My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 34

Chapter 34: The Highlight

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Chapter 34

"Another treasure chest appears!"

When Lin Chen saw "The Longevity True Fire Seal" was born, a bronze chest was also suspended above the starlight characters!

Shangguan Yunfan smiled gracefully, and his heart was full of envy.

Their Shangguan family exhausted half of their life, only to get the green-level intermediate alchemy fingerprints to support the development of the family, the green-level senior is priceless, and the green-level top, fools will easily sell it.

"The top handprints of the green rank!"

Xing Wanhe sat in a special VIP room in the city's main palace. His palm shook violently a few times, and finally he lowered it, and sighed deeply!

As the chief pharmacist of Wanling City, no one on the scene knows this value better than him!

The green-level intermediate alchemy fingerprint makes him a fourth-level alchemist admired by hundreds of millions of people. If he is a top-level green-level alchemist, his alchemy skills can be further improved!

"The old man is so old. It's not good to see this kind of stimulation in front of me."

Xing Wanhe seemed to be a few years old, and said to himself very regretfully.

"Hey, Laohe, don't be too excited. If you mess up here, I won't be able to save you even if you are fat."

Fatty Huangpao took an apple and took a bite, hehe smiled.

On the high platform, because of the large number of strong people on the scene, the restlessness was suppressed in the end; judging from the situation on the scene, Wanshou Zhenhuo was the most precious level.

"Oh; the Shangguan family is still slightly worse."

A group of figures came from the passage of the VIP room, the people of the Nangong family!

The blue-robed middle-aged man headed with a chuckle, and the people of the Huangfu family also followed behind them.

"I have also discovered the secrets in this ancient book. Unfortunately, if someone from your family practices to the fourth level of Zijin Tong, today's victory and defeat is really unpredictable."

The blue robe man smiled strangely at Shangguan Yunfan, who glanced at the family on both sides.

"Sure enough someone told you about the situation in our family."

The people of the Huangfu family sarcastically looked at Shangguan Yunfan, as if they had already seen the outcome.

"Yu Yan, go up and tell them what is the most precious!"

The middle-aged man in the blue robe looked at the high platform, Nangong Yuyan nodded indifferently, and Lian Bu moved the high platform lightly.

The delicate jade hands lightly joined together, and Nangong Yuyan gently touched the broken ancient knife on the No. 1 counter. The nine gems inlaid on the blade shone, gradually glowing.

"Don't this Nizi know that the thing in this blade is a fourth-order beast core?"

Shangguan Yunfan frowned, and he had already urged Zijin Tong to confirm again and again that the only thing of value in this ancient sword was the fourth-order beast core in the blade. Although this thing was precious, it was not comparable to the true mark of Wanshou.

"Is it...?"

Lin Chenyi urged Zijin Tong, Zidian to observe another wonder in the ancient sword!

The moment the jade finger was dotted on the blade body, Nangong Yuyan scratched her fingertips, dripped a drop of essence blood, and the whole ancient knife began to rush out and burst out of the air!

Nine gem-like fierce beast cores began to radiate amazing fierce power, and many powerful players in the venue launched defenses to protect everyone!

Nine purple beams of light rose suddenly, three of them actually disillusioned the terrifying illusion of beasts, roaring constantly!

"this is?"

Shangguan Yunfan's face changed abruptly!


Shangguan Bihan looked at the platform with concern, and this last treasure-telling session was completely turbulent!

"This is nine fierce beast cores from the real flame purple phoenix of the ancient times, of which there are eight fourth-order, and one is fifth-grade!"

Nangong Yuyan's words caused a thousand waves!

Even many treasurers who are famous in the wild have changed their colors!

True flame purple phoenix, with pure ancient Phoenix bloodline, its fierce beast core, the value is more than ten times the fierce beast core of the same level!

Not only that, there is a fierce beast core that is actually a fifth-order grade!

Fifth level, that is to say, the equivalent of the strong level of Tiangang Realm!

A strong man in Tiangang Realm is enough to dominate the life of the entire Wanling City!

There are only a handful of Tiangang people in the entire wasteland, let alone kill them!

It is hard to imagine the difficulty of killing a real flame purple phoenix comparable to the sky of the Gang Gang realm!

Although the top green alchemy fingerprint is precious, compared with the nine fierce beast cores of the real flame purple phoenix, the two sides are indeed not a grade!

"Is it defeated, the Shangguan family still lost to the Nangong family..."

Some people whispered under the platform, and some marveled that this ancient beast comparable to the sky can also be killed and cast into an ancient weapon.

Shangguan Yunfan gritted his teeth fiercely, he had previously discovered the existence of these nine fierce beast cores, but because of the long years and the inlays on the weapons, he did not realize the true rank of all its fierce beast cores!

People in the Shangguan family all gritted their teeth, some lowered their heads and sighed, and some were extremely unwilling and angry.

"It seems that it's time for my Shangguan family to recuperate for a while. The ancestral altar has been closed for decades and still affects the foundation..."

With a sigh in the heart of Shangguan Yunfan, the people of the Nangong family all laughed wildly!

"It seems that the power of Jianbao in this wasteland is the first, in the end it is my Nangong family!"

"Um~ Qing is better than blue because it is blue, and it is also the time for young people, Yu Yan, doing a good job."

"Shangguan Yunfan, how does it feel to witness your family's failure, hahaha! Look at you like that, like a prodigal dog!"

The people of the Huangfu family sneered and sneered.

After today, spreading from Wanling City, the entire wasteland will know that the Shangguan family is no longer an opponent of the Nangong family, and the Nangong family will take a step forward!

In the field of Jianbao, the strongmen attracted by the first and second are not at the same level, and the Huangfu family who took the Nangong family will also skyrocket.

Everyone in the Shangguan family stood up angrily, and some young people with a flesh and blood were flushed with rage.

While the smell of gunpowder on the scene was full, the youthful and easy-going chuckle injects new vitality to all the Shangguan family!

"The real treasure is indeed in the ancient sword. This victory or defeat has not yet been settled."

Everyone looked at it, and tens of thousands of treasure masters all looked in the direction of the VIP room passage. The graceful and graceful beauty came slowly.

It is Shangguan Bihan!

Behind Shangguan Bihan, there was a young boy with a straight waist and a gentle pace.

He put his hands in his pockets, his expression clouded lightly, and his childish face was hung with a confident and conceited smile!

"It's Miss Shangguan Bihan! Who is the person behind Miss Shangguan?"

"It's him! I heard that the foreman who helped the Shangguan family repair the ancestral altar!"

"I know him, he is the boy who makes Master Twenty-four Stars organize belly dance!"

"This is the Jianbao Conference, how is it related to one of his fortune tellers?"

Yan Jiwen, who was hidden in the dark, heard the sound of discussion around him, exposing the green gold and gritting his teeth.

Immediately, his eyes narrowed and he muttered to himself.

"Does this kid also appraise treasure? Impossible, how old is this kid with yellow hair, how can he dabble in so many fields!"

Hearing the voices of many people around, Nangong Yuyan rarely showed a hint of emotional fluctuations. The cold and blue eyes stared at Shangguan Bihan, and the clear and indifferent voice slowly came.

"Your previous statement is the same as the result of my appraisal, and it is not convincing."