My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 340

Chapter 340: When Does He Want To Show?

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Chapter 340

This time picking up attribute light balls, a large number of medicinal materials, combat skills, treasures, all into Lin Chen's bag.

Although he has harvested 4 advanced blue-level combat skills, he now needs to update his system and he needs a lot of skill.

In terms of combat skills, greed and chewing are not bad. Lin Chen only needs the combat skills that can play the most perfect effect in combination with "Genesis Nine Tribulation".

In addition to this; especially Lin Chen's primary elemental energy has undergone a qualitative transformation!

In addition to the two rare properties of light and dark, the rest are more than 300 million points!

The thunder system, water system and wind system currently used by Lin Chen are as high as 500 million points! The same combat skills are displayed, but the power will be changed dramatically!

"A quarter of an hour has passed. Leng's representative Lin Chen, you are ready."

Yan Qianyun calculated the time and spoke first to break Lin Chen's consciousness.

He withdrew his gaze from the system and smiled.

"completely fine!"

"Then Bai Baibai from the Bai family challenged Lin Chen, the representative of the Leng family. The challenge begins now!" Yan Qianyun closed the jade hand to read the ancient book, Qingling declared.


As soon as the words fell, Jian Feng came out of the sheath like Long Yin, and the sword intention was three thousand miles in length, pointing directly at Lin Chen!

A sword that made the space tremble trembling, so that many arrogances outside the field felt unstoppable from the awe-inspiring rising from the abyss dragon platform!

The top ten geniuses present all showed a surprised color; this Bai Yichen was hiding so deep?

"He was already the quasi-zun's early cultivation..."

The sixth-ranked Xie Xiaochuan station said to himself bitterly in the first day.

Before he and Bai Yichen entered the torch, they were still the top of the ninth level.

Among the previous top ten geniuses, only three of the top three ranked Jinjun Zun, but now Bai Yichen, Jin Jinzhun, is going to catch up with the top three!

"No wonder he is so confident and confident to challenge Lin Chen to recapture the scene for the Bai family. It turns out that he is already a quasi-respectful practitioner!"

"Hey, Lin Chen will suffer next!"

All the arrogance and misfortune, all waiting to see Lin Chen's embarrassment come to an end.

"Lin Chen, die!"

When Bai Yichen sneered, the sword appeared like a Dragon Yin, and the sixth-order low-level Pole Star Sword circulated a faint snow-white star awn!

A bright white spiral sword flashed from his hands, hundreds of feet, flew past in a cone!

The sharp breath penetrated through the void thorn, Lin Chen was still able to feel the sharpness of the sword tip across a distance of seven or eight thousand feet!

"Very powerful sword skill, but the wind prison Hades step!"

Lin Chen took a step a little, the light wind swirled around, his figure shuddered suddenly, skimmed the void, disappeared!

This time, his wind energy is four times more than before, and the speed has more than tripled!

"Sure enough, your body speed can be faster, but I have a way to deal with it!"

Bai Yichen's mouth outlined a disdainful arc, his fingertips shook the hilt, and when the spiral swords flashed, a profound mysterious suction broke out!

The entire Dragon Terrace space began to distort continuously, forming a vortex with a spiral sword, the center of the vortex is the point of Bai Yichen's sword!

Lin Chen's body was abrupt, and his body speed was reduced by more than half. Bai Yichen came with a sword stab, and Lin Chen was about to be crushed by the sword thorn!

"Wind Bloodline Transformation!"

Brush ~~!

The moment Lin Chen turned the Genesis Nine Tribulation into a special bloodline, his speed suddenly climbed a few grades, tearing the void and violently escaping the spiral sword mans!

"what's the situation?"

Bai Yichen reveals a trace of disbelief, can his speed be even better?

Although the speed of the previous Lin Chen's outburst was tricky, it was not a concern in the eyes of a quasi-respected priest.

"His special energy bloodline has suddenly improved several grades, and his cultivation practice has also broken through a small realm? When did he break through, neither taking immortality medicine nor absorbing a large amount of heaven and earth aura."

Yan Qianyun made the best of his luck, and the moment Lin Chen revealed his cultivation behavior, he immediately noticed his anomaly!

Before the Tianjiao could be surprised, Lin, who was flashing away from Bai Yichen's attack area, single-handedly shot the homemade basketball in the Longtai center again, and the skillful dribble ran away!

Seeing this scene; a lot of Tianjiao screamed on the spot!

"I'm doing it! He's not finished!"

"His mother, does he actually want to play basketball?"

"This is the top ten geniuses of the quasi-respect level. I don't know how much stronger it is, such as Sun and Moon. Does he still want to play basketball like others like last time?"

Lin Chen's move is no longer a word for arrogance, it is completely despising Bai Yichen, and even most of the arrogance at the scene!

Bai Yichen is undoubtedly the ceiling of the strength of this generation of Tianjiao. On the ranking of the Ming Dynasty, his strength is already ranked in the top ten in contemporary Tianjiao. Does Lin Chen still want to play basketball in front of him?

"Damn, I want to see how you still want to play?"

Bai Yichen smiled angrily, holding a sword and slaying away, Jian Feng chopped three swords in a row.

The bluish white sword mang cuts the void, and turns into a horizontal and vertical sword shape towards Lin Chen's beheading!

Lin Chen dribble the ball quickly, shoot with both hands in a row, step back and turn around, and then change hands to dribble and move in the clouds!

Lin Chen's footwork circulated between the wind and **** cyclones that scraped the void. The blue-level intermediate body method "Wind Hell Hades Step" cooperated with the blood of the wind system, and it was even more terrifying than the founder of the body method!

"Damn, I don't believe you can dodge all my attacks!"

Bai Yichen seemed to be extremely humiliated. Instead of holding the sword in one hand, he held the sword in both hands, and the whole person turned into a blurred shadow of sword light!

The Pole Star Sword circulates the Qinghong and Baimang, and Bai Yichen pulls the blade at a very fast speed, which is extremely fast and crazy to press against Lin Chen.

boom! boom! boom!

The violent vibration of racking the ball resounded throughout the abyss dragon platform!

The two turned into two rainbow-mangoes, shuttled from the sky to the dragon platform, and flashed from the dragon platform to the void!

Lin Chen's body style is extremely fast!

Hundreds of thousands of his remnants remained in the abyss dragon platform, and they were crushed by Qinghong Jianguang again and again!

Jianguang Yuyun hacked on the abyss dragon platform again and again, leaving a deep finger mark!

The previous ten genius-level battles also broke out, but only Bai Yichen was able to leave such a deep crack in the abyss dragon platform! It can be seen that his strength is terrible!

"No! Look! What is on the dragon platform?"

"His! It is a word, a word carved with a sword mark!"

After discovering the anomaly in the abyss dragon platform, some strong Tianjiao suddenly sucked in the air!

In the central area of the Abyssal Dragon Platform, from east to north, where Lin Chen and Bai Yichen had fought before, there was a shocking sword mark left!

The sword marks are connected end to end, and they are even connected into four large characters, each of which is tens of feet in size!

"Tee, the show of tee flowers?"

"While he was playing basketball, he was pulling the sword strokes left by Bai Yichen to engrave the four characters of "The Show of Di Flower"?"

"What the **** is this monster?"

"When exactly does he want to show!"