My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 341

Chapter 341: You Are Thinking About Fart

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Chapter 341

See the moment of the four big characters on the abyss dragon platform; many Tianjiao suddenly felt numb!

Some Tianjiao, who are not strong in psychological acceptance, were stupefied on the spot and stood staring in the sky, unable to say a word!

That was Bai Yichen at the beginning of Quasi-Zun!

Ranked in the top ten in contemporary strength, it is very likely that it will become a son in the future and become the pinnacle of Lingzhou!

In the mid-eighth stage of a Tiangang Realm, even playing with Bai Yichen? And still in a state of ease!

I dare not write this novel!

Several of the Mojia's arrogance couldn't help but hold their foreheads, rubbing their temples, and it was difficult to accept the reality.

"Me, I was so hurt by the show, who told me what the **** is going on?"

"He dodged Bai Yichen's all attacks has been incredible, he is still playing basketball?"

"In the heyday Lin Chen, how terrifying was it! My God, what a **** is this!"

"He also deliberately used other people's swords to attack and engrave four big characters. God **** **** flower show? I served!"

If there are accidents in this world, it is the most unexpected thing in Quan Lingzhou to let someone from Lin in this torch fire take part!

"How many cards do he still have!"

Yan Qianyun's beautiful eyes flashed never before! She thought she had figured out some of Lin Chen's details, but did not expect it to be far from the tip of the iceberg!

Bai Yichen, who was silently chasing Lin Chen frantically, looked back and realized that he was completely led by Lin Chen and took his nose!

"The flower show? How dare he play dad, shit, I must destroy you today!"

When Bai Yichen broke his finger and smeared the blood on his fingertips with his fingertips, the sword flowed upside down between yin and yang, cutting the edge of the universe!

When he withdrew his body and suddenly distanced himself from Lin Chen, he held up the Pole Star Sword, and his sword burst into the sky, inspiring Jiutian Xuanguang!

"Qiankun Borrows the Law, Nine Xuan Yao Day!"


Countless bright and blazing lights are like training, flying from high altitudes tens of thousands of feet away, converging into the sword body.

Bai Yichen's'Pole Star Sword' outlines nine glorious radiances, condensing into a thousand-energy sword!

This energetic sword, flowing the mysterious and eternal light system fighting spirit into a sharp edge, as if condensing the vast energy of the sky and the sky!

His face was slightly pale, and Bai Yichen chuckled up in the sky!

"Hahaha, Lin Chen! I think you are hiding like this!"

Laughter screamed in the wild, and Bai Yichen showed an endless white light all over his body, turning into a thousand giant who condensed his fighting spirit, holding the pole star sword, proudly standing in the center of the abyss dragon platform!

"This is the blue-level advanced sword tactic "Nine Profound Sun Sword" handed down from generation to generation!"

"It's a terrible power. It is said that this sword move, combined with the corresponding mental skills, can exert the power of infinitely close to the blue-level top-level exercises!"

Some Tianjiao who knew something about the Bai family couldn't help but retreat a distance.

Even if Yixiantian and the Abyssal Dragon Platform are far enough away, they can still feel the trembling of the heart through the space beyond the space.

Blood Hao's Blood Hao and Ning's Ning Fantian both showed dignity.

There is no doubt; only with this sword, even if the two of them have to vigorously welcome it, it is possible to take it!

"How should Lin Chen take this sword..."

Dan Qianqiu's green eyes crossed her worries, and when she looked at Lin Chen in the Dragon Terrace, a pretty stunned face appeared.

Not only Dan Qianqiu, but also the other Tianjiao who was watching Lin Chen had a slightly twitched mouth, unbelievable appearance!

Someone in Lin actually stopped in front of Bai Yichen, his expectation even excited!

Even Ning Fantian and Xue Hao, who are ranked second and third, feel tricky sword skills, is he even looking forward to it?

"It seems that we still underestimated him..."

The Mo Linglong of the Mo family stood on the west cliff in the front of the sky, shaking her head and laughing at herself. She only surrendered all the way to this swordsmanship.

Inside the Abyss Dragon Platform;

Staring at Bai Yichen who is exhibiting the "Nine Xuan Yao Rijian", he is madly falling with a bright attribute light ball of white light. How can Lin Chen not expect!

These are all extremely rare light spheres!

He can't wait for the other party to do more tricks!

In the end, Bai Yichen's fighting spirit condensed into a silhouette of a thousand-height armor, wearing a war helmet, wearing a battle robe, and a jade belt around his waist, just like a general who guarded the important place!

It holds a giant sword of light energy, and Bai Yichen is located in the center of the helmet of the armor silhouette. He grinned and waved the pole star sword!

Jian Feng swept the galaxy, and cut it down vertically!

Lin Chens pace was as light as a dragonfly, and he continuously changed hands to shoot the ball; under his feet, there was a strong blue wind whirl, one step, nine steps!

Bang ~~!

The pole star energy sword crossed the dragon platform and divided the shocking sword marks! Split Lin Chen's "Dedicated Disobedience" stele in half!

Nine steps in a row, Lin Chen took the ball away from eight thousand feet away!

The awe-inspiring sword air appeared through the void, slashed across, and slashed the abyss dragon platform again with a shocking sword mark, two feet deep!

Lin Chen turned around with his ball in a chic manner, and his paces were continuous, such as star-studded sky, staring into a film, and flashing over the energy sword again!

Many Tianjiao are shocking to see. If they are struck by that great sword of energy, I am afraid that they will burst into a blood mist on the spot!

"Although it is just to avoid, Lin Chen is more terrible than Bai Yichen in some ways!"

"It's not over yet! The sword is getting faster and faster!"

Some Dan's Tianjiao exclaimed suddenly, the third sword's offensive was a little faster than before, Lin Chen's body style was just settled, the third sword immediately hacked!

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, his legs twisted like a sudden, and the blue wind twirled and flickered!

Lin Chen's whole person moved like a star to the sky, and when he jumped into the void, his arms were transformed into gold energy blood veins as the sky turned!

"The second special energy bloodline? Is he a dual energy bloodline?"

Failing to escape Yan Qianyun's eyes this time, her green eyes flashed three hexagonal stars, very mysterious, completely piercing Lin Chen's every move, and inferring countless times in her mind!

The next moment; Lin Chens homemade basketball circulated with an indestructible Geng Jin, and the moment he wrapped it, he showed a playful smile and slammed the basketball out!

Dang~~! Boom~!

The sound of gold-iron collision shocked the entire abyss dragon platform. The huge strength inside the basketball shocked Bai Yichen's energy giant sword and tilted it, making his sword edge empty!

When the basketball collided and bounced back, Lin Chen volleyed a little and caught the rebounded basketball while the figure was spinning!

I don't know; the Great Sword of Energy came back diagonally again, extremely fast! In an instant, Jian Feng was only a few dozen feet away from Lin Chen!

"Bai Yichen succeeded!"

"Lin Chen is about to be split in half!"

Bai Yichen, who was in the shadow of the armor, grinned; "Dead! Also, **** hesitant, Lao Tzu will hack you now!"

Everyone thought that when Lin Chen was going to be cut off and cut off his corpse, a stream of purple flames burst out from behind him!

In Lin Chens pupils with purple gold, the clouds are light and the wind is light, and his expression is not chaotic! From the beginning to the end, there was a cynical smile!

"Want to hack your brother Chen? You are thinking about fart eating!"