My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 343

Chapter 343: The Quarterfinals Start

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Chapter 343: The quarterfinals start!

When Bai Yichen turned around, he saw that the sword marks left by his violent attack just outlined a sentence of machine is too beautiful, he was stagnant on the spot!

He actually let him play again!

"Don't I just roll around in his palm...? I don't want it... I don't want it!"


Bai Yichen's face was pale, his throat was sweet, he vomited blood on the spot, and the entire armor giant who was maintained by the fighting gas suddenly disappeared!

His eyes turned white, and Bai Yichen fell to the ground when he fell to the ground.

He was angry and furious, and he only hanged his last breath. Finally, he finally passed out alive and angry!

Yan Qianyun's slender and jade fingers are dotted in the ancient books, and the rapidly turning ancient book is full of stars and stars, pushing the endless heaven!

Finally, Yan Qianyun withdrew her jade fingers and gave Lin Chen a deep glance at the dragon platform.

"It's strange, until now I still haven't performed the origin and fate of Lin Chen, how can there be such a strange life, even the most basic ominous omen, this person seems to be not belonging to this The world is the same; how unreasonable..."

Yan Qianyun thought to no avail. Seeing that Bai Yichen in the Longtai did not respond, she smiled gracefully.

"Baijia Baiyichen challenged Lin Chen, the representative of Lengjia. Winner: Lin Chen! 5 consecutive victories!"

"According to regulations, if the top ten geniuses are defeated, the points they own will also be owned by the other party. Therefore, Bai Yichen's 11 points are owned by Lin Chen!"

The moment when the result was announced; many Tianjiao were dignified!

At 11 points and 5 points, Lin Chens accumulated points have surpassed any one who is currently participating in the Dragon Platform, enough to participate in the next quarterfinals!

In the quarterfinals, there is a half chance of encountering the four kings!

"There are still people, will you continue to challenge?"

Yan Qianyun is like a light and light butterfly, standing in the air, waving his hand lightly, smiling lightly.

As soon as this remark came out, all Tianjiao in the first line fell into silence.

Who dares to challenge me!

As for Lin Chens unfathomable strength, if he went to play basketball with him, or he would be the show of the jade flower, the machine is too beautiful, isnt it a shame?

Even the mysterious black robe boy who had fought with Lin Chen in the Tomb of the 100 Tombs was in the front line for a few days.

He shook his head and sighed in his heart!

At the beginning, the two could still confront each other for a few tricks. Since Lin Chen stole his dark dragon palm, the two have already opened a world apart!

To this result, Yan Qianyun is not surprised. Today, there are only four kings who can shake Lin Chen!

"Now that is the case, now the final quarter-finals of the Dragon Dragon Tournament. The participants of the quarter-finals are: Luo Qingyu, Murong Changsheng, Ye Yanxia, Ling Tian, Xue Hao, Ning Fantian, Ye Qingyu, Lin Chen!"

When Yan Qianyun announced the quarter-finals, Lin Chen was still busy picking up his attribute light ball.

[The host obtains 7 million points of primary light energy and 5 million points of primary fighting spirit,]

[The host obtains 13 million points of primary energy and 2 billion points of primary qi and blood energy]

[The host picks up the light ball of the skill attribute and obtains the blue-level advanced swordsmanship "Nine Profound Sun Sword"]

This time, Lin Chen picked up the same number of attribute light balls.

In the past, there were always a few or more than ten or so light **** of the power attribute of Lin Chen, which together add up to millions of points.

However, between one and two of the attribute light **** picked up by Lin Chen this time, there are millions or even tens of millions of meritorious attributes and light energy!

"It is worthy of the ten geniuses of the quasi-respect level. The quality of this attribute of the light ball is amazing!"

Lin Chen exclaimed from the heart, looking up at Yan Qianyun, the jade hand of the beautiful lady changed rapidly!

Eight arrows of completely different colors are suspended in the void, and at the same time they are slamming towards the eight people present at the quarterfinals!

"The quarter-finals start tomorrow. The contestants only need to send their fighting spirit into the arrows to see the color of the first round of the arrows. The same color is drawn, which is the opponent in the quarter-finals!"

"The order of participation, yellow, green, green, blue. After tomorrow morning, please get the two yellow arrows to enter the abyss dragon platform!"

After announcing the result, Yan Qianyun volleyed back and returned within a few days.

"Eight quarterfinals, I don't know how many lightballs I can get this time!"

Lin Chen looked forward to holding the arrow, leapt forward, and returned to Han Yizhi and others.

"Squad leader, Yi Zhi congratulates you as the champion in advance~"

Han Yizhi smiled shallowly; Lin Chen shrugged, "I just want to play basketball quietly."

Upon hearing this, Han Ziyun rolled her eyes charmingly.

The blue waves circulated, the beautiful eyes rippled, and Leng Yueqi said slightly worried.

"How about, are you confident? The outcome is second, your safety is the first."

Feeling the rare exuberance of the glamorous beauty, Lin Chen warmed up and nodded confidently.

"No problem. Although the four heavenly kings are strong, I am someone in Lin. It's not easy to provoke. The first of the fighting strength dare not say, at least on Yan value, they have lost to me."

Lin Chen's words drew the beautiful women into a smile.

After the chat, Lin Chen sat cross-legged, running his mind, swallowing the spirit of the world, and refining it into his own fighting spirit.

After receiving the baptism of the Holy Flame Seed, Lin Chen used only a quarter of an hour to restore all the previous fighting spirit to his original state!

In addition to this, Lin Chen felt a feeling of touching the boundaries in his heart.

Reading from the system, the proficiency of "Creation Nine Tribulation" has been at 95%.

Even if Lin Chen picked up a large number of elemental energy light **** from the abyss dragon platform, and raised all nine kinds of elemental energy by hundreds of millions of points, it is still 95%. This last 5% is still a mystery.

"Perhaps, only when all nine kinds of elemental energy have exceeded 1 billion points of attribute value, can the mentality of Genesis Nine Tribulation be completed, and let me break through the final limit of this mentality!"

Lin Chen withdrew his gaze and exhaled. At this time, it was already dawn.

At this time; as expected, more and more ancient ancestors flew to the first line of heaven and gathered together!

Every game in the quarter-finals will meet the pinnacle of the younger generation of contemporary ancient families!

Such opportunities to witness the birth of history, if not encounter other affairs, almost no one would want to miss this event!

Lin Chen took out the arrow order issued by Yan Qianyun from his arms and sent a trace of fighting spirit into the arrow order.

Buzz! Arrows overflowed with a faint blue light, Lin Chen's arrows were blue!

The order of the first round of the quarter-finals begins: yellow, green, green, and blue. Lin Chen's first round is the finale!

"Is it the finale to play, okay, then I can take all the attribute light **** of the first round!"