My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 350

Chapter 350: Xuanmo Atlas.

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Chapter 350

"Golem Shura's Fury!"

At the moment when the fingerprints were formed, Murong Changsheng smiled crazily!

The Shura Golem with three heads and six arms above him screamed in the sky, bursting out a mental wave that made the earth and earth tremble, like a hurricane that swallowed the sky and destroyed everything!

In an instant, where the spiritual sound wave passed, the space crystal wall of the entire abyssal dragon platform was broken!

Even if the Tianjiao standing outside the field has the shelter of the space crystal wall, at this moment, he still feels the sense of dizziness!

Most Tianjiao felt that the whole world was turned upside down and turned upside down, and even the station was unstable!

More than 50 Tianjiao were spiritually deterred on the spot and passed out!

Everyone was horrified. Only Yu Wei, who had burst in spirit, had such terrible power! What a terrible attack Lin Linchen will face if he is in the world of Profound Demon!

On the occasion of a desperate attack, Lin Chen was about to use a slow rune to fight back. His spiritual power is like a river and a river, constantly rising and expanding, and promoted to a new level!

His field of spiritual perception has expanded three times and more than five times! The Devils World is in a sudden collapse, not breaking through!

"This, this is?"

Lin Chen felt ecstasy in his heart, ignoring too much attention, he slammed another slow rune of 20 million rune energy, which slowed the mental offensive a bit!

The slow rune is not only useful for creatures, it can make everything in it extremely slow for the specified spatial range!

brush! brush! brush!

Taking advantage of this gap, Lin Chen's fingerprints changed again, and the "Taiwan Bible" was running!

The endless spiritual vortex that diffused in the void began to suddenly expand several times, the speed of rotation was extremely fast, and the massive spiritual shock was constantly decomposed and scattered!

It's as if a person rushed over with 100 tiger power, but Lin Chen pushed the opponent's power to another position in a soft and rigid way!

"His spiritual power has actually broken through?" Murong Changsheng's spiritual power realized the abnormality for the first time and his pupils shrank!

The spiritual running trajectory keeps whirling around, dispersing the spiritual impact in all directions, and rushing around the dragon platform indiscriminately!

"Impossible! Even if he enters the spiritual power of the French state, he can't resist my Shura's anger!"

Murong Changsheng rushed to the crown in anger, completely without the previous indifference of the contemptuous sentient beings, and his head was flying wildly!

In fact, Lin Chen did not directly receive this terrifying spiritual shock, but used the mystery of the slow runes and Taishi Bible to pull back the spiritual power.

It's like being faced with the Dark Devil's Tide!

Its just that Murongs long-lived Xuras Fury is more than ten times more horrifying than the bee tide. Lin Chen must use the slow runes to have the opportunity to follow the previous method!

Murong Changsheng's palm raised the magic sound demon music, the endless spiritual mourning lingered around the magic war, overflowing the wave of destruction from his palm!

"The applause of the Great Sorrow!"

"Brother Chen, I'm not afraid of you now!"

Lin Chen's eyes shone with bare feet, not afraid of the fierceness of wearing shoes, but he rushed up actively, his palms were split like a knife, and his mental strength turned into a blade of snow.

"Tai Shi Sheng Chu!"

The spirit of the sky and the spirit of the sky and the Murong Changsheng's great sorrow are fighting together!

Although Lin Chen was weak in combat, he was at a disadvantage in the battle.

But with the combination of energetic runes and pure power, plus his strange and unpredictable body speed, the two sides are fighting together, and Murong Changsheng can't take him for a while!

"His spiritual power actually broke through on the spot... It's a monster, but it's the spiritual power of Fa Xiangjing!"

"I didn't think he could fight Murong Changsheng to this point!"

A few of them can stand up and keep their sane eyes on the battle status!

The battle between the two sides began to get hot!

Lin Chen was just at the bottom in the beginning, but while fighting, he picked up the attributed light ball that was dropped in Murong Changsheng's body.

The ancient Qinglong with the Blue Dragon Piying also continuously supported Lin Chen in the battle, one person one dragon joint attack!

Although the spiritual power of Fa Xiangjing can spy on the trail of the ancient Qinglong, it must be highly concentrated. In the fierce struggle, Murong Changsheng does not have this opportunity and time to see through the trail of the ancient Qinglong!

When the two sides struggled for more than 200 rounds, Lin Chen had already begun to gain the upper hand in the confrontation!

"The elaborate mystery that this kid controls is very mysterious, and he can control multiple spiritual forces at the same time! Then cooperate with that strange green dragon, so that I will be killed by him, and I can't keep my last trick!"

Murong Changsheng gritted his teeth fiercely, pushing his palms violently.

The Naling Ring's light flashed, and Murong Changsheng's head flashed a roll of dark catalogues, spinning in the air.

When the dark catalogue emerged, Lin Chen's arms seemed to be pulling something and faintly throbbing!

The inscriptions on the catalogue are engraved with layers of mysterious lines, depicting the era of ancient holy demons. A troll that annihilated the world and created the world shook the world, and was sealed in a dark catalog.

Xuanmo's catalogue is the biggest secret of Murong's longevity. The ancient heritage he obtained is related to this thing.

Even with his present talent, he can only spy on the secret of 1/10,000 of this thing, and can only use it with barely control.

Today, Lin Chen was forced to a dead end. He could only win Lin Chen by offering this thing!

Murong Changsheng produced a lightning-like bizarre handprint, and his remaining spiritual power and fighting spirit were all injected into the Xuanmo Catalogue!

"Mysterious Demon Catalog Baimo Sanctions!"

The Xuanmo Atlas spreads out a vast and vast black cloud, as if the magic trails of ancient times have come!

Seeing the vast and vast black cloud, the other three of the four heavenly kings all showed dignified expressions, stronger than them, and also felt a deadly threat in this black cloud!

"This is the devil's thing! Is Murong Changsheng a devil?"

Yan Qianyun's eyes flashed a bit of murderousness, and then converged to hide.


Dozens of spiritual trolls descended into the abyssal dragon platform from the tumbling black clouds. Some were dozens of feet in size and hundreds of feet were tall, and the whole body was rising with rolling magic.

Their bodies are made of steel, some have human faces and beasts, and some have human faces, walking on two feet and holding giant axes or spears.

They are off-white throughout, and some have vigorous hairs and densely covered scales;

The group of demons descended, as if returning to the ancient Demon period!

Lin Chen's expression was solemn, and five-colored dragons encircled his arms, and the five-dragon dynasty gun flashed in his palm!

"Huh? This war gun?"

Yan Qianyun pinched the slender fiber jade finger, showing a smile of interest.

"Interestingly, the ancient war emperor's spear would fall into his hands."