My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 346

Chapter 346: Does He Like Men? ?

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Chapter 346 ?

Holding the axe in both hands, Ye Yanxia chopped off vertically.

"Yunhuang SlashSifangjue!"

The pale red axe is like an earth-shattering blow, and the space crystal wall after the reinforcement of the dragon platform is easily torn like a tofu block!


The ancient beluga whale was cut on the spot and split into two.

The axe slashed into the dragon platform, shaking the entire abyss dragon platform, forming four remnants of the fierce glide towards Ning Fantian! A trace of panic appeared in his expression!

The body method is like a dragon snorkeling into the air, Ning Fantian's pace stomps into the void!

I just managed to dodge the four relics, but Ye Yanxia was like a glimpse of light, and I bullied myself!

The moment her slender jade hand waved the battle axe, Ning Fantian at close range felt a whistle of sonic booms and pierced blood on the eardrums!

The **** battle axe was born brutal like a fierce dragon, and came suddenly, Ning Fantian ran his defensive combat skills, and he was even more aggressive.

Bang~! Boom~!

Ye Yanxia made three axes in succession, chopped Ning Fantian's personal treasure, cut off his defensive combat skills, and the last axe shattered his arms on the spot!

"I surrender!"

When the fourth axe was just raised, Ning Fantian raised his hand and surrendered.

He was sweating heavily, blood in the corners of his mouth, and he was barely panting with a broken arm.

"The prestige of the four heavenly kings, they are willing to worship the wind!"

Ye Yanxia smiled with a smile; "You are also very powerful, forcing me to reveal even a pure power."

The second-ranked top ten geniuses still only supported Ye Yanxia for only five rounds!

"The four heavenly kings are really monsters!"

Putting away the battle axe, Ye Yanxia jumped into the air and retreated to his position.

"Second battle, Ye Yanxia won!" Yan Qianyun suddenly announced the result, and the audience was still sighing with endless ups and downs.

"Which of the 43 attribute light spheres is also reluctant. Ning Fantian is a rare light attribute attribute, which is quite beneficial to me."

Lin Chen touched his chin, but Ye Yanxia's performance was beyond his expectations, 9999 dragon power, only 10,000 dragon power left the last step.

If this step is taken, Ye Yanxia will be able to contend with Yuan Zun realm by pure power!

At that time, her fighting spirit will advance into Yuanzun Realm, the combat body will be dual cultivation, and the two major areas are all demon levels. Her combat power will grow to a particularly terrible existence in the same level!

When Lin Chen thought hard about how to prevent Ye Yanxia from her thorny pure power, the third battle ushered in the opening!

In the third battle, Luo Qingyu of the "Awesome Son" battled the biggest black horse except Lin Chen, Ye Qingyu!

However; the audience suddenly raised unprecedented shock and surprise!

Everyone's surprise and shock is not only because of Luo Qingyu and Ye Qingyu, but because of Lin Chen!

That's right, the roster for the third game is out, so there are only two people left in the first round of the quarterfinals!

These two people are the opponents of the fourth battle!

Lin Chen and Murong Changsheng!

Murong longevity, the only descendant of Murong family, among the younger generation, the only state of spiritual power that can achieve the existence of the'law phase realm'!

It is said that he once received the inheritance of an ancient power, obtained numerous refined mysteries, coupled with his own special physique, the spiritual practice field skyrocketed!

His fine mystery, no one in the young generation can escape. At a glance, people can lose their spirits and lose their fighting spirit!

Because the means of resisting mental attacks are insignificant.

Everyone may have one or two treasures to defend against mental attacks, but their own understanding and accomplishments of mental power can only be said to be quite barren, and extremely lack of coping methods.

There were two Yuanzun realms that besieged Murong Changsheng because of the grievances between the ancient families, let him control each other with spiritual illusion, and let the two Yuanzun realms die and be injured, the record is especially terrible!

Judging from the tricky degree, Murong Changsheng is more terrible than Ling Tian! It is the most difficult one of the four kings!

Although Ling Tian's sword moves are ever-changing, reaching the peak of the younger generation, but at least there are traces to be found.

But Murong Changsheng's fine mystery is simply untraceable, and he doesn't even know when he will shoot!

Or, even if he shot, you dont know! This kind of opponent is the most terrible!


Murong Changsheng snorted coldly, looking at Lin Chen, a round of disdain in the corner of his mouth.

Lin Chen also looked at him coincidentally, the two of them were facing each other, and their eyes collided in the void.

"A lot of attribute light balls! Hahaha! It seems that this time I am going to make a big profit!"

Lin Chen licked his lips and looked at Murong Changsheng's eyes, looking like a hunter looking at a prey!

"Am I right? Lin Chen is still laughing?"

"Is he crazy? He still smiles at Murong Changsheng?"

"Come on, there is nothing else in this world that Lin Chen can't do. I am really looking forward to seeing the fourth battle!"

Some Tianjiao saw Lin Chen's hunter-like gaze and the arc of the corners of his mouth rising, and some scalp numbness!

Look at the abyss dragon platform again; Luo Qingyu against the Yejia black horse, Ye Qingyu!

"Light whisper, Qingyu. Light whisperer, speaking, our names are somewhat similar, don't you think this is our fate."

Ye Qingyu smiled; the handsome face just smiled, but the smile came to an abrupt end!

Luo Qingyu's breath of quasi-zun pinnacle swept the audience!

On Xiu Wei, Luo Qingyu is the closest person to Yuanzun Realm in the contemporary generation who entered the Holy Fire Realm!

"Oil cavity slips, let me go down!"

Luo Qingyu's brilliant face raised a sneer of handsome, elegant Ji. The white feather fan waved a little!

The top of his head suddenly condensed into a huge flame of two acres of gold, and the terrible temperature burned so that the space crystal wall was twisted and broken!

A lot of holy flames bathed in his slender and slender figure, just like the prince in the fairy tale, sacred, pure, elegant, and beautiful female princesses who were present looked at peach blossoms!

Ye Qingyu's expression changed slightly, and a gray sword was turned into a shield in front of him.

The flames of Jinwu are as hot as the sun, spitting out a thousand flames of flame!

Ye Qingyu's sword shield, which was sufficient to resist the attack of the quasi-zun's pinnacle, was burned by the flames of Jinwu flame at a speed visible to the naked eye!

A little bit out of the sky; someone Lin is very clear. This Luo Qingyu is a beautiful girl posing as a woman, so when looking at his figure, he couldn't help but recall the feeling of that day.

"Huh, huh, the men's clothing is so handsome, it's almost one-tenth of someone in Lin. I don't know what it looks like when I wear a skirt. It's just that how she feels a bit familiar with her mentality."

Lin Chen stared at Na Luo whispered, and the coquettish and rippling smile fell into the beautiful eyes of Han Ziyun and Leng Yueqi around her, making the two beautiful women have some strange thoughts.

This guy looks so interested in men, does he really like men?

Reminiscent of this thought, the second woman showed a little bit of resentment and looked at Han Yizhi next to Lin Chen. The latter's small face was reddish, her eyes peeked at Lin Chen for a few times, and Hongxia stained her delicate ear tips.