My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 342

Chapter 342: You Are Too Beautiful.

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Chapter 342


Wind and thunder roaring around the entire abyss dragon platform, Lin Chen's figure instantly moved the void!

His residual image was cut into nothingness by the energy blade, and disappeared into a ray of purple and green smoke!

"So fast!"

"His body is a bit tricky."

Murong Changsheng, who has always remained indifferent and indifferent, frowned for the first time, and a magical spirit wave rose above the top of his head!

Luo Ju whispered, "Amazing Son", fanned like a light moon, whispering to herself.

"I thought he was a skinless and stupid prodigal prodigal son. I didn't expect it to be a bit capable."

The speed of True Flame Purple Phoenix Wing depends on the pure power controlled by Lin Chen's physical refining level in the main field.

Today's Lin Chen is already 5300 dragon power, and only pure power can match the early stage of the quasi-zun!

In this state, the true blood purple phoenix wings are superimposed with 500 million points of wind energy energy blood veins displayed by the wind prison Pluto step!

The speed that Lin Chen has revealed this time has made even the four heavenly kings feel intractable!

"It seems that you can't do it, guy juice."

Lin Chen batted the ball with one hand and hooked his finger to the armor energy giant in the sky.

"Fuck you!"

Bai Yichen, who has always been personable and icy and cold, was roared like a beast by Lin Chen for the first time!

He controls the giant giant armor of energy formed by the condensed light of the light system, holding the pole star sword, waving the giant sword in his hand like a wind!

Jian Feng was able to cut Lin Chen only a little bit worse every time. With the superposition of True Flame Purple Phoenix wings, Lin Chen's speed was even more powerful!

His activities on the Dragon Platform of the Abyss are more flexible and free, like a fish!

The bounced basketballs turned and flapped at his fingertips, and from time to time he shot a shot that shook Bai Yichen's blade!

"Oh, don't you lose Yichen if you go on like this!"

The Bai family was so angry that their teeth tickled, and they were terrified.

Headed by a solemn expression of the Baijiatian pride goddess in the mid-ninth middle period.

"Not necessarily, exquisite mysterious body techniques like Lin Chen's, the need for fighting spirit is not trivial, if his fighting strength is exhausted, then it is the chance of Bai Yichen's cousin!"

The woman glanced sharply across the sharp eyes and said word by word.

"At that time, it's time for Brother Bai Yichen to fight him back!"


The trembling space and the abyss dragon platform burst out like a shaking rock for the first time!

Every time Bai Yichen wields his sword, one to three light attribute light **** will be dropped!

Most people can see that Bai Yichen now wants to fight Lin Chen's endurance!

Whoever exhausts the fighting strength first, who will possibly win the battle!

Bai Yichen's expression is a little bit white, constantly chewing the high-level pill medicine, but the high-level pill medicine to make up and refine the fighting spirit is limited.

If you take too much medicine, the meridian will be broken, the repair will drop, and the heavy will be a waste!

"I don't believe you Lin Chen can keep this speed!"

Bai Yichen controls the energy giant to cut several swords, keep up with Lin Chen's pace, the sword rushes to the sky, sweeps the eight wastelands, and ploughs across the dragon platform, leaving a shocking sword mark!

Bai Yichen who exhibited "Nine Xuan Yao Sun Sword", each sword he slashed was enough to divide the mountains, cut off hundreds of miles of rivers and only waved his hands!

If the space inside the Dragon Terrace is strong enough, the might of the battle has already threatened everyone on the front line!

Bai Yichen pressed hard, and in front of him, Lin Chen was as small as an ant!

But his smooth dribbling, pitching never stopped, all the way to the purple flame with blue light, the entire abyss dragon platform is full of the afterimage of his dribbling and turning!

Finally, Bai Yichen forced Lin Chen to the west of Longtai, his body speed slowed down after all!

Until the end, Lin Chen's fighting spirit was exhausted and forced to the edge of the Dragon Platform!

"Damn, are you mad? You jump! You dribble! You pitch, you **** continue to show!"

Bai Yichen's pale and cruel face couldn't help but laugh wildly; in the end, this battle was still his last!

Between laughter, Jian Feng slashed down violently! The light and sword swords that shook Yin and Yang rebelliously were cut down like a sword of holy punishment above the nineth heaven!

"Who can laugh to the end, not necessarily."

Lin Chen's mouth raised a confident arc, and his mind suddenly worked!

At this moment; heaven and earth are together!

Scorn~! Sigh~ Boom!

Between the distortions of the space, a deep thunder is transmitted, and the huge energy vortex is centered on Lin Chen and incorporated into his body, turning into his fighting spirit at a very fast speed!

boom! The vast light sword slashed diagonally, and Lin Chen's series of afterimages appeared again, easily evading this menacing sword!

"I haven't heard of such a strange request? Do you want me to continue to jump and continue to dribble? Okay! The boss will satisfy you!"

Lin Chen dribble laughs, attracting a lot of Tianjiao's mouth!

"That scene just now can't be wrong!"

"It's not just a momentum that can be triggered by higher-order mental methods. Only after experiencing the baptism and refining of the holy fire, the vision that can be launched by absorbing the spirit of heaven and earth!"

"This kid has absorbed the torch so quickly?"

"Crazy? And no matter where he obtained the seed of the torch, this is a supernatural creature that broke through the bottleneck! It is the most perfect way to use it when you enter the Zunzun Realm with Quasi-Zen!"

"Is it true that he still has confidence to find and safely absorb the second flame seed?"

The most desperate is Bai Yichen!

He thought that when Lin Chen finally exhausted his fighting spirit, he didn't expect this guy to have swallowed the seeds of the torch and absorbed the refining aura of heaven and earth only in one breath!

"No! Look, what is that!"

At this time, the Tianjiao of the Dans and Moss exclaimed in unison!

I saw; as the smoke gradually dispersed, on the abyss dragon platform, there were four more characters!

Previously, everyone was silent in the speed rivalry between Lin Chen and Bai Yichen, and almost no one paid attention to what kind of sword marks remained inside the dragon platform.

Now when I take a closer look, I have portrayed four new characters: machine, you, too, and beauty.

"Machine, you, too, beautiful?"

"What is this stuff?"

"My God? Is Bai Yichen still playing with him with all his strength?"

"We are all wrong! From the beginning to the end, Bai Yichen cannot win him at all! Bai Yichen is just a plaything in his palm!"

All the arrogant people in the first line of the day, a terrifying fear appeared in their hearts!

When I gazed at the smile on Lin Chens mouth again, it was very different from what I felt when I first saw it!

In the cynical smile, there is no such pretentious attitude at first, but only contains the endless mystery and the domineering world!

I don't know who, when my teeth tremble slightly, I muttered to myself.

"How strong is he?"