My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 345

Chapter 345: The Strength Of The Four Kings

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Chapter 345, The Power of the Four Great Kings!

The sixth-order fighter is a grade that can be controlled by Yuanzun Realm.

Although individual Tiangang realms can manage to control the sixth-order fighters, it is as difficult to truly exert their divine power!

The sword is three and a half feet long, inlaid with seven star jade, the sword body is deep and deep, the handle is like a dragon head, like a dragon entrenched, and the edge is chasing the stars and moon!

Ling Tianwei was awe-inspiring, the white clothes were picturesque, and the sword was pierced with awe-inspiring swords. When he penetrated the **** sword, the hilt turned and the blade suddenly twisted!

Brush brush! Qiandao Jianmang strangled from the blade and shot out!


A sword! Blood Hao's lore skills have been broken!

Xue Hao vomited blood and retreated, struck by the lingering Jianmang Yu Yun!

He clenched the roots of his teeth tightly, the blood owl claws overlapped and shoved out!

"Mysterious Blood Armor!"

Baizhang's **** battle spirit lingered around the void, condensed into a ten-foot **** armor to protect Xuehao, and resisted the sword's aftertaste to the full extent!

Ling Tian's eyes were like a star fight, the sword light flashed, Longyuan Qixing sword reversed and pulled out, wielding a pinpoint sword light!

Zheng ~! The space crystal wall is broken, this seemingly imposing plain sword, but cut the blood hao's powerful blood armor in half on the spot!

Blood Hao was bathed in blood, and his violent and fierce fighting intention still flashed in his eyes!

He was alone in the sky a little, his gait was miraculous, and the aftermath of the torn air ripped apart the crystal walls of space, and turned into a **** light to escape into the void, flashing at a rapid speed!

"If you only have so many cards, then it is over."

Ling Tian slowly closed his sharp and sharp eyes, Longyuan Qixing sword was thrown from the sky, and inserted into the ground of the dragon platform!

He stretched out his hands, and suddenly pushed his palms to the sky; awe-inspiring!


Throughout the abyss, the Longtai had a sudden sword energy and time, bursting out of thousands of sword lights, and all appeared from the ground, and thousands of swords were sent out, piercing through the void!


A residual image lurking in the void was pierced by the sword light, blood raging!

The blood stains of Xue Hao spilled an arc from the void and fell to the ground on the spot.

He fell in the pool of blood, and he passed out, unconscious!

At this moment; the audience fell into a strange silence!

One sword breaking skill, two sword breaking defense, three sword breaking body legal victory or defeat!

The vast majority of Tianjiao believe that if Xue Hao goes all out, at least he will be able to fight a wonderful battle, and maybe it is not impossible to fight for hundreds of rounds.

But; Ling Tian used only three swords to make him exit!

The prestige of the four heavenly kings is well-deserved!

The sword withdrew its sheath, and Ling Tian turned away without any emotion.

"In the first round of the quarterfinals, Ling Tiansheng!"

Yan Qianyun announced the result, and her beautiful eyes were a little surprised. "Jianzun's bloodline looks completely like a descendant, but more like awakening bloodline inheritance and memory."

"In this battle, Xue Hao dropped a total of 89 attribute light balls, but unfortunately, Ling Tian actually lost one attribute light ball."

Lin Chen licked his lips, exclaimed somewhat; "I don't know how much attribute value I can get from him if I encounter this guy, I really look forward to it!"

Standing not far from Leng Yueqi and others, Dan's family and Tianjiao saw Lin Chen's expectant look and couldn't help but feel some scalp numbness!

After seeing Ling Tian's strength, this guy could still show such a look of excitement?

"It seems that I still know very little about him..."

Dan Qianqiufang was shocked, and Yu Guang of the beautiful eyes stared at Lin Chen from time to time.

And some of the top ten geniuses who had fantasies about themselves, after seeing the battle of Xuehao, finally recognized the gap between themselves and the four kings!

"This is too strong!"

"Who can shake the position of the four kings?"

"If the four kings did not encounter each other in the first round of the quarterfinals. I'm afraid no one can beat them?"

"Perhaps, that Lin Chen has this possibility?"

"Don't **** your mother, Lin Chen's evil spirits are only a layer of heaven and earth. Is he able to turn the sky?"

"You don't know the difference between Tiangang Realm and Quasi-Zun? What's more, the fighting power of the four heavenly kings is still chasing Yuanzun Realm!"

On the occasion of many days of arrogance, Yan Qianyun simply waved his hand.

"The second round of the quarterfinals, please both sides to play!"


The tearing of the air flow suddenly sounded, and the two figures fell into the venue almost simultaneously!

The beautiful lady on the left has a **** and enchanting figure, red lips with flames, a red dress with enthusiasm like fire, Dai Mei's eyebrows like a half-moon, and bronze skin revealing the beauty of exotic style.

The beautiful lady's slender waist was hung with two blood-red battle axes.

Another four kings, Ye Yanxia!

The other person, with his blue shirt and sword on his waist and a handsome and cold face, is Ning Fantian of the Ning family!

The top ten geniuses are second, against the four kings!

"The second round of the quarterfinals, Ye Family Ye Yanxia, against Ning Family Ning Fantian!"

Yan Qianyun waved, and the two of them flickered with green flashing arrows.

"Miss Ye Yanxia, please enlighten me!"

Ning Fantian slightly arched his fists, his waist sword was roaring like a dragon, and he drew his sword instantly, and the sword came out like a galaxy!

Thousands of swords resembling the heavens and rivers stretched across the abyss dragon platform and cut Ye Yanxia longitudinally!

"Come on well!" Ye Yanxia smiled in battle; Yu hands pulled the **** battle axe around her waist!

Zijin pupil urged suddenly, launched the highest state, Lin Chen stared at Ye Yanxia intently, unwilling to miss any details!

Under the investigation of Lin Chen, Ye Yanxia, who was in the quasi-respected middle period, did not run a trace of fighting spirit, and held up the **** battle axe with one hand and cut it!

The seemingly slender and delicate beauty show arms, but burst out of pure power that even Lin Chen was shocking, just like the ancient barbarian attacked the enemy!

Boom~! boom!

The battle axe was chopped off vertically, breaking the earth and crushing the eight wastelands! Ning Fantian's sword spirit was torn apart with pure power!

"8500 Dragon Power?"

Lin Chen gasped slightly, the pure power of Ye Yanxia had reached more than 8500 Dragon Power!

"No, it's not over yet!"

Dan Qianqiu and Mo Linglong exclaimed in unison!

The moment when the white light knife gas was broken, it turned into countless starlights, and it once again became a knife gas!

"I'm not that good to deal with!"

When Ning Fantian drank suddenly, he drew a short knife from his waist again, and the two knives merged, soaring into the sky!

"Xuan Tian is ever-changing and destroys Zun!"

The two knives merged, and Ning Fantian swung out suddenly, and once again cut out a blue and white sword, the galloping wandering sword turned into an ancient beluga whale that swept the sky, surging!

The beluga whipped up, rushed into the sky, and cracked the crystal wall of the space hundreds of feet apart!

The surface of the dragon platform was actually cracked by this move!

"Almost equivalent to Yuan Zunjing's attack!" Ning Yunlan's calm expression rarely showed excitement!

Ye Yanxia's mouth outlined a faint smile, and the moment he held the **** battle axe in his hands, he held his head high!

Lin Chens Zijin pupil clearly saw that her pure power was rising! 9000, 9500 Dragon Power!

"9999 Dragon Power?"