My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 336

Chapter 336: Masseur Bai Lixiao.

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Chapter 336: Masseur Bai Lixiao.

Someone Lin calmly calmed down, withdrew his hat, embraced his chest with both hands, and looked at Bai Lixiao with a playful look.

Bai Lixiao's face was grim, and he laughed in the sky!

"Ha ha ha! Lin Chen, you are less pretentious here, you are just a small accomplishment of garbage in the body training, do not use war? You are afraid that everyone will see your six-day garbage cultivation practice Right? Let me Bai Lixiao tell everyone, you are just a waste!"

From the beginning to the end, Bai Lixiao thought that Lin Chen was pretending to be in a pretentious manner, and he didn't put him in the eye!

The evidence is because he has been hiding his own fighting spirit, and only dares to use his pure power to fight the enemy!

Bai Lixiao is much stronger than the two who challenged earlier. The cultivation practice in the early stage of the nineth layer, plus his level of refining up to 2000 dragon power, also controls a blue-level intermediate body!

He is confident that as long as he is close to Lin Chen, he will be able to tear off his pretending mask!


Soaring into the air to form a hundred-footed giant gas jitter swinging tail rage, entrenched in Bai Lixiao's head!

Bai Lixiao stepped out a little bit, and the figure suddenly changed with an afterimage!

His whole person is like a dragon that moves at high speed. Every time the figure changes, it will pull out three fast-changing turning figures!

"So fast!"

"It is worthy of the blue-level intermediate body technique, Xuan Jiao Dragon Snake Walk!"

"Bai Lixiao's practice of this body method is almost complete, Lin Chen is going to suffer!"

As the crowd exclaimed, Yan Qianyun was very curious about what method Lin Chen would use this time.

I dont know, Lin Chen just held his chest with both hands, and didnt move at all!

Tear ~!

The space was slightly fluctuating and ripples, the sonic boom struck, Bai Lixiao's brutal fist wind rushed to Lin Chen's chest!

This punch broke into 2000 dragon power!

Coupled with Bai Lixiao's mysterious skill, turning his fighting spirit into pure power, the power is almost 3700 dragon power, and Tiangang Realm Jiuzhong has to be afraid in the later stage!

"Die to me, Lin Chen!"

Inside the Dragon Abyss of the Abyss, smoke and dust were blowing, and the raging wind raged!

boom! boom!

The momentum is like a star crashing into the mainland, the airflow collapses and wanders, so that the non-dragon platform is made of special materials and the space is strengthened. This punch is enough to explode the twenty thousand mountains!

Everyone took a closer look and looked forward. Was Lin Chen really like Bai Lixiao's words, just a false stand?

"No, look! Lin Chen is still standing!"

"This guy didn't get knocked down so easily, hey?"

The horror came from all directions of the first-line sky; many Tianjiao were more and more shocked!

I saw; Lin Chen stood indifferently in the dragon platform, Bai Lixiao's full punch, even his clothes corner did not break!

"Well, what's the situation?"

Bai Lixiao Fei pulled back, covered in cold sweat!

His fist, hitting Lin Chen just now, was like hitting a high mountain made of high-grade ore. Not only did it not move, but even his own arm was tingling.

Lin Chen patted the dust on his shoulder and smiled.

"Yes, the strength is acceptable. The coach has forced a lack of sleep these days, and is missing a masseur who helps me relax my bones. I think you have a lot of potential. Come and continue, don't stop!"

Lin Chen's face urged, and he pointed to his left shoulder; "And here, I have read a lot of love action novels recently, my shoulders are sore, and here I am hammering twice!"

Looking at Lin Chen's expectation, and even some urging expression, you Tianjiao looked like a ghost!

Ning Lanfeng, who had a holiday with Lin Chen in the past, and others were screaming in the corner of their mouths, dumbfounded!

3700 Longli masseur? Is this **** a sixth-order beast?


"Your grandma, dare to underestimate Lao Tzu, today I will fulfill you!"

Bai Lixiao's blood attacked his heart, and his eyes were split, as if he had been subjected to the greatest humiliation in his life, bursting into hysterical roar, and rushed towards Lin Chen!

Fist like a star falling into the sky, violently slammed towards Lin Chen's shoulder, Lin Chen couldn't help moaning!

"Ah~~ cool~! Don't stop!"

If the leg was slashed, Bai Li Xiao kicked Lin Chen's calf and knee, but he didn't move!

"Yes, yes, there is, there are knees, apply a little force!"

Lin Chen even stretched out in the other party's mad attack?

"Impossible! He prevented all my attacks without even fighting? I don't believe it. I must kill this bastard!"

Bai Lixiao is like a mad beast, his elbows, fists, knees, legs, and the whole body seem to be precise killing weapons. Every effort bursts out!

Bang Bang Bang! !

The wind is roaring and the air is constantly exploding, as if an ancient fierce beast is going crazy!

But the constant burst of air, and Lin Chen's comfortable and lazy voice, everyone felt scalp numb!

What the **** is this monster! Bai Lixiao shook him hard for more than a hundred times, stunned that he didn't even move his body in one step!

Even the four heavenly kings and Yan Qianyun began to pay close attention to Lin Chen, and different levels of surprise and doubt appeared in their hearts.

Preventing Bai Lixiao's attack is easy for the four kings.

However, if you dont want to use fighting spirit and treasures, this is another matter!

Although they are extremely arrogant, their cultivation is only quasi-respectful in the late or middle period.

Like Lin Chen, there is no defensive means to resist hundreds of times, perhaps only Ye Yanxia, a cultivator, can do it!

"No, every time Bai Lixiao attacks, there will be a faint trace of dragon scales on his body!"

Yan Qianyun, as an arithmetician in charge of ancient secrets, peeked through Lin Chen's clues with just a few eyes.

"Dragon Scale? Is he a dragon bloodline? Interesting, more and more interesting!"

Beautiful eyes are colorful, Yan Qianyun smiled unconsciously, she hasn't encountered such a character that makes her completely invisible for a long time!

Lin Chen used the "Blue Dragon Possession" to mobilize the dragon scales of some ancient green dragons to defend against Bai Lixiao's attack.

The pure power of the ancient green dragon was 6990 dragon power; the physical training level divided several areas between the Tiangang realm and the Yuanzun realm.

The pure power reaches 5000 dragon power, which can match the early stage of quasi-respect.

The 5000 dragon power is the first watershed. The 4999 dragon power breaks through the 5000 dragon power, which is equivalent to the ninth advancement of the Tiangang Realm into the quasi-respect. It seems to be just a difference in dragon power, but it is actually a world of difference!

7000 dragon power, can match the mid-term quasi respect.

9000 dragon power, can match the late quasi-zun.

10,000 Dragon Power is equivalent to Yuanzun Realm!

But 10000 Dragon Power is a watershed, and the difficulty of breaking through is equivalent to entering the Yuanzun Realm!

With a body of 6990 dragon power, the ancient green dragon only needs to mobilize a little force to prevent Bai Lixiao's attack!

After a series of violent blows for more than two hundred times, Bai Lixiao suddenly stopped attacking and quickly retreated.

"What a freak this guy is, I can't touch it!"

Bai Lixiao was panting and sweating, staring at the immobile Lin Chen in disbelief, and a hint of fear appeared in his heart!