My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 351

Chapter 351: The Great Tenno

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Chapter 351 Five Great Kings!

"It's not just you who keeps the cards!"

Lin Chen's gold-style fighting spirit, for the first time, runs through hundreds of specific meridians!

His silver robe rolled over, Jin Xia was brilliant, his eyes were like stars, and he held a golden dragon gun, just like the **** of war!

As Lin Chen was preparing to use his strongest combat skills, a purple misty ray burst from his arms!

Purple gauze fluttering in the void, Lin Chen's fantasy dream!

Illusion of dreams overflows with infinite purple rays, exuding powerful spiritual suction, causing painful roars to erupt from those demonic virtual images!

Numerous huge demonic virtual images are constantly twisted, and a ray of spiritual power is stripped into the fantasy dream!

"What's the matter, this is the magical technique of the magic figure!"

Murong Changsheng's expression changed, and he took up the mystery catalog, trying to absorb his spiritual strength and fighting spirit back!

The speed of illusion of Seng Luo's mental energy is getting faster and faster, and Murong Changsheng watched his mental energy being pulled away most of his eyes!

Those majestic spiritual trolls are constantly twisted, and they are all turned into spiritual filaments, which are stripped and disappeared, and they are included in the fantasy dream.

Even Lin Chen, who had just prepared desperately just now, was all stunned! He didn't expect this at all!

The illusion of the illusion of the dream was full of luster, and turned into a ray of light smoke wandering back to Lin Chen's palm.

The purple gauze throbbed slightly, and Lin Chen's mind sounded a girlish soft dream.


Lin Chen was shocked! After absorbing the spiritual power of Murong Changsheng, Phantom Monroe has a little spirituality!

"What a magical treasure, if it is allowed to absorb a large number of spiritual powers a few times, will it still be possible to possess the spiritual wisdom of human beings?"

The magical dream of Sen Luo wrapped around Lin Chen's arm like a snake, and then the light dimmed into a bland purple yarn, unremarkable.

Murong knelt down on the ground, lost his soul, and he was enough to threaten any of the four kings' lore secrets, even Lin Chen's hair was not hurt!

"Participants, Murong Changsheng, you still have the power to fight again. If not, you have a certain victory."

Yan Qianyun Chuanyin advised Murong Changsheng, when he raised his head, Lin Chen held the gun with one hand, and the ancient Qinglong attacked with great force!

"Me, I surrender!"

Murong Changsheng raised his hand in embarrassment, shouting hoarsely.

Hearing this sentence of surrender, all the arrogances in the first line of heaven are shocks that are hard to calm!

"The battle is over, the winner, Lin Chen!"

The moment Yan Qianyun pronounced the verdict, the turbulent waves in the heart of Tianjiao were present!

Defeated! As the four great kings, Murong Changsheng was defeated by the rising star of Tiangang Realm, Lin Chen!

The new king is born!

The four heavenly kings will be officially revised to be the five heavenly kings!

Many Tianjiao believe that the battle between Lin Chen and Murong Changsheng even made the finals wonderful!

Yan Qianyuns beautiful eyes gazed at the purple yarn wrapped around Lin Chens arm, and couldnt help but marvel at the heart; "Its such a secret boy!"

Murong Changsheng's eyes were cracked, and he carefully put away the mystery catalog, swept Lin Chen with a vicious and regretful figure, and his figure flashed away from the abyss dragon platform!

Next, Yan Qianyun said rightfully; "Qualifiers have been set, and the semifinals will start in three days. Those who get the same color arrows are opponents of the semifinals. Please prepare!"

As soon as her words fell, she issued four arrows to the hands of four people, namely Ling Tian, Luo Qingyu, Ye Yanxia, Lin Chen!

Lin Chen took the arrow with one hand, put it in his arms, put away the war gun, lifted Shuras Jiuhuang change, spit out a deep breath, and looked around the audience.

In the abyss dragon platform, there are still hundreds of attribute light balls, all left during the previous quarter-finals.

The battle with Murong Changsheng was particularly fierce. Lin Chen hadn't had time to pick up too many attribute light balls.

In addition to the attribute light sphere, there are two blue and gold treasure chests suspended in the void.

[The host gains 5 million runic energy, 2.3 million spiritual energy, 15 million dark energy, 79 million primary skills,]

[The host obtains 28 billion points of quintessence of junior qi, 7 billion points of junior qi blood, 4.8 million points of gold energy, and 10 million points of junior skills,]

This attribute light ball is second only to the mass accumulated by the previous Longtai for several days, which made Lin Chen's original weak state recover to 90%, and the fighting strength was repaired into the late eighth.

[The host opens the blue gold treasure chest and obtains the characteristic rune evolution stone.

[The host opens the blue gold treasure chest and gains special spiritual combat skills, the blue rank top "Sura's Fury".

The last blue and gold treasure chest made Lin Chen look overjoyed!

It turned out to be an elaborate and mysterious weapon, the super-strong mental attack that Murong Changsheng played before!

If it werent for the Taiji Bibles special mental power control method, and the coordination of slow runes, Lin Chen would have become an idiot under that spiritual shock!

"Don't be too cool this time! Breaking through the spiritual power of the legal phase and getting the top-level spiritual secret of the blue rank!"

Lin Chen grinned, jumped, and returned to the first day.

"Squad leader, are you okay?"

"Did that illusion cause trauma to you? Do you want to abstain!"

Han Ziyun was more worried than Han Yizhi. She was afraid that Murong Changsheng would cause permanent trauma to Lin Chen's spirit.

"It's okay, as far as the result is concerned, I really thank Murong Changsheng."

Lin Chen smiled; the Tianjiao next to the Dan family heard a burst of cold sweat, grandma, you thank others?

Then you kicked the blood out of the Juju area? This **** is called thanks?

Lin Chen competed against each other, and after a few words with everyone, he immediately sat cross-legged and consciously sneaked into the system.

"System, I want to learn "Sura's Fury"!"

[The system prompts the host that "Sura's Wrath" is a top-level blue-level combat skill. If it is to be perfectly inherited, it will cost 300 million primary skills. Is the host determined to inherit?

Hearing this price, Lin Chen gasped slightly!

Among the many advanced blue-level combat skills he inherited, he still has no more than 40 million points of skill. Is the top-level blue level actually worth 300 million?

Looking at his 1.9 billion elementary skills, most of these skills are due to the Battle Dragon Platform, and gathered in Lingzhous top Tianjiao has the opportunity to collect such a high amount of skills.

But thinking of the power of Shuras Fury, Lin Chen gritted his teeth fiercely, "I'm sure to pass on!"

[The system has received 300 million points of elementary exercises and spirits, and is inheriting "Sura's Fury" for the host.

Three days passed, and it took only one day to pass on the combat skills. For the remaining two days, Lin Chen was studying how the "Sura Wrath" and the spiritual control of the "Tai Chi Bible".

At this time; everyone in Yixiantian is looking forward to it, not willing to let go of any moment!

The first semi-final is about to start! The real thing, the king-level showdown!

In the first battle, Ye Yanxia played against the Kendo Wizards, Ling Tian!

In the second battle, Luo Qingyu played against the fifth newly born king, Lin Chen!