My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 348

Chapter 348: Jedi Counterattack?

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Chapter 348: Counterattack? !

The mysterious world covered the endless abyssal dragon platform, and the terrifying spiritual coercion even felt the suffocation of oppression!

In the world in Lin Chen's eyes, countless corpses continue to emerge from the "swamp", and some of the derived six wings resemble the corpses of ancient fierce beasts, bursting into their own spirits in a burst of anger.

Lin Chen shattered the six-wing corpses with his palms, and the overwhelming corpses were like blood waves, like the hungry wolves found prey, and the violent rush to destroy!

Lin Chen's skillful use of the nine tactics to control Shenhuang against the enemy, with his pure power, a series of fierce assaults!

Put in the eyes of Tianjiao, Lin Chen was furiously throwing fists and fighting skills around the abyss dragon platform, and the gray eyes completely lost the spirit!

"The strength is quite good, and the fighting spirit and spiritual ideas are also very strong. Although I can't force you to control you, it is more than enough to trap you."

Murong Changsheng, with his hands behind him, stood on the edge of the dragon platform and walked slowly, walking slowly around the abyss dragon platform, showing a smile of cats and mice.

He didn't need to shoot at all, he just had to wait for Lin Chen to fall into the illusion, exhausting his fighting spirit and strength, and even after some life-saving cards, he could attack and win Lin Chen in one fell swoop!

"Dark Dragon Palm!"

The spirited Lin Chen exhibited the dark dragon palm, perfectly combining his pure power and dark line of fighting spirit, and took a steep shot on the ground of the abyss dragon platform!

Boom~! boom! boom! boom!

The spiraling layers of dark gas and the triple dark dragon burst into the force of the broken star, and they shook the ground fiercely, shooting the abyss dragon platform shaky!

The palm of the palm is hollowed out by a spiral pit that is several feet wide, and there are cracks that are three and a half feet deep at the edge. Many people see the scalp numb!

"What a perverted combat skill, if it hits the ordinary quasi-zun, then it must be crushed!"

"Unfortunately, this Lin Chen is a natural demon! If he doesn't meet Murong Changsheng, maybe there will be a good fight."

Part of Tianjiao regretted Lin Chen's words, even Ye Yanxia, the four heavenly kings, expressed surprise and inner surprise.

"Good mysterious combat skills, the perfect fusion of dragon power and fighting spirit, they are superimposed in a very mysterious way, and are released in a way of rotating the dark fighting strength. If this fighting technique can let me get it, maybe The fighting power can be further improved!"

Ye Yanxia was shocked in the dark center. Murong Changsheng was frowning, his mouth twitching.

At this time, Lin Chen's speed was slowing down!

His fighting spirit began to consume seven, seven, eight, eight, and finally fell into a dead end.

He showed his body speed very quickly. When the Purple Phoenix wings flapped, Zi Yan rolled over, and Lin Chen became innumerable afterimages.

It happened that Lin Chen's direction of retreat happened to be Murong Changsheng's direction. At this time, Lin Chen was facing away from him.

"The opportunity is coming!"

Murong Changsheng watched the emancipated gleam, turning the faint magical magic in his palm, locking Lin Chen behind!

Finished! Lin Chen is about to lose!

Everyone's mind crossed this thought almost simultaneously!

Only one! That is Leng Yueqi, Leng Yan's beautiful cheeks, and the groundbreaking smile in this emergency.

"Really, the little guy who is worrying about every moment."

When the beautiful lady smiled gently, Lin Chen suddenly turned around, facing Murong Changsheng, pushing her hands out!

A chuckle in everyone's heart!

Did Lin Chen break the illusion?

However, when everyone looked at Lin Chen's eyes subconsciously, he still had gray pupils and did not see the illusion!

His spiritual consciousness is still in a fantasy world!

This moment of opportunity made Murong Changsheng feel a dangerous crisis in his heart!

"Something wrong, what's wrong, what's going on with this kid?"

The moment Murong Changsheng originally intended to evacuate, hesitated!

It was also at this moment of hesitation that the grey-white fulu light was pushed out from Lin Chen's palm, and the corner of his mouth rose slightly!

"Slow rune!"

Lin Chen's rune energy dropped by 40 million points!

40 million points of slow runes, even the original sixth-order beast nine-headed demon dog can hold a little time!

In the blink of an eye, Murong Changsheng still had a reaction. He urged two defensive treasures, Changsheng Yinyang robe and Zixuan Baojia!

At this moment; all Tianjiao's mouth opened slightly, staring at the situation inside the Dragon Abyss in disbelief!

"What is this move, my fighting spirit and actions are both? And, he broke my fantasy world of mysterious demon world?"

Murong Changsheng has been shocked and panicked for the first time since he stepped into the front line!

However, more doubts filled his heart next! Lin Chens pupils are still gray, and he still hasnt been freed from the fantasy world of the Great Demon World!

"No, he's not out of illusion yet! But why can he see through my real body?"

Murong Changsheng didn't have time to think and doubt at the moment, when Lin Chen sacrificed the slow rune, Shura Jiuhuang changed again!

"Thunder Penalty Change! Dark Dragon Palm!"

Thousands of people thundered together, Lin Chen's fighting spirit was cultivated, and he briefly entered the middle of the ninth layer!

His arms are dark and dark, like a dark abyss, the dark lines of war are vast, and there are six layers of dark power superimposed like a dragon!

In the status bar of the system, Lin Chen lost another 6 million runic energy points!

The palms slammed against Murong's chest, and the violent pure power combined with the dark fighting spirit was like a thousand-headed dragon screaming together!

Even with the two defensive treasures, the terrifying six-fold dark dragon still has some power to penetrate the resistance of the defensive treasure!


Murong Changsheng spit out a spit of blood, and the whole person was suddenly blasted, and there was a sound of fracture in the chest rib!

The moment the palm touched Murong Changsheng's body, the Corrupted Rune was launched immediately, and Lin Chen's rune energy was reduced by another 10 million points!

Lin Chen held his right palm high, and slammed a dark dragon palm in front of his heavenly cover, also a sixfold dark dragon power!

"not good!"

There was panic in Murong Changsheng's heart. If this palm were real, his skull would be broken on the spot!

While fighting madly against Lin Chen's slow runes, Murong Changsheng immediately transferred the energy of the two defensive treasures to the top of his head to protect his vital points!

Boom! The palm shook the heavenly cover, this time the power of the dark dragon palm was resisted by more than 90%!

Lin Chen seemed to have expected that, his left hand was turning, ready to go, and his backhand was against his abdomen!

This palm is still the dark dragon palm of the six-fold dark dragon that launched the charged rune!

Sigh~~! Bang Bang Bang!

Murong Changsheng's two defensive treasures were shocked and damaged by more than half!

His abdomen was injured. He vomited three mouthfuls of blood, and there were a few pieces of minced meat inside. The five organs of Murong Changsheng were dislocated by Lin Chen!

Not to mention the body of his mid-term quasi-respect, even the body of Yuan Zun realm, being attacked by Lin Chen like this without the resistance of the fighting spirit, it will also be seriously injured on the spot and even fall!

Lin Chen's set of dark dragon palms, the offensive is fierce, so that everyone in the audience is dumbfounded!