My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 337

Chapter 337: What A Monster This Is

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Chapter 337 What a **** monster this is! !

Bai Lixiao's 3700 Dragon Power was briefly promoted by vigor, and the real battle is not as durable as the strong man who really controls the pure power of this level.

"Has the fighting spirit been exhausted, drop 53 attribute light balls, okay."

Lin Chen turned his neck, not waiting for Bai Lixiao to react, and took a step forward!


The wind-blown wind breaking wind abruptly struck, Lin Chen turned into a blue light, and immediately moved to Bai Lixiao's side, the speed is three points faster than Bai Lixiao just now!


When Bai Lixiao's passions changed, someone Lin suddenly turned around, the pure power burst like a torrent, and his waist suddenly exerted force!

A scene that no one expected; Bai Li Xiao suddenly tilted his waist, and the whole person was instantly blasted into a meteor flying out of the abyss dragon platform.


Bai Lixiao, who collided with the cliff in the front line, made most of Tianjiao fail to see what was going on!

"Take away, next."

Lin Chen waved confidently and smiled indifferently.

"what happened?"

"What did this guy do? I only saw his body is extremely fast. When he flashed to Bai Lixiao, he flew out instantly!"

A small number of Tianjiao's pride in the mid-nine-level cultivation is a dignified face, or it is stunned and incredible!

"It turned out to be a hip blow? This kid just beat his **** and defeated Bai Lixiao!"

Ning Yunlan's pupils shrunk; hearing what he said, Ning's Tianjiao were all stunned!

Is there such a technique? Buttocks?

"He really has no one can think of what he is doing!"

Han Ziyun, who was watching the battle for a while, couldn't help being speechless. Normal people who fight with ass!

Doesn't it mean that defeating Bai Lixiao doesn't even need hands, feet or even fighting spirit? Only need to flick the ass?

Yan Qianyun, who glanced at everything that happened before, covered her lips and chuckled; she was the first time she saw such an interesting guy.

"Bai Family; Bai Lixiao, losing combat ability. Winner: Lin Chen! Three straight victories, cumulative points: 3 points."

The moment Yan Qianyun announced the result, she was shocked!

As of now, Lin Chen has lost three Tianjiao in a row, and he hasn't even used one point in his morale!

As he said, the people currently on the court are not even qualified to warm him up!

"When you can be arrogant, only now."

The youth struck the gown and walked into the abyss dragon platform indifferently.

He has a blue streamer sword, a cold face, and a pair of eagle eyes glows like a sharp sword!

"It's Thunderbolt Thunder Sword, Fang Riyue!"

"The strong momentum is worthy of being the first master under the top ten geniuses of the Battle Dragon Platform!"

Some arrogant people looked at Lin Chen happily, but this time it might not be that simple.

Fang Riyue's strength is even more fierce than Bai Lixiao's top grade Pride!

Although he was a cultivation practice in the mid-ninth phase of Tiangang Realm, his sense of oppression was not inferior to that of the quasi-respected early strong!

Really speaking, apart from the top ten geniuses, the twenty top arrogances who participated in the siege of the nine-headed earth demon dog that day, if singled out, would be able to beat this person, maybe none!

"You were Fang Riyue who wanted to challenge me before?"

Lin Chen laughed amusedly; this side had challenged himself before Sun and Moon, and thought he was a soft persimmon, intending to use himself as a stepping stone.

"Yes, I just defeated you, and I have 5 points. I can just challenge those so-called top ten geniuses."

Fang Riyue smiled indifferently, provoked by his fingertips, and the thunderbolt sword behind him burst out a choking dragon chant, held in his hand!

The sword light flows faintly, and a trace of electro-optical edge twists the space into ripples. It is a sixth-order low-level sword weapon, Thunder Sword and Thunderbolt!

"Interesting; it seems that you are a man who can warm me up."

Lin Chen's fingertips touched the Naling Ring, and all Tianjiao couldn't help but hold their breath.

Sure enough, in the face of the strong enemy Sun and Moon, Lin Chen must also show his true power!

The light of the Naling Ring flashed, and many people were eagerly anticipating. When they were anxious to see what kind of weapon Lin Chen took out, doubts and confusion began to appear!

I saw; someone holding his special basketball with one hand, the other side hooked his finger, and blinked angrily.

what's going on?

Zhongtianjiao was ignorant again!

What does he want to do with a ball?

"What kind of weapon is that? Why have I never seen it, never heard of it!"

"Although there is a breath of high-end odd mines, it doesn't seem to be lethal."

"He remembers what it was like to call basketball, and he said it was sports equipment?"

The 194 people who are watching the game obviously have some brains that are not enough. Seeing Lin Chen holding basketball is full of doubts and confusion!

"Are you underestimating me?"

Fang Riyue's green forehead was exposed, and there were thousands of lightnings all over his body!


A spiral of thundering thunder sword blasted from the top of his head like a vortex!

"It seems that his hole card is far more than that. How many surprises will this Lin Chen bring me, let me wait and see."

Yan Qianyunfang was full of heart and announced with a smile.

"Fang Jiafang Riyue. Challenge representative Leng Jia: Lin Chen!"

The elegant voice is as gentle as Yingyan whispering, and when it sounds a little; Fang Riyue has turned into a thunder light, and the sword is all around the dragon platform!

"It's Thunder and Thousand Shadows! Blue Rank Intermediate Super Body Skill!"

"So fast!"

In the past, some of the top arrogances of the nine-headed Demon Dogs could only vaguely capture the movement of Fang Riyue!


Fang Riyue's Thunder Sword "Thunderbolt" directly hit Huanglong, and all his shots are killing opportunities; when the body is used to the highest level, Lin Chen's eyebrows are punctured!

brush! The afterimage is broken, Thunderlight Sword Shatters Lin Chen's afterimage!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The fast-paced racket slams around the abyss dragon platform, and Lin Chen turns a light blue whirlwind all over him, emerging from behind Fang Riyue!

He is still a cynical smile, and his right hand is still patting basketball!

The Dans and Moss have dignified expressions of dignity, and they all use their spiritual perceptions to blend into the battle, not willing to miss any details!

"Dare to underestimate me? Today I have to let you come up with a real hole card!"

Fang Riyue was very angry and smiled, wielding a sword like thunder Xiao, the electric mango traversed, the sword shadow torn the void, and split Lin Chen's waist!

At this time, Lin Chen performed the Wind Prison Hades Step, and everyone can perceive Lin Chens cultivation behavior, which is the eighth early stage of the Tiangang Realm.

"It's only been a few months, this kid actually stepped into the Eightfold Cultivation Order?"

"What is the speed of evil cultivation?"

"It may be because he concealed the cultivation base from the beginning!"

"The show begins now! Fang Riyue's Thousand Thunder Sword Technique will only get faster and faster!"

Inside the Abyss Dragon Platform;

Someone Lin turned around happily, the cyan wind swirled his legs, and took two steps. Between the wind prison and the Pluto step, plus a dribble to change hands, it was easy to escape from the hundred-foot electric man's sword light!

Fang Riyue was close to the sword, and a series of more than twenty swords were stabbed, stabbing Lin Chen's shoulders, knees, eyes and other vital points!

The thunder and the sky are vertical and horizontal, and the sword wind is fierce like thunder and thunder!

Jianguang shattered the afterimages, and the afterimages continued, Lin Chen dribbles left and right alternately, rushed out with one arrow step, and then turned sharply!

boom! boom! boom!

The audience echoed the sound of someone quickly racking the ball. When he turned around, he quickly dunked under the hips, and then, suddenly bent down and withdrew, the speed was incredible!

The two played fast, but it was better to say that Fang Riyue attacked unilaterally!

Inside the Dragon Abyss of the Abyss, they are all the shadows of the two. Fang Riyue followed Lin Chen all the way, and his sword skills became faster and faster.

However, the afterimage of Lin Chen's dribbling also gradually became faster, and the two came down all the way, and there were more than a dozen afterimages staying in the abyss dragon platform!

All Tianjiao standing on the first line of the sky can't help but scalp numbness, pumping air conditioning!

He actually played basketball on the dragon stage where the strongest young generation of Lingzhou will be decided?

The most terrible thing is; he still plays basketball while avoiding all the sword tricks of the first master under the top ten geniuses?

What the **** is this monster?