his expression became particularly funny and stunned!

Lin Chen put his hands between his chest and lower abdomen, his pace was almost strangely stepped forward!

But it looks forward, but the figure is actually backward!

"Move every time~~"

Lin twisted his waist, turned gorgeously, and avoided more than a dozen gunshots!

Xiao Zhanfeng's attribute light ball began to drop non-stop, and whenever he shot three shots with all his strength, there would be one more attribute light ball in the field.

Seeing this scene, Lin Chen showed a smile, and immediately chose to kill Xiao Xiaofeng's tactics!

As he turned around, Lin Chen stepped abruptly, jumped up and spun, and twirled in the air. When he landed, his legs moved, and he once again used the strange footwork just now!

The rhythm and amplitude of the swinging of the legs are clearly forward, but the whole person quickly retreated, completely making Xiao Zhanfeng's marksmanship empty!

Lin Chen waved his hand, turned, swayed his legs, kicked his legs, and all escaped Xiao Zhanfeng's shooting perfectly. It was just right, only a few centimetres away!

Everyone was dumbfounded, what is this footwork?

Body skills? But Lin Chen's is not running out of war!

"Damn! Why can't my marksmanship hit this kid!"

Xiao Zhanfeng is both angry and suffocated, but his marksmanship is at the forefront of the same level!

Even if Tianjiao, who has an excellent body style, does not dare to dodge in a short distance, he usually chooses to distance himself!

But Lin Chen's strange and unpredictable footwork was floating at all, as well as his eyes that seemed to have seen through his trajectory of the marksmanship, which made Xiao Zhanfeng vomit blood!

"Body method? No, to be more accurate, it is more like a dance?"

Leng Yueqi said with some surprise; she had never seen Lin Chen do this kind of action before!

"It seems, so funny, so handsome..."

Some of the young girls who are in their youth are hot and colorful, staring at Lin Chen who is perfectly avoiding Xiao Fengfeng's attack with "Space Walk"!

The psychedelic space step has amazed everyone!

The tip of the spear was furious, Xiao Zhanfeng was exhausted, Lin Chen stepped back, and when he turned around dashingly, his legs swept out like a meteor!

Dang ~!

His red snake war rifle was kicked and flicked by Lin Chen's whip leg, and inserted into the ground!

The exhausted Xiao Zhanfeng's pupils were trembling, Lin Chen took off his hat and flicked it, and the black jazz hat was spinning in the void!

The next moment; Lin Chen punched like a dragon, punching Xiao Zhanfeng in the abdomen!

As the boxing winds raged across the audience, Xiao Zhanfeng's defensive weapon was broken on the spot, his eyes turned white, and Lin Chen punched him!

When Xiao Zhanfeng fell to the ground, Lin Chen's black jazz cap just covered his gun compilation.

Tianjiao in the audience couldn't help but slightly air-conditioned!

Lin Chen didn't use any combat skills and body skills, even a trace of fighting spirit did not work, and he defeated Xiao Zhanfeng with only a dance step suspected of dancing?

"His pure power seems to be stronger than at the beginning."

Ye Yanxia, the four heavenly kings, smiled with interest, and there was a rare war in the eyes!

"Winner, Representative Leng: Lin Chen! Cumulative points, 2 points."

Yan Qianyun's hand waved lightly, and the piece that announced the result looked at Lin Chenmei's eyes brighter!

How many secrets does this boy have?

At this time; the two people who wanted to challenge the edge of the abyss dragon platform had not yet evacuated, Bai Lixiao took the lead and jumped into the dragon platform!

"The two wastes of Ye Feiyun and Xiao Zhanfeng, the **** guy, Lin Chen, let Lao Tzu let you know what horror is!"

Bai Lixiao did not waver at all, rolled up his sleeves, and released an off-white fierce fighting spirit all over his body, gradually condensing.

This spirit of war is like a tyrannical spirit from the ancient times, which disturbed the situation and began to blow a strong wind on the abyss dragon platform!

The grayish fighting spirit slowly began to transform into an ancient barbarian, and then integrated into Bai Lixiao's body!

"Tianli Xuanjiao tactics, Bai Jialan's advanced mindset!"

"It is said that this kind of mental method can burn the fighting gas into pure power, and the power to smash the stars in one blow!"

"If this matches Bai Lixiao's 2000 dragon power, the power is unimaginable! This kid is going to suffer!"

"It is said that he also controls a blue-level body method. If there is no shadow, any opponent who is forced into a close combat by him will encounter a series of close-range beatings!"

Many other ancient princes from ancient times have come back to God and are full of confidence in Bai Lixiao!

"Bai Jia, Bai Lixiao challenged the representative of Leng Jia; Lin Chen. The challenge begins!"

Yan Qianyun couldn't wait to watch the third game and announced it immediately.

Everyone is curious, Lin Chen, how far can he go?