My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 338

Chapter 338: He Will Continue To Play Basketball ?

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Chapter 338, He Will Continue to Play Basketball! ?

Jianruo Shenguang shot straight, slashing Lin Chen's right shoulder!

Lin Chen turned the ball sideways slightly, behind the ball dribble, backhanded the basketball with his right hand, changed hands to dribble, the wind **** Pluto step, a flash of three kilometers away!

The electric light of the thundering rainbow loomed across the sky, followed by Lin Chen, picked up and cut Lin Chen's neck!

Unexpectedly, Lin Chen seemed to predict in advance that the purple light flashed through his pupils.

Lin Chen leaned slightly, and the whole person stepped on the left side of Fang Riyue, a side shot, the basketball suddenly drilled under the crotch of Fang Riyue.

With a sword in the air, Lin Chen turned around gorgeously while taking advantage of the gap, backhanded to take the basketball that came under his crotch, with a playful smile on the corner of his mouth.

"Damn, this kid is humiliating me?"

Fang Riyue was flushed with rage, his sword was three points faster, and he was extremely abnormal. The sword surged and thundered and thundered again, slashing down again, and slashing towards Lin Chen's head!


Lin Chen clapped another hand, the basketball passed by his feet, and the wind prison Pluto stepped forward; Lin Chen passed by ghostly behind him, with one hand, and continued to dribble!

boom! boom! boom!

When the sword emerged like thunder, Fang Riyue's sword speed became faster and faster, and finally only a few people on the scene could see clearly!

But even if you cant see the details of the battle, according to the residual images left in the dragon platform and the'basketball' that seems to bounce like a spirit, everyone clearly realizes that Lin Chen did not come up with real strength at all. !

As he said at the beginning, this battle is just a warm-up for him!

That's right, warm up! It's just **** warm up!

Fang Riyue is completely in the palm of his hand by playing basketball alone!

Fang Riyue didn't even have the qualification to let him show his strength!

"Damn it, **** bastard! Is the gap between us really that big?"

Fang Riyue looked up at the sky and screamed suddenly, drinking coldly, holding the sword in both hands and slashing out!

"Three Thousand Thunder Swords and Thunder Thousand Thousand Swords!"

Thousands of thunder and thunder sword shadows flashed between the sword front and back!

In the place where the two had fought before, the remaining faint thunder and lightning aftertaste was suddenly called, and it instantly turned into a spinning thunder sword mansions!

Thousands of thunder swords blocked Lin Chen's retreat in all directions! This trick, even the early stage of Zhun Zun, can hardly be avoided!

A few days ago, Fang Riyue's Tianjiao battled all the pupils with trembling pupils. They were at the last moment, and they were defeated by Fang Riyue's decaying sword magic!

"A total of 37 thunder-type light **** have been dropped, which is good, this sword should be a lore."

Lin Chen smiled indifferently; slammed the basketball and bounced to the height of kilometers!

Between his legs, the brilliant blue light glanced through, the whirlwind was like a violent wind, and Lin Chen was like a glimmer of light, passing by!

At this moment; Tian Jiao, who had a unique vision, was shocked and silent!

"Wind energy bloodline? Is he a special energy bloodline?"

"You can't be wrong! It must be a special energy bloodline, this kid hides deeply!"

boom! boom! boom!

More than a thousand thunderbolts of thunder and light were bombarded in the central area of Dragon Terrace; Fang Riyue's expression changed dramatically!

"No hit, bad..."

"Eat my Lin slam dunk!"

Lin Chen volleyed the basketball, the palm of his hand exploded, and he threw the ball and flew out!


The back of the sun and moon in the middle of the basketball hit him in the sky, and the volley revolved more than ten times before falling to the ground.

The violent shock hit the back of his head, making him spit foam on the spot and passed out.

Lin Chen volleyed around and landed firmly on his stele.

The homemade basketball bounced back and fell into Lin Chen's hands.

"Fang Riyue lost consciousness, representative Leng Jia, Lin Chen won! 4 consecutive victories, cumulative battle point: 4 points."

At the moment when Yan Qianyun announced the result, the heavens of the ancient families stared at Lin Chen standing on the stone monument of "Dedicated Disobedience".

This; perhaps it will be an unforgettable scene in their lives.

The young man stood with the ball, the silver robe rolled with the wind, and the playful smile that had not changed from beginning to end was hung on the corner of the mouth of the evil charm, and it was cynical, mysterious and full of charm!

4 consecutive victories! Beat the first master under the top ten geniuses, just warm up!

"Could it be that the new king is about to be born!"

"Perhaps, even Bai Ming, the No. 1 "magic sword", could not defeat Fang Riyue as calmly as he did."

The top arrogants who participated in the encirclement and suppression of the Nine-headed Demon Dog that day were breathtaking.

Suddenly; a figure slowly stood up, everyone stared, it was Bai's direction!

The man had a green rainbow sword hanging over his waist, his pupils were red, his eyebrows were tiger-eyes, his handsome and awe-inspiring face had a touch of rage that was hard to conceal!

"Brother Bai Ming has lost the news. Since that is the case, I will preside over the situation of the Bai family. This son is so insulting to the Bai family. If he is allowed to step down safely, wouldn't my Bai family lose all his face?"

All the arrogant expressions of the heavens changed, and even the ten geniuses showed surprise and curiosity. Was he going to shoot?

The top ten contemporary geniuses, ranked first, are Bai Ming of the Bai family.

Second, Ning Jia Ning Fantian. Third, blood family blood Hao. Fourth, Mojia Moruling. Fifth, Bai Yibai.

Sixth, the Xie family Xie Xiaochuan. Seventh, Tiange Academy Mo Feng, eighth, Ning Jia Ning Yunlan. The ninth Dan Qianqiu, tenth, Mo Linglong.

The Jinyi man with the blue sword hanging from the waist jumped into the air and stepped onto the abyss dragon platform!

"Baijia Baiyichen, challenge the representative of Lengjia: Lin Chen!"

Bai Yichen drew his sword and pointed directly at Lin Chen, proclaiming the audience indifferently.

It was actually Bai Yichen ranked fifth!

Many Tianjiao swallowed subconsciously, and did not expect to witness the top ten genius-level battles so quickly!

If you defeat the top ten geniuses, you will not only get 5 points, but also the points accumulated by the opponent will be included in the winner's points!

"My Bai family's face is not what you want to fight. How about Lin Chen, dare to fight."

Bai Yichen said with a sneer, his pervasive turbulence fluctuated, and the space crystal walls above the abyss dragon platform were faintly distorted.

Yan Qianyun moved gently, suspended in the air, suspended on the other side of the Abyss Dragon Platform, and smiled at Lin Chen Yan;

"Leng Jia represents Lin Chen, are you sure you accept the challenge? Mr. Bai Yichen, who is ranked fifth by the top ten geniuses, challenges you, so you don't need to meet 5 points. But if you lose, all points will go to the other party. all."

"Don't you dare, I just haven't warmed up yet!"

Lin Chen jumped and made a self-made basketball spinning at his fingertips, letting the arrogance standing on the first line of the sky stunned!

what's the situation?

Facing the top ten geniuses, and still the fifth ranked Bai Yichen, will he continue to play basketball?