My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 339

Chapter 339: 3. Attributes Hurricane

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Chapter 339 !

"What a joke, the top ten geniuses are ranked in the top five, but it is not comparable to the previous Fang Riyue. Isn't he planning to show some strength!"

"I guess I was bluffing and I plan to attack Bai Yichen at a critical moment."

"At present, only the top three of the top three geniuses are promoted to the quasi-respect, but that was before entering the torch, now no one can be sure of Bai Yichen's cultivation behavior!"

"Yes, if Bai Yichen advances to the quasi-respectful cultivation practice, even the four heavenly kings will not be able to trump him lightly!"

Almost all Tianjiao believed that Lin Chen could not keep the same as the last battle. If he did not show his real strength, perhaps his legend would stop there!

The Tianjiao of some ancient families thought that he wanted to use the basketball to pretend to leave the strength behind.

"Wait, I want to prepare before the battle begins."

Suddenly; Lin Chen raised his hand to Yan Qianyun.

"Ready?" Yan Qianyun wondered, would he really want to show his real strength?

"Yes, about a quarter of an hour."

Lin Chen laughed; Yan Qianyun frowned slightly and nodded.

"Yes, if it's only quarter of an hour."

"Humph! I want to see what tricks you want to play."

Bai Yichen stood by the sword and looked disdainful. He had a strong enough confidence in his heart!

No matter what tricks Lin Chen plays, he is not afraid, now he is far from comparable when he just entered the flame!

"You are quite confident."

Zijin pupil glanced through the light; Lin Chen seemed to see through Bai Yichen's confidence came from.

Lin Chen flashed, and he walked around the abyss dragon platform, and began to pick up all the attribute light **** of the audience!

In the previous battle, Lin Chen only absorbed a small amount of attribute light **** in the battle.

Challenge after wave of wave, Lin Chen had no time to pick up the attribute light ball on the abyss dragon platform.

Although it is no problem for him to pick it up in the battle, the relative cost is not so easy.

At this time, the abyss dragon platform gathered all the attribute light **** left over from the previous Tianjiao battle! And a lot of attribute light **** that challenge Lin Chen and other top celestial drops!

[The host gains 5 million primary wind energy, 4 million primary gold energy, and 7 million primary fire energy.]

[The host gains 6 million primary thunder energy, 3.5 million primary dark energy, 5.4 million primary wood,]

[Host gains 13 billion primary qi and blood energy, 24 billion primary qi essence,]

[The host obtains 6 million points of primary light energy, 3 million points of dark energy, 9 million points of gold energy,]

Lin Chen took the lead in picking up a large number of primary element energy attribute light balls, and many Tianjiao looked puzzled and surprised.

After picking up the east side, Lin Chen turned around, and behind him was the property light ball covered with the ground, full of dazzling eyes, exuding all kinds of blurred and bright light!

Lin Chen picked it up again, looking at you all with arrogance.

What is this product doing? Touching the air for a while, and smiling like a rose flower!

"Is he in formation? Doesn't he even need the basic formation?"

"I can't see through, I really can't see through, but in terms of the result, he seems to be scratching at the air."

Both Dan Qianqiu and the Danjiao's Tianjiao shook their heads, not only them, but even the four heavenly kings and Yan Qianyun couldn't see what Lin Chen was doing!

Only Han Yizhi and Leng Yueqi smiled in the audience. Dan Qianqiu saw the smile of the two and couldn't help but curious.

"Do you know what he is doing?"

Han Yizhi shook his head gently and smiled lightly; "I don't know, no one can see through the squad leader's actions. But what is certain is that the more he does something invisible, the more he proves his intentions and goals. Unexpected!"

Inside the Dragon Platform of the Abyss; the light screen of the system popped up quickly.

[The host obtains 8 million points of primary skills, 12 million points of merit, 7 million points of merit,]

[The host obtains 50 points of heavenly value, 30 points of heavenly value, 150 points of heavenly value, 50 points of heavenly value,]

[The host gains 8 million primary rune energy and 1.3 million primary mental strength.]

[The host opens the blue gold treasure chest and obtains the blue-level advanced combat skills "Devil Soul Slash"]

[The host obtains the light ball of the skill attribute, and obtains the blue-level intermediate combat skill "Dragon Extinction Ten Skills"]

[The host obtains the light ball of the skill attribute, and obtains the blue-level intermediate defense combat skills "Long Shield".

Lin Chen didn't know that he picked up hundreds or thousands of attribute light balls. His attribute values have been surging and never stopped!


A more powerful nine-color battle spirit rose in Lin Chen's Dantian, and was advanced to the eighth middle stage!

He runs the "Ten Thousand Fire Net Skills", and countless intertwined and condensed fire tactics are woven into a heavy fire net in his body, covering up his cultivation as a small and refined situation.

This time, Lin Chen seized a total of 6,315 attribute light balls!

The value of his attribute has an unprecedented increase!

Especially the elementary power and elementary energy.

In addition to the latter, the latter will appear on powerful beasts, and the basic skills are generally found on human warriors.

What's more, this time is the top Tianjiao in the ancient family of Lingzhou, each of which is placed in the outside world in the same era; first-class among the first-class!

If it is placed in the Tiange Academy, the Tianjiao present will pick any one that easily enters the top 50 of the Blue Rank!

The elementary exercises and spirits dropped on them made Lin Chen feel trembling!

In a moment, Lin Chen turned on the system;

[Tiandao Picking System 3.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen

Cultivated as: Tiangang Realm Eightfold Middle.

Ultimate Strength: 5350 Dragon Power.

Primary qi and blood energy: 1.0357 trillion points.

The essence of elementary fighting spirit: 876.5 billion points.

Primary mental strength: 22.7 million points (spiritual perfection)

The essence of elementary exercises: 1.3 billion points.

Sky value: 1890 points.

Mindset: "Nine Tribulation of Creation" (95%)

Xihui exercises: Taishi Bible (80%), Xiuluo Jiuhuang Change (Fragment), Sanqing Spirit Watermark, Lei Shunqianyin, Wanyue Xuanzhen Jia, Tiangeng Reverse Dragon Lance,

Blood Vessel Energy (up to 3 types): Blue Dragon Blood Vessel (50,000 points), Purple Golden Eye Blood Vessel (10000 points),

Characteristic Runes: Slow Rune Level 3, Corrupt Rune Level 3, Charged Rune Level 3, Phantom Rune Fragment (2/3),

Primary rune energy: 234 million points.

Primary elemental energy: 400 million points in the fire system, 400 million points in the soil system, 350 million points in the wood system, 500 million points in the gold system, and 500 million points in the water system. Thunder system has 500 million points, wind system has 500 million points, light system has 200 million points, and dark system has 300 million points.

Update 4.0 version conditions: collect 10,000 points of heavenly value and 3 billion elementary points of merit. (Expected to open talent functions, fusion functions, upgrade initial attribute values,)

Treasures: 34 kinds of fifth-order medicinal herbs, 210 kinds of fifth-order medicinal herbs, 18 kinds of sixth-order medicinal herbs 18 kinds of blue rank intermediate combat skills, 4 kinds of blue rank advanced combat skills, 21 kinds of fifth rank treasures,