My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 347

Chapter 347: Lin Chen Lost?

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Chapter 347 !

At this time; inside the abyss dragon platform.

Jinwu cracked the sky, howling! Waves of flames and flames erupted after waving their wings!

In addition, the vast and pure energy of the water system turns the waves to roll, and the waves are raging!

A tornado-like current rotates into groups, with a strong road that shatters the crystal wall of the dragon platform space and crashes into Ye Qingyu inside the dragon platform!

He was in a state of embarrassment, even playing with and withdrawing, still unable to withdraw within the attack range of Luo Qingyu!

Almost this abyss dragon platform is full of Luo Qingyu's fighting spirit at this time. The tabletops are all the oceans of the energy of the water system, which he controls as he pleases!

Not to mention that the Jinwu of the Fire Department in the void is condensed by the fighting spirit, water and fire are two heavens, the ground is water, and the sky is fire, and countless attacks destroy Ye Qingyu!

After struggling for dozens of rounds, he surrendered on the spot! It is by far the longest held in the hands of the four heavenly kings!

Of course, it is not that Luo Qingyu is not strong. On the contrary, Luo Qingyu's performance has made the other three kings show a slightly dignified expression.

Instead, Ye Qingyu's strength has refreshed everyone's awareness again!

His quasi-respected initial cultivation was the card that was revealed in his confrontation with Luo Qingyu, enough to qualify for the contest against the top ten genius "Bai Ming"!

He and Lin Chen should be the biggest dark horse in this battle.

"I remember! It's the Five Spirits of Chaos!"

When Luo Qingyu put away the water and fire dual line of fighting spirit, Lin Chen slammed his thigh suddenly, suddenly realized!

"No, it's not just that. If it's just the Chaos Wuling tactics of the middle level, it shouldn't be able to explode such strong power, maybe it is the revised Wuling tactics?"

Lin Chen was in doubt. Although the Chaos Wuling Jue was an intermediate level, but it was a practice in the ancient times. It was much longer than the ancient practice. Who has the ability to modify it?

"Anyway, the basis of Luo Qingyu's mentality is the five spirits of chaos... or other versions, it seems there is a chance to ask this girl..."

While Lin Chen was thinking hard, Yan Qianyun's elegant voice slowly sounded with a trace of expectation.

"Then in the fourth battle, please invite both sides to play!"

In the fourth quarter of the quarterfinals, Lin Chen v. Murong lived forever!

Most of Tianjiao's heart seems to have raised his throat and eyes, and his breathing is a little irritable and trembling!

Even Yan Qianyun is very curious, to what extent Lin Chen's true strength has reached!

The Murong Changsheng of the four heavenly kings can definitely push his true strength, and everyone firmly believes in this!

Lin Chen and Murong Changsheng entered the venue at the same time; the blue arrows of the two made them soar into the sky and turned into two streamers that merged into Yan Qianyun's jade.

Lin Chen stepped into the Longtai and looked directly at Murong Changsheng.

He wears a crown of feathers, looks like a gentle man, but has a sense of indifference attached to his temperament.

This kind of indifference is not like Ling Tian's indifference to contempt, but more like a creature of different races staying in Murong Changsheng's body, watching Lin Chen with a completely different eye.

When he saw his pair of mysterious grey eyes, an unprecedented sense of horror oppression came upon us!

In addition, Lin Chen raised a feeling of fear and panic from his heart!

As soon as the horrified emotion was born, Lin Chen was crushed. His eyes narrowed; his heart sneered.

"It turns out that, when you meet, plant the seeds of negative emotions for your opponents. It's really watertight. Unfortunately, the last thing you should not encounter is Murong Changsheng, who is me!"

"Murong Changsheng vs. Lin Chen, the fourth battle, start!"

Yan Qianyun, like everyone in the world, can't wait to wave his hand!


The tumultuous gray magic energy suddenly emerged from Murong's longevity, and the quasi-zun's later repairs were revealed!

Thousands of spiritual filaments encircled the abyss dragon platform in the magic energy!

Woo! Woo! Woo!

A spiritual storm wind swayed the spiritual storm, and sent out the crying cry of the dead bones, covering the entire abyss dragon platform.

"Xuanmo World? Isn't this one of Murong Changsheng's spiritual awesomeness!"

Dan Qianqiu was shocked, his face was pale, and his face was pale!

No one imagined that Murong Changsheng even displayed his signature school as soon as he came up!

"Good perverted spiritual power! It is of the same level as those of our Moss elders, this is the prestige of the state of law!"

"It's over, then Lin Chen is going to take a break! On the spiritual realm and fighting strength, he is not Murong Changsheng's opponent!"

The Tianjiao of the Dans with outstanding mental strength all startled and shook their heads, sighing, as if they had already foreseen Lin Chens end.

"I will not underestimate the enemy. Even the fear I planted can be crushed at the first time. Such tenacious ideas and fighting spirit are not comparable to the waste outside."

Murong Changsheng's expression is solemn, and there is no such disdain and contempt at first!

In his gray eyes, whistling turned an endless spiritual storm!

Before any opponent confronts him, he will quietly launch a mental illusion, so that the other party will plant a fear in his heart.

But Lin Chen was not affected by the heart of fear at all. This was his first encounter with this opponent!

"Unexpectedly, the threat of Lin Chen made Murong Changsheng cautious to such a point, interesting."

Yan Qianyun stared at the two with interest, paying attention.

"Xiu Luo Jiuhuang becomes the first change!"

The pure blood of the water system is suddenly injected into the new energy in the battle spirit. Lin Chen's cultivation is suddenly raised to the eighth peak!

But at this time, Lin Chen's eyes suddenly turned gray, and became the same as that of Murong Changsheng!

"Oops, Lin Chen still got his mental illusion!"

Han Ziyun saw Lin Chen's anomaly, her face changed slightly!

"Squad leader, wake up, you are in his spiritual illusion!"

Han Yizhi shouted in the direction of Xiantian, the air of war was wrapped in voice. Although it could be passed into the abyss dragon platform, Lin Chen did not respond.

"Is it the Great Demon World, even Lin Chen can't get rid of it."

Dan Qianqiu sighed deeply. Mo Linglong, the Mo family not far away, shook his head; "It is over. It is difficult to even get rid of the spiritual illusion in his great mysterious world. Lin Chen is defeated."

Some Tianjiao heard this remark, and could not help feeling fear! Did Lin Chen stop in front of the four kings?

Inside the Abyss Dragon Platform;

The world in Lin Chen's eyes is completely different, becoming blurred and gray, surrounded by swamps. A lot of dead bones with the smell of dead corpses sprung up in the swamp, and Lin Chen rushed to the past!

"Damn things! Get out! Get out!"

Lin Chen's angrily corrupted way, Bing Tianzhi and "Wind Prison Hades Step" are displayed at the same time, while moving, shooting with palms and palms, while violently attacking!

5300 Dragon Force has no reservations, Lin Chen blasted out in turn, but no matter how he displayed his body, he could not escape this endless swamp!

"What the **** is this, and I don't believe my body style can't break away from here!"

True Flame Purple Phoenix wings flashed, Lin Chen's speed increased a little faster than when he played against Bai Yichen!

However, in the eyes of all the arrogance in the first line of the day, Lin Chen at this time is just madly turning around in the world of Xuanmo! Haven't left the realm of the mysterious world!

"Once caught in the illusion, it is difficult to come out again."

"Unexpectedly, could Lin Chen, who was invincible, only face this embarrassing appearance against the four heavenly kings."

"Lin Chen lost?"