My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Jiuyang Ziguang Jing

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Chapter 35, Nine Yang Purple Light!

"No, although the goal is the same, but the result is different. Your practice is also not home yet, Miss Nangong Yuyan."

Shangguan Bi Hanlian moved lightly and walked up to the high platform, diametrically opposed to Nangong Yuyan.

Before stepping onto the high platform, Lin Chen stooped to pick up a dozen attribute light balls, and everyone was confused. Where did this boy touch a ghost?

"You said I didn't get home in my practice?"

Nangong Yuyan asked with a trace of disdain and loneliness.

"Then you opened my eyes, and what is more precious than this real flame purple phoenix beast core. But don't forget, who was my defeater just now."

Shangguan Bihan smiled gracefully, very dignified and decent, and walked to the counter of Gudao.

"Ordinary weapons only need to use one or two kinds of beast cores. Over-injecting and controlling the energy of the beast cores will be counterproductive, making the true weapon of the gods difficult to form and unbearable. But this ancient sword, but Can withstand nine fierce beast cores, is the material it casts like ordinary iron?"

The words of Shangguan Bihan awakened the dreamer, and many treasurers nodded again and again, very much in agreement.

They have always relied on their treasure appraisal methods, but they have made huge deviations in certain ideas.

Many people re-examined the quality of the ancient sword, but found that apart from the ruin and incompleteness, they could not perceive a trace of energy fluctuations.

"Little Nizi, if you speculate that you can become a treasurer, then there will not be so few people in this field."

The owner of the Nangong family shook his head and smiled, his tone full of sarcasm, the meaning of words; that is, you have to show your true skills to convince the crowd!

"When I come to power, I naturally have my confidence."

The slender and jade hands of Shangguan Bihan shocked the counter, and the ruined ancient knife rose from the sky, and the fingertips swept, cutting off the junction of the handle and the body of the knife.

Then she shook her knife handle in front of the presiding white-haired old man, Yingying sighed.

"Among the people who practiced the fire system exercises on the spot, Senior Mo is your strongest practitioner, so I will trouble you to help the fire burn this handle, and the secret will naturally surface."

The presiding white-haired old man gave Shangguan Bihan a surprised look.

Did Nizi see through her own cultivation and practice? When has she reached this state!

"Since that is the case, the old man will ugly.

The white-haired old man spread his palms, and suddenly urged his own fighting spirit, and the layers of fighting gasified into a flamboyant orange flame, which suddenly wrapped the knife handle.

The cultivation of the old man is a terrible triad, which urges his own fighting spirit, which is enough to burn the entire high platform, so several old seniors each launched their own fighting strength defense to separate this flame power.

Even so, the young people under the stage still felt the extraordinary high temperature, and it was sweating for a while.

Lin Chen jumped and jumped, and all the attribute light **** scattered around the ground or suspended in the void in the vicinity of the high platform of the whole venue were completely swept away.

Some people still see the fog, what is this young mathematician doing?

This touched and scratched around, there was nothing but air.

If it were not for the face of the Shangguan family, he would have been kicked out long ago!

Only the Shangguan family looked at each other and looked excited!

Because this master Shi Lezhi repaired the ancestral altar for their Shangguan family two days ago, it was also such an impenetrable act, but everyone in the Shangguan family knows that the masters are unpredictable!

Lin Chen disregarded everyone's surprised eyes, kicked his feet, lifted into the air, and grabbed the treasure chest suspended in the void, the three treasure chests that appeared when he opened the light for the four great treasures!

[The host opens the blue brass chest; obtain 100 points of the blood of the blue dragon.

[The host opens the purple light brass treasure chest; obtain the true flame purple phoenix wing.

[The host opens the purple light brass treasure chest; get the blue-level low-level alchemy handprint "Eight Fire"

Lin Chen grabbed all the treasure chests, and the system light screen immediately popped up. The harvest was so rich that Lin Chen opened his mouth on the spot!

Green-order alchemy handprint, blue dragon bloodline, plus the wings of the legendary ancient beast, true flame purple phoenix wings?

"Master, I made a big profit this time, hahaha!"

Lin Chen was ecstatic in his heart, but the surface was calm.

Lin Chen just opened a few breaths in the treasure chest, and there were doubtful horrors around him.

"what is this?"

"This tool holder casting material is extraordinary!"

The knife handle was calcined by the fighting spirit of the white-haired old man, and a faint glory appeared slowly, absorbing the stars and restraining the universe!

The white-haired old man has been urging the fighting spirit to burn it, but it can only slowly burn off its dust. The quality of the knife handle casting material is unimaginable!

One quarter of an hour, two quarters of an hour, everyone in the audience focused on the old hilt.

When the fighting spirit of the white-haired old man is almost exhausted, the knife handle is finally to shed all the historical dust covering it, and to bloom again the divine light from ancient times!

The blade handle is deep purple, with a cross, the handle is like a fish tail, and the gray and white runes are intertwined, like a carefully carved artwork.

"What kind of rare ore is this material..."

Everyone stared at this brand-new knife handle curiously, and no treasurer at the scene could see through its grade!

Shangguan Bihan took the knife handle and lifted it up, proclaiming it.

"This object is the Jiuyang Ziguang Jing, a genuine sixth-order strange mine, indestructible, and can withstand the devastation of the sun, the moon and the rivers. When casting weapons, you only need to add a little, and you can transform the entire treasure into a magic weapon. Of course, the premise is to have enough strength to cast it."

Sixth-order odd mine?

When Shangguan Yunfan heard of this grade, his mouth twitched a few times. Those levels, beyond the wilderness!

That is a heaven and earth wonder that is hard to find in the strongest of the Tiangang realm. Even if it is found, it may not be fatal!

The rarer and rarer the rare mines, the more they are born in a harsh and terrible environment, and the powerful people in the Tiangang realm may not be eligible to enter the realm!

There is no doubt that the value of a real sixth-order strange mine is much higher than that of nine true flame purple phoenix beast cores!

"Is this really a sixth-order odd mine?"

Senior Mo, the host, was shaking with excitement, and Shangguan Bihan nodded with a smile.

"Senior can let the trustee find a more powerful treasurer to identify. If this thing is not a sixth-grade grade, I personally and even the Shangguan family bear full responsibility."

Many veteran treasurers at the scene were amazed. They already had 80% certainty that the object was above the fifth order, and that it was the sixth order. They were not surprised.

This venue gathers the most outstanding treasurer forces and organizations in the entire wilderness; if one or two old treasurers are not identified, there may be differences.

But no one can identify it, then there is only one possibility, this thing is not a level they can touch!

"It seems that the practice of your Nangong family is still not in place."

In the same words, Shangguan Bihan gave the Nangong family and the Huangfu family, both of them clenched their teeth!

The elders of the Shangguan family and the people of the city's main palace looked at each other, and they all appeared a shock and ecstasy!

At the last critical moment, the Shangguan family, once again pulled back a game! Surpass the Nangong family!

After speaking, when everyone was shocked, Shangguan Bihan cast a grateful and admiring look on Lin Chen.

Because the result of this treasure appraisal, Lin Chen told her in advance!