My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 349

Chapter 349: Shura Golem

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Chapter 349: Shura Golem!

Sixfold Dark Dragon King's Dark Dragon Palm, for Lin Chen, almost shook his arm's level.

After absorbing the nine-headed Demon Dog, Long Li has advanced to more than 5000, and Lin Chen can already perfectly control the six-fold dark dragon power!

There are 4 dark dragon palms in Lianzhong, Murong Changsheng's wounds have dropped 50 attribute light balls, and they continue to fall!

[Host gains 12 million primary rune energy, gains 900,000 mental power, 1.1 million mental power, 10 billion primary fighting spirit essence,]

Lin Chen's spiritual power is soaring at an unprecedented speed!

But he didn't care too much at this time, he just wanted to kill Murong Changsheng! This opportunity is unique, and now it only takes one blow to destroy him!

With 4 consecutive bursts of dark dragon palms, Lin Chen's dark line of fighting power consumes nearly 70%!

At the moment when Murong Changsheng was about to fly out, Lin Chen suddenly grabbed his calf!

The wood-based warfare was running, and the warrior Qingman bound his hands and feet. Lin Chen suddenly exerted force and smashed Murong Changsheng's body like a whip and hit the ground!


At the moment when Murong Changsheng fell to the ground, Lin Chen's offensive hardly stopped, and the brilliant Gengjin fighting spirit condensed into substance, covering Lin Chen's toes.

As soon as he lifted his legs, he kicked violently toward the Kikubu area where he wanted to be Murong!


Seeing the blood-stained Murong Changsheng, and some kind of tearing sound surrounding the audience, everyone felt a chill!

"Cracked, the chrysanthemum hurts all over the ground!"

"It's cruel! Lin Chen's foot, my mother can't get down!"

"Then his eyes are still gray, and he is still in the magic territory. How did he see Murong Changsheng in the end!"

A lot of arrogance is scalp tingling, and almost crazy! Didn't understand what this is!

"The trick he used just now can make Murong Changsheng's fighting spirit and movements extremely dull, and he can hardly move, even the most basic running fighting defense can't do it!"

Ning Yunlan, who once fought against Lin Chen's mirror avatar, appeared stunned and shocked!

This trick, he has never seen Lin Chen's mirror avatar used!

As well as his high-level secrets that can be used for short-term surges, and his extremely terrifying approach to close-range lethality!

His hole cards are too many! At the time, the mirror image was projected, and even his quarter strength was not!

The Tianjiao of more than two hundred ancient families maintained a look of consternation and madness.

So, what is going on?

How did Lin Chen find Murong Changsheng's true body from the infinite illusion?

It is impossible for people in the environment of the mysterious world to see Murong longevity, and even a hint of breath!

Even Lin Chen is no exception, and even if he uses Zijin Tong, he can't see through such mysterious and mysterious techniques.

However, Lin Chen has another card, just like the card of the indicated lamp in the illusion!

Attribute light ball shine!

That's right, only Lin Chen can see the light of the attribute light ball!

Although he was in an illusion, he was still able to capture a large number of attribute light **** glowing inside Murong Changsheng's body!

If this trick Mysterious Demon World allows Bai Ruoyan to perform at the level of Yuanzun Realm, then Lin Chen is truly in a crisis of life and death!

If the level is too high for Lin Chen, the opponent will not actively drop or there is an attribute light ball. Lin Chen must attack and hurt the opponent before it can fall.

But Murong Changsheng is not!

From the very beginning, he flashed the super-high quality attribute light ball, so Lin Chen could perfectly control his position in the infinite illusion!

This is why no one can see why Lin Chen has not been released from the illusion, but he can accurately attack Murong Changsheng!

What happened in the past was impromptu performance by Lin Chen, the Oscar film emperor, in order to deceive Murong Changsheng in order to hide the sky and cross the sea, so that he believes that he has been in the magic of illusion!

With so many arrogances on the scene, perhaps only Leng Yueqi discovered Lin Chen was exercising at the last juncture!

Because when Lin Chen enters a serious actual combat state, he will habitually run "Genesis Nine Tribulation" to transform the attribute combat spirit into a special energy bloodline.

However, he didn't use this trick when he was in the "Huge Demon World"; therefore, at the end of the crisis, Leng Yueqi realized that Lin Chen was completely acting.

"Unexpectedly, even I have been concealed by him, so cunning guy!" Yan Qianyun is both a surprise and a scornful, fragrant heart.

Lin Chen's footsteps suddenly kicked, the purple phoenix wing flapped extremely fast, and his body was expanded to the extreme!

He looked up and stared at Murong Changsheng, who was flying to the sky. Although his pupils were gray, he was still in a phantom, but he could clearly see the position of Murong Changsheng!

In the illusion, overwhelming corpses emerged from the swamp and rushed to Lin Chen, constantly nibbling or biting his body!

Lin Chen's body was torn to blood in the illusion, and his pale pale bones were exposed; the huge pain came like a tide!

But Lin Chen ignored it, because these are attacks of illusion!

The reason why the pain is generated is because the illusion conveys mental pain to your own spirit, so that your spirit and body can "believe" the world in front of you is real!

"Blue Dragon Soul Claw!"

Lin Chen thought about it, cast "Blue Dragon Shadow" and sneaked into the void of the ancient blue dragon wandering, ghosts appeared to the side of Murong Changsheng, and the dragon claws swept down!

The dragon breath light blade tearing the crystal wall of the space flew to death, swarming at a close distance behind Murong Changsheng!

As long as you hit this blow, you will basically win!


The gray and white magical spirit exploded like a wave of air; accompanied by the spirit wave of the surging tide, it swept through thousands of feet in an instant!

The magical fighting spirit is accompanied by a spirit wave, which instantly annihilates all the dragon breathing light blades, so the ancient green dragon was lifted off thousands of feet!

"Lin!! Chen!!! You don't die today, I adore Murong Changsheng and swear not to be human!"

The gray hair dances with the violent wind, and the turbulent gray dance spirit surrounds Murong Changsheng's body, his hysterical roaring sky!

There was a wave of turbulent spiritual fluctuations on the top of his head, pouring and condensing, and began to madly gather momentum, condensing into a three-headed six-armed Zhangzhang Golem!

"He broke through the slow rune? That's a 40 million point level! And there is still a corrosive rune that haunts him. How long has it been?"

Lin Chen was shocked and quickly ran the "Tai Si Bible", not paying much attention to it, turning his rising spiritual power into countless spiritual vortices!

When feeling the vast and endless spiritual fluctuation, Lin Chen's expression changed slightly!

"He wanted to perform a spiritual attack. Oops. With the spiritual power of my spiritual realm, it is impossible to withstand the spiritual attack of the state of law!"

Lin Chen's desire to mobilize the rune energy of the system, intends to use the power of slow runes to calm down Murong Changsheng's spiritual attacks!

"What it is?"

"What a terrible spiritual coercion, stay away! Be careful of being affected!"

Many arrogant expressions in the first-line sky have changed, and those with a low spiritual level have already had a tearing tear! Want to kneel in front of the spirit golem with three heads and six arms!

In the past; not many people could force the strength and hole cards of the four heavenly kings.

In addition to some of their fabulous stunts, everyone still knows a little about the four heavenly kings, and no one knows what kind of quirky and hidden cards they are hiding!